Experimenting with Fabric Paint: Painting a Scene

Last week I shared some potato printing I did using fabric paints, and this week I’m going to show you my jungle t-shirt! This was a complete experiment but I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. The fabric paint was hard to paint on because it was difficult to control – the paint kep bleeding through the fabric – but I adjusted my method to make up for that, and I’ll show you what I did in case you fancy a go yourself 🙂

paintying a scene 1

You will need:

Something to paint on (e.g. cotton t-shirt)
Fabric paints
Paint brush
Paint Palette
Water jar

Step 1: Pencil on your design. I find it easier to do big bold designs rather than small fiddly ones. Since the paint doesn’t always stay put, it’s hard to get the sharp lines required for small fiddly details.

painting a scene 2

Step 2: Paint on your design! I went for a jungle scene with flowers, leaves, bamboo, a frog and a parrot! The paint did blend together well so I did a little bit of blending on the leaves and flowers.

painting a scene 3

Step 3: To make my shirt look a little fuller and more colourful, and also to hide some of the fuzzy edges, I mixed some green paint with water and I painted grass onto my shirt. I also  used some kitchen towel and potato prints to blob flowers around the top of the shirt.

Step 4: Leave your shirt to dry overnight, and then iron it underneath some greaseproof paper for a couple of minutes to fix the paint.

Phew, all finished!

painting a scene 4

painting a scene 5

Archie’s stealing the limelight in my photos again.

painting a scene 6

painting a scene 7

What do you think? As you read this, I will be in Paris for my boyfriend’s 21st! I’m so excited. I’m lucky that we like to do the same things on holiday (wine, art and food) and I’m sure I’ll be squeezing in plenty of vintage shopping.

p.s. If we usually keep in touch but you haven’t heard from me for a while, don’t worry I’m still here but my laptop won’t let me comment on any blogs with capatcha. Grrrr.

13 thoughts on “Experimenting with Fabric Paint: Painting a Scene

  1. This is really awesome! I’m not near as good of an artist, but maybe if I get a pre-drawn stencil or something I could make this work. Also, eeeee Paris!!! I’m headed there in less than a month myself – we’re doing a big two-week Europe adventure, heading to Berlin, Freiburg, Paris, Venice & Rome. Tell us all about Paris so I can steal your ideas for my trip;)

  2. Lovely concept & gorgeous execution – congratulations!
    What kind of fabric paint did you use?
    Have been itching to do some meself, and I’m one who appreciates a good bleeding paint… strange, I know. 😉

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