The happiest place on earth

No, it isn’t Disneyland. It is a sunny old-fashioned lido nestled amongst the rolling hills of West Yorkshire. When I was little, my brother and I would take every opportunity to get the paddling pool out and spend hours splashing around. As an adult, not much has changed – I still love outdoor swimming! I really love wild swimming, but this lido is just as good. The water is so clear and beautiful!

The Ilkely Lido has been around for a while, imagine how exciting it must have been when it was built.

Old Lido

(Image c/o The Ilkely Pool Group)

The water is very cold, but refreshing. I’m pretty sure it’s good for your circulation to jump into cold water, so my circulation must be very heathy!

lido 3I’ve spent two days at the lido with friends, a picnic, and a beachball. I can’t imagine a more relaxing day. If you live near yorkshire, or even near an outdoor pool, I recommend you get down there as soon as possible for fun in the sun! There’s nothing like a good swim to soothe the soul.

lido 4

lido 5

I’ve been picnicing on homemade guacamole, crisps, fresh bread and ginger ale from this vintage picnic basket that I was given. Isn’t it adorable?

lido 6

lido 7

Well, the day would have been more relaxing if people weren’t throwing beachballs at us! my bikini is from ASOS and I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me this weekend. Moving out of my house in York is really stressful, so I’m glad I have a holiday to look forward to to keep me going.

Do you live near any good swimming spots?

8 thoughts on “The happiest place on earth

  1. That pool looks so nice! In Seattle there aren’t really any pools so we swim in a giant lake called Lake Washington. Trouble is, it takes a good few days of really warm weather to get the temperature of the water up to bearably cold!

    Ladyface Blog

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