Macarons Take One

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make. This was my very first attempt, and although they came out squidgy, wonky and a little brown, they were still delicious! My student kitchen is not baking-friendly. We have no scales, so i judge amounts by eye, and we have no whisk, spatula, rolling pin, cake tin, you name it! Usually improvisation works, but these macarons were too tricky for my student version of baking. I think I will try again at my parents house when I have access to scales and an electric whisk. Here’s what I did, and if you have a go, hopefully you can learn by my mistakes! I adapted my macarons recipe from this one.

Macaroons 1

You will need:

4 large egg whites
70g caster sugar
230g icing sugar
120g ground almonds
gel food colouring
200g dark chocolate
200ml double cream

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 150c and whisk the egg whites and the caster sugar together until they are stiff. They should form peaks, and not fall out of the bowl when tipped upside down – below is a demonstration of egg whites not falling out of the bowl. If you are whisking with just a fork, get some obliging friends / housemates to help you so that your arm doesn’t fall off 🙂Macaroons 2

Step 2: If you are using two seperate colours, seperate the mixture into two bowls and whisk one colour into each. Then fold in the ground almonds until the mixture is smooth but not runny.

Macaroons 3Step 3: Put your mixture into a thick plastic food bag, and cut off the corner. Then pipe your macarons onto grease proof paper and pop them into the oven for twenty minutes.

Macaroons 4

Step 4: To make the filling, just melt together the cream and cholcolate slowly over a low heat. Allow both the macarons and the chocolate filling to cool a little, and then spread the filling onto your macarons before sandqiching together.

Macaroons 5

Macaroons 6

For my next attempt, I will definitely be doing more research. There are some great resources on macaron making here and here. In other news, I HAVE FINISHED MY DEGREE! It feels SO sureal, I’m not really sure how to process the information. Here’s to adult life.

5 thoughts on “Macarons Take One

  1. Oh my gosh! Macaroons are so hard! I’m impressed how well you did considering your circumstances! You managed to get them so round! Mum and I ended up having to get macaroon moulds lol My oven’s seal has broken so it is very hard to cook macaroons properly so we have taken to cooking chocolate macaroons – that way people cannot see if they have browned on top!

  2. That is such a hard way to make it. With the right tools it’s so much easier. I’m planning to make my own batch at home after I get the tools. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the comments on my blog!

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