What I Wore: Pink In The Garden

Hello there, today my outfit centers around my pink boater hat. Isn’t it cute? I’ve been wearing it, as well as my pink rounded sunglasses, to lounge around the garden and absorb some vitamin D. I’ve also temporarily given up shoes. If you’re not leaving the house, why do you need them? I love the feeling of grass between my toes, it feels like summertime! I haven’t adventured as far as the pavement in my bare feet yet, although I admire those who walk around town without shoes, it must be so liberating (albeit a little painful sometimes.)

pink in the garden 1

pink in the garden 2

pink in the garden 3

The flowers in my garden are looking beautiful this year. My mum has been giving them lots of love and attention and it shows! I love the beautiful pinky colours that are scattered around the garden at the moment. When I (fingers crossed) get a job after summer and move into an apartment of my own, I want to fill it with plants and flowers.

pink in the garden 4

pink in the garden 5

pink in the garden 6

pink in the garden 7Outift details: Boater hat, H&M / Sunglasses, H&M / Skirt, Vintage / Top, Topshop

I fly out to Cyprus with my family today, I’m so excited! They love to spend their holiday searching for hidden temples, but hopefully I’ll squeeze in some beach time too. Happy wednesday!

9 thoughts on “What I Wore: Pink In The Garden

  1. Darling as always! I have been known to get jealous of my son (almost 2) who can still pull off going places without shoes. It seems so liberating, especially at fun places like the park!

  2. I love that hat and I am so happy it’s from H&M, I was thinking “I bet that’s an amazing vintage find” but no I can go and shamelessly buy one of my own hahaa. You look lovely and what an amazing garden! Stunning flowers. XXX

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