Blogger Favourites: Photography Edition

I think all bloggers can appreciate a good photograph. I mean, obviously a good blog has to have good content, but I would argue that the photography is just as important. My photography has come a long way from where it begun but there is still a lot that I want to work on. Most of my photography inspiration comes from other bloggers, and I find their photography tips really useful. There are lots of talented blogger photo takers out there, but here are four of my favourites

Helena La Petit

Helena is a London-based photographer, and her work is stunning. All of her photos are very natural, bright and crisp – I wish all of my photos looked like this! Helena’s pinterest is incredible – she might even be my favourite pinner, and I get a lot of inspiration from her dreamy pins. She generously shares a lot of photography tips, tricks and tutorials on her blog. It’s a great place to get to know a camera!

helena 1helena 2

The Dainty Squid

Kaylah’s blog, The Dainty Squid, is one of my all time favourites. I love reading about her many pets, her adventures in nature, her awesome collections and her personal style as well as her photography. It’s such an interesting and unique blog and her photos are always gorgeous. They’re so colourful, she has such an iconic photography style, and her nature photographs always make me want to go outside and explore.

kaylah 1kaylah 2

Wish Wish Wish

Carrie writes the fashion blog, Wish Wish Wish. Every post of hers looks like it could be in a magazine. She has a really gorgeous classic sense of style, and her photographs are super dreamy. I also love her photos of London and her travels. If my outfit posts looked like Carrie’s, I would be very happy! Carrie has a series of posts on photography, and also shared her own Photoshop actions which I love!

carrie 1carrie 2

Forest Dreams

Christina has an excellent eye for beautiful things – her room is gorgeously decorated and it looks so peaceful. The images on her blog are so pretty and they have a lovely light quality to them. I also love the vintagey feel that her photos have, and I found her post on editing photos really useful.

christina 1christina 2

So, there you go! Do you find photography a challenge? Are there any bloggers whose photography inspires you?


Autumn Stitching Club #8

The eighth autumn stitching club pattern that I’ve completed is this yummy stack of doughnuts! I don’t really associate doughnuts with autumn time, but they are a good idea any time of the year so it’s okay. When I was little and I had a stomach bug my mum would buy me jam doughnuts because that’s the only thing I could eat. Most of the recipes on my “food” pinterest board are doughnut based, so maybe I should actually make some of my own!

asc 16asc 15

Do you love doughnuts as much as me? I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!


What I Wore: Polka Dots and Wellie Boots

Having a gloomy day? Here’s a yellow polka dot rain coat to cheer you up! And some blue wellie boots!ย  Yellow is one of my favourites – I don’t own a lot of yellow clothes but it’s just the happiest colour. These Vivienne Westwood for Melissa boots are also the happiest wellies (they smell like blueberries. No, really) so I think that makes them a good raincoat-wellie boot combination. I’ve had these boots for a couple of years and they still smell like blueberries, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is that they kept my feet dry. They’re practical and pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

Polka dots and wellie boots1polka dots and wellie boots 2polka dots and wellie boots 3polka dots and wellie boots 4polka dots and wellie boots 5

I love to shop at People Tree when I can – they’re committed to being ethical and environmentally friendly which is something I really care about. A lot of their stuff isn’t my style but they always have a couple of really classic pieces like this white shift dress. My jumper is something that I wear all the time. I can’t get enough fluffy clothes in my life at the moment. Also, it’s cropped at my waist! This means I can wear it with all my favourite clinched-at-the-waist dresses. I really need more waist-high jumpers because I find them so much easier to wear.

Polka dots and wellie boots 6polka dots and wellie boots 7polka dots and wellie boots 8Polka dots and wellie boots 9

Outfit Details: Coat, Vintage (Paris) / Boots, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa / Smock Dress, People Tree / Jumper, H&M / Lipstick, Rimmel 110

The lipstick that I’m wearing is my favourite everyday lipstick. It’s super hydrating and low maintenance and I think it brightens up my face.

Some days it’s just too easy to write an essay about what I’m wearing! I’ll stop myself there. What have you been wearing to brighten up gloomy days?


