What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

I’ve been a vegetarian for two years now, and I have (even if I do say so myself) a much more exciting and varied diet than most people think. Last year I couldn’t get enough of hearty food, and I was eating lots of chilly, curry, risotto and stew. Recently I just love anything that includes tofu or noodles. Yum! I am here to show you how to make spicy noodle soup. Because I am too busy (or too lazy..) to cook every day, I will make a huge pan of noodle soup, and freeze it so that I can have some whenever I’m too sleepy to spend time in the kitchen.

Noodle 1

One of the great things about this recipe is that it’s so flexible! You can use whatever vegetables / sauce / spices you like. I often substitute the mushrooms for some fried tofu. This recipe can also be vegan if you make sure that you are using vegan noodles.

(Serves 6-8)

You will need:
6 shallots
Two small green chillies
A palm-sized chunk of ginger
Two cloves of garlic
Vegetable stock cube
A mug of frozen peas
Half a punnet of mushrooms
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
A bunch of spring onions
A handful of coriander
Asafoetida (optional)
6 nests of noodles (If you are vegan, make sure to get the kind that doesn’t contain egg!)

Noodle 2

Step 1: Peel and chop the shallots, ginger and garlic. Chop up the chillies and onions. Fry together in a little sesame oil for about 5 minutes.

Noodle 3

Step 2: Transfer the vegetables into a large pan. Mix together the stock cube with 500ml of boiling water and add to the pan. Also add the peas, noodles and asafoetida spice, if you are using it. I have recently discovered this spice, and it’s so exciting, it has such an unusual flavour! At this stage, you can add whatever spices you fancy.

Step 3: Put the pan on a medium heat and simmer until the noodles and the peas are cooked.

Noodle 4

Step 4: Add four tablespoons of soy sauce, and four table spoons of  sesame oil and stirr well. Chop up the spring onions and coriander and add these.

And you’re finished! I hope you enjoy this recipe, what sort of food are you into at the moment?


Dungarees in the park.

Happy valentines day everyone! I hope you’re having a nice day. If it’s not going your way, don’t worry, you can look at some pictures of me to cheer you up.

Over the weekend I braved the cold weather to take some pictures in a park near where I live. I LOVE these dungarees. I found them in a vintage shop in Leicester, and almost didn’t buy them. I’m so glad I did because I wear them all the time! Sometime, I wear them with pigtails and a checked shirt and  I look like I live on a farm. It’s so much fun.






If this post had a conclusion, it would be that you should get some dungarees, they are the best!

Thanks to Amy for being my glamorous photographer! If you want to see more of her, you can find her here and here.


Glitter Forever

It’s Saturday evening, hooray! And what better way to bring some sparkle into your weekend than with a bucketful of glitter? I realise I’m a bit late on the glitter-shoe trend, but good shoes never go out of style. This is how happy my glitter shoes make me

Glitter Shoes JumpGlitter Shoes

If you would like a pair of glitter shoes of your own, you have come to the right place! I am here to show you how to make them. This is a great way to revamp an old pair of Chelsea boots, although you can do it to any pair of shoes.

You will need:

A bottle of glitter
A bottle of PVA glue
An old paintbrush
A container for the glue. You can just use an old yoghurt pot or something.
Acrylic paint for the soles
Some shoes to glitter!

Glitter Shoes 4

Step 1: Tape over any parts of the shoe you don’t want to be glittery, like the soles. I also taped over the elasticated side of my shoe, so that the original fabric would be showing.  Mix equal parts PVA and glitter in a pot. Paint your shoes with this! Leave your shoes to dry, and then paint the next layer. Repeat until you have complete glitter coverage.

Step 2: Paint the soles of your shoe with the acrylic paint. Be careful not to get any on the glitter!

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Glitter Shoes 2IMG_0198

My friend Amy very kindly took these photo’s for me! Find more of her here and here. Have a lovely weekend 🙂


She wore green velvet.

I had a lovely weekend spending time with friends, baking, vintage shopping and crafting. One of the things that I made is this pair of green velvet shoes! I’ve been wanting a pair for ages, but hadn’t managed to find any I really liked within my price range so I decided to go for it and make some instead. This project took two evenings to complete, but I think it was worth it.

Velvet Shoes 4

Velvet Shoes 1

My friend Amy was kind enough to take all my outfit photos for me, and I love them! It’s definitely something that we should do together more often, it was so much fun. Thanks Amy! If you want to see more of what she’s up to, you can find her here and here.

Me and Amy

You will need:

A pair of shoes. As long as they’re a shape that you like, the rest doesn’t matter since you’ll be gluing velvet to them. I got mine from this website, which is now my favourite place to buy shoes!
Some fabric. You don’t have to use green, you don’t even have to use velvet, it’s up to you what you’d like to cover your shoes with! 1/2 a metre will be plenty.
Some superglue that won’t wash off in the rain.
PVA glue.
Tissue paper.
Ribbon for the laces.
Acrylic paint for the soles. I used black, but use whatever colour you like!


Step 1: Trace the pattern of your shoes. This is the trickiest part. Look at how your shoe is already split up into sections. My shoe had a section on either side and one on the front. Then lay the tissue paper over and trace around each section.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes you drew onto your tissue paper, and pin them onto your fabric. Then cut around the shape, about a cm away from the tissue paper all the way around. This is to allow enough space for you to hem each patter piece.

Step 3: Fold the extra cm of fabric onto the back of your piece of fabric, all the way around and glue down. This will make your edges neat and tidy. At this stage you should have something that looks a ittle bit like this:


Step 4: Glue your pattern pieces onto your shoe! Don’t be shy with the glue, you want to your fabric to be secure, but make sure not to get any on the outside of the fabric!

Step 5: After that’s dried, use the acrylic paint to paint the sole of your shoe. Once it’s dry you can seal it with a coat of PVA.

Step 6: Use the scissors to poke a hole in the fabric where the laces should go. Thread the ribbons through as laces.

Velvet shoes 2

Ta da! Now you have a totally transformed pair of shoes 🙂 Once you learn how to do this, it’s hard not to start gluing velvet onto EVERYTHING. Have you ever tried re-styling a pair of shoes?

Velvet Shoes 3