Jam Jar Lanterns

A couple of months ago I went to an allotment party (If you haven’t been to an allotment party before, I reccomend it!) and we decorated the trees with lanterns made out of jam jars. It was the best – warm cider, roasting marshmallows, a campfire and sing-a-longs. I don’t know why I ever have parties indoors!

Jam Jar Lanterns 1

Don’t worry though, jam jar lanterns aren’t just for allotment parties. They can make any space look pretty and atmospheric – indoors or outdoors.  I decided to make a couple of lanterns for the house, and here’s how I did it!

You will need:
A glass jar
A tea light
Glue (I used prit stick but PVA might be slightly more weatherproof!)
Nice paper / fabric / lace for decorating
String to hang your lantern up

Jam Jar Lanterns 2

Step 1: Decorate the lantern. Just cut out your fabric or paper and glue it on! I think the candlelight looks lovely shining through some thin gausey paper, or lacey fabric, but if you are using something thicker make sure you leave some gaps for the light to shine through. There’s so much room here to experiment, you could make a stripey lantern, you could cut out some cool silhouette’s out of black paper, or you could tie some ribbons round the jar.

Jam Jar Lanterns 3

Step 2: Once you’ve done that, you need to tie the string around the top of the jar so that you can hang your lantern up. Cut off a long piece of string, and tie it around the top of the jar, leaving one long end. The natural ridge of the jar should hold the string in place. Then tie the left over end of the string to the other side.

Jam Jar Lanterns 4

All finished! Just pop the tea light in, and hang it in the garden or in the corner of a room that you would like ot be a little cosier.

Jam Jar Lanterns 5Jam Jar Lanterns 6

I’m sure the weather will be gloriousy sunny soon so that you can hang up your lanterns in the garden!

2 thoughts on “Jam Jar Lanterns

  1. I love this idea and need to remember it for the party my friend and I are going to give this summer. So easy, and yet really pretty.

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