DIY Ghost Family

My most recent Halloween decorations are these ghostly visitors! Ghosts, bats and pumpkins are probably my favourite Halloween characters. I like that these ghosts are so mobile and you can prop them up anywhere. If you have a garden by your front door, you could stick them into the lawn like scarecrows! I think one by itself would also be cute, but I thought if I was making one, I might as well make four. Don’t forget to make them different sizes, if you want a ghost family like me ๐Ÿ™‚

ghost scarecrows 1ghost scarecrows 2

You will need:
4 Balloons
Kitchen towel
Paint brush
4 Jam jars
White bin bags
White mesh / gauze / net (as long as it’s cheap and a little transparent!) I used 4 metres
4 sticks
Gardening wire
Wire cutters
Masking tape
Black Card

ghost scarecrows 3

Step 1: Blow up your balloons and cover them in paper mache! If you haven’t done this before, just fill a jar with half water and half pva, dip strips of kitchen towel into the jar and smooth them, overlapping, onto the balloon. Do two or three layers, and put the balloons in jars so that they stay upright. Leave to dry overnight.

ghost scarecrows 4ghost scarecrows 5

Step 2: Wrap wire around the top half of the stick to form ghost arms. If your wire is sliding down the stick, tape into place.

Step 3: Once your paper mache is fully dry, tape it onto the top of the stick to form the head!

Ghost Scarecrows 6

Step 4:ย  Cut the handles off the bin bags and pull them over the top of the ghost. Secure the bin bags around the neck by tying with a bin bag handle. For larger ghosts, you might want to chop up the bin bags and tape them together to get a bigger ghost body!

Step 5: Drape your transparent fabric over the top of the ghost body and tie with a strip of fabric

ghost scarecrows 7

Step 6: Cut out eyes and a mouth from the black card, and glue onto the ghost face.

ghost scarecrows 8There you have it, a nice family of ghosts to welcome you home until Halloween. Mine are currently inside lurking in dark corners, as it’s been rather rainy… I will put them outside for Halloween and hopefully we’ll get lots of trick or treaters!


What I Wore: As If!

As soon as I saw this dress I thought of the 90s, and more specifically, Clueless! Congratulations if you picked up on the Clueless phrase in the title. It’s one of my favourite films,and the wardrobe is incredible! If I ever see a plaid yellow skirt suit, I will absolutely be buying it. I still want a computer to help me pick out what to wear in the mornings like Cher’s. I found this dress on sale for ยฃ1 and me and Chelsea liked it so much we bought one each. My makeup today is Buffy inspired (another 90s classic.) I hope you like bunnies because there’s a lot of Archie photo bombing in this post.

Clueless 1clueless 2clueless 3clueless 4

I’ve had these boots for a couple of years, and they’re the perfect everyday heel height! Too bad they’re suede, and suede and rain don’t go together, so I haven’t been able to wear them much of late.

Clueless 5clueless 6clueless 7clueless 8

Outfit Details: Dress, New but unlabeled / Boots, Vintage

I hope your week’s off to a good start ๐Ÿ™‚


Autumn Stitching Club #7

Here’s pattern 7 of the autumn stitching club, this cute little loaf of bread! I have actually never made bread myself, which is odd because it seems like something I would do and autumn seems like the perfect time to do it! Before christmas I aim to make a loaf of bread.

autumn stitching club 13asc 14

In other news, I had a lovely time at the Birmingham bloggers meet-up yesterday chatting to Cara, Selina, Elizabeth and Leah. Everyone was so nice, and I really hope we do another meet up nearer to christmas. I’ll keep you updated in case any of you are midlands based and fancy coming along ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you have the best Sunday!


DIY Bat Costume

I have been very organised this year, and finished my Halloween costume! I’ve known for a while that I wanted to go as a bat and I was inspired by this bat wing costume tutorial for kids. I’ve put my own twist on the tutorial by giving the bat wings a long tail and extending the end of the wings using chopsticks. In these pictures, I’m wearing the wings over a black top, my disco pants and some super high heels I bought in sale in Topshop in my first year at York. And here’s how I made them ๐Ÿ™‚

Bat Costume 1Bat Cosdtume 2You will need:2 metres of thick black fabric
Glue gun and glue
Sewing machine
2 chopsticks
Measuring tape
Needle and thread

Step 1: Take your measurements and sketch out the wing shape. Okay, so this is the part that looks most complicated but it’s actually nto that difficult. First, fold your fabric widthwise. Then take your measurements and use them to draw a bat shape that fits you, using the photo above. Length 1 is half of the distance from underarm to underarm. Length 2 is half of the circumference of your shoulder. Length 3 is the distance from the top of your shoulder to your wrist. Length 4 is half the circumference of your wrist. Length 5 is the length of your chopstick and length 6 is an inch.

Once you have used those measurements to draw on the top of your costume, draw on the loops of the bat wing, until your each the bottom of the fold of your fabric. Then cut out your wings! Phew, that’s the tricky bit over.

bat costume 4bat costume 5

Step 2: Hem the whole top edge of your bat costume (lengths 1. 3, 4 and 5.)

bat costume 14

Step 3: To make the sleeve, fold the top of your costume and sew length 3 onto the fabric. Length A (above) should be half the circumference of your shoulder. Do this for both sleeves.

bat costume 7bat costume 8Step 4: Glue the chopsticks into the fold at the end of your wings (I used my glue gun for this.)

bat costume 9bat costume 10

Step 5: Cut two small strips of fabric from your strips and wrap them around your finger. Pin them in place, remove them from your finger and then glue them in place. Try on your wings and mark where the bottom of your index finger touches the fabric. Glue each fabric ring to your wings at this point, as above.

Ta da, finished!

bat costume 11bat costume 12bat costume 13

I had a lot of fun test running my Halloween costume and make up! I decided that smiley photos wouldn’t be very scary but I’m not sure about my moody face in these pictures! Have you decided what you’re going as for Halloween yet?


What I Wore: Autumn Layers

I guess my outfit posts will be featuring lots of jumpers now since it is preeeeeeety cold! It’s okay though, because I find autumn / winter dressing easier than summer dressing (maybe because that’s how I have to dress 90% of the time) and layering is so much fun. I didn’t used to be a fan of wearing short layers over long layers, but it’s grown on me, and this way I can wear my favourite kimonos and house coats but still be cosy. This cardigan is super soft, I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this year.

Autumn Layers 1 autumn layers 2autumn layers 3autumn layers 4autumn layers 5

I’ve been wearing these trousers constantly since I got back from Paris, but I’ve only just got round to posting about them. They are seriously the most comfortable and versatile item of clothing I own. I love that they’re so high-waisted because I can wear them with a crop top or a t-shirt tucked in, and I think very high waists are most flattering on me. They’re also colourful and patterned, which all the best clothes are, and they’re baggy around my legs so it feels like I’m wearing pyjamas all day. I bought them from a vintage shop in Paris called Hippy Market which stocks lots of high-waisted patterned trousers. If you find yourself in Paris, I highly recommend you snap up a pair!

autumn layers 6autumn layers 7 autumn layers 9autumn layers 8

Outfit Details: Cardigan, Vintage / House Coat, Vintage (Dollymix, Leicester) / Crop Top, ARK / Trousers, Vintage (Hippy Market, Paris) / Shoes, Ebay

The downside of the cold weather is that all I want to eat are freshly baked cookies and pies. If that doesn’t change, I won’t be wearing crop tops for much longer! I hope your week is off to an excellent start ๐Ÿ™‚


Autumn Stitching Club #6

How is this my 6th autumn stitching club pattern already? Oh how time flies! I’m glad that this week’s pattern is a toffee apple because I love toffee apples. I’ve already had my second of the season. This toffee apple recipe was one of the first posts I ever did on this blog, and I’m thinking of cooking some soon. They remind me of the fair which (although it’s a little grotty) was always one of my favourite events of the year. I changed up the colours in this pattern, from gold to red, because the best toffee apples are red, am I right?

asc 11asc 12

My Sunday is full of crafting, cosy cardigans and apple crumble. I hope yours is the best ๐Ÿ™‚


Spooky Decorations Pt. 1

I’m so happy that I have my first Halloween decorations up! These flying bats for my room are the first things I made. I think they’re fun – they’re simple and not too tacky and super easy to make. This DIY is as simple as cutting and sticking. By Halloween my house will be looking pretty spooooooky!

halloween decs 1You will need:
10 sheets of black card
Blue tack

Step 1: Draw on your bat shapes. I did four sizes of bats – the biggest were the length of a sheet of A4, and the little one’s I cut from the space under the big bat’s wings. Fold the card in half and draw on half the batย  – that way your bat will be symmetrical, and he will look like he’s flapping his wings when you blue tack him to the wall! Then cut out your bats.

halloween decs 2halloween decs 3

Step 2: Blue tack your bats to the wall!

I told you this was a quick decoration ๐Ÿ™‚

halloween decs 4halloween decs 5

I also carved my first pumpkin! This guy is a “monster” pumpkin. I carved the witch and James carved the ghost. I’m not sure if it’ll make it all the way to Halloween, but if not at least I used the insides to attempt my first pumpkin pie (I think I need a little practice…)

Halloween Decs 6

Have you put any Halloween decorations up yet? I have big plans for the rest of the house but I’m pretty pleased with my decorations so far. I’m hoping to host a Halloween get-together at my house which will give me lots of opportunity to create some spooky concoctions!