What I Wore: Blue Fur Forever

I’ve been dressing very lazily recently. It’s too cold to spend a long time getting ready in the morning, so I’ve just been wearing whatever top and trouser combination comes to hand. I’ve also been finding tights very irritating, which means that I haven’t worn a dress for ages. This is the perfect lazy morning outfit because it’s easy and warm but the fur coat makes me feel like I put some effort in.

blue fur coatblue fur coatblue fur coat 3blue fur coat 4

I picked up my coat from the Guildford Car Boot sale. Car Boots tend to stop for the winter, but I’m excited for when they start-up again so I can go treasure hunting! I also think these earrings do a great job of jazzing up  my outfit – my friends bought them for me for my birthday last year and they’re glittery! I love glitter, especially at this time of year. I’ve blogged about these ASOS jeans before, and I’m still wearing them all the time. I wear them to my volunteering job every week!

blue fur coat 54blue fur coat 6blue fur coat 7blue fur coat 8
Outfit Details: Coat, Car Boot / Mom Jeans, ASOS (Similar here)  / T Shirt, Dorothy Perkins / Boots, Ebay / Necklace, Camden Market / Earrings, Gift

You guys, it’s almost December! I love the run up to Christmas and I’ve already been drinking a lot of hot chocolate in preparation. I’m driving to Oxford tomorrow for my brother’s birthday, and I’m hoping to start my christmas shopping, even if some of it is for me… do you have any plans for the weekend? Has the cold been influencing your outfit choices? Happy Thursday 🙂


DIY Scented Candles

I love things that smell good, especially during winter when I’m spending a lot of time indoors. I burn a lot of joss sticks but I also love scented candles, and this is my third tutorial featuring essential oils! (DIY one, DIY two.) I find Yankee Candles super expensive though, especially when it’s so easy to make your own! I think it would be hard to replicate the smell of a Yankee Candle using this DIY, but these candles are still really cute.

scented candles 1scented candles 2

You will need: Glass containers for your candles (you can find so much cute cheap glassware in charity shops, that’s where mine come from!) candle wicks, candle wax (I recommend using either an unwanted candle that’s broken or dirty or soy wax, which is eco-friendly), spray paint, tape, kebab skewers, essential oil, and a doily.

scented candles 3scented candles 9

Obviously you can use any essential oil, but I am totally addicted to lavender! I think it’s the most relaxing scent.

Scented Candles 4

Cut your doily in half and cut each half into a semi-circle • Tape your doilies onto your glassware so that they overlap. Make sure they sit flat otherwise your pattern will smudge, and make sure you don’t put tape on the part you want to paint! • Turn your glass upside down and spray paint the bottom • Whilst your glass is drying, move on to the next step

scented candles 5

If you are recycling a candle like me, scrape any of the damaged parts from the wax with a knife • Melt the candle in a double burner (this is a pan on top of a pan full of water – you don’t want your wax to cook!) and remove the wick. You can recycle the wick too if you like! If you’re using soy wax just melt this in the pan • Tape two kebab sticks to the top of the glass, and wedge the wick in between them. This will hold the wick in place • Add a couple of drops of essential oil to your wax and pour it into your container. Wax sinks as it cools, so you will need to add more wax after a couple of hours.

scented candles 6

I did a second candle, but instead of using doilies I just taped the top of my glass before spray painting it. This is so simple but I think it’s really effective.

What do you think of my DIY? I think these would make great christmas presents, and you can be as creative as you like with both the scent and the way you decorate your glass! I’m keeping these for myself, they make my room so cosy 🙂

scented candles 7scented candles 8

Have you ever made candles before? Happy Wednesday friends!


Autumn Stitching Club #11

Pattern eleven of Wild Olive‘s Autumn Stitching Club is this cute smiley leaf! Colourful leaves are probably one of my favourite things about autumn, although they are looking a little more soggy and a little less crisp at the moment. I don’t think it’s autumn anymore!

asc 21asc 22

I only have two more of these patterns to stitch until they become a cushion cover. At the moment, I stitch these in front of Homeland on a Sunday night. I’ll have to find something else to occupy me when both of those things are finished! I hope your week is off to an excellent start 🙂


What I Wore: Oversized Wool Coat

I love the oversized wool coat trend, and I’ve been seriously jealous of the pink coats that have been everywhere on fashion blogs this autumn. I didn’t need to buy one of my own, since I inherited this beautiful grey wool coat! It’s super warm and chunky. I think it makes a statement by itself, so I kept the rest of my outfit simple and monochrome. I always wear colours so this is a bit different for me!

wool coat 1wool coat 2wool coat 3wool coat 4

My necklace is from H&M and I bought it for my christmas ball at uni last year – I’m missing the christmas ball now I’m a graduate. Getting dressed up and having a posh meal was so much fun! My skirt is an old one from Primark. I don’t shop at Primark anymore, as I’m not sure it’s ethical but I still love this skirt. It goes with everything. I’m running low on winter shoes, and these are the boots that I wore throughout sixth form. I still love them, and it’s nice to know my taste hasn’t changed all that much in the last four years! The one new item in this post is my shirt. I think I’ve worn this shirt everyday this week (is that wrong? I hope not!) it is so comfy and it’s such a wardrobe staple!

wool coat 5wool coat 6wool coat 7wool coat 8

Outfit Details: Coat, Vintage / Skirt, Primark (Old) / Top, Ebay / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Necklace and Socks, H&M / Lipstick, Rimmel 007

Have you got a new coat this winter? Do you like oversized coats? I hope your week has been fabulous so far 🙂


Handmade Letter Writing Paper

There’s nothing better than receiving a hand written letter in the post, am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to contact people immediately on social media, but letters are much more intimate and they demand your attention in a way that a tweet cannot. One of my favourite parts of writing a letter is the decoration. Here are four ideas for decorating your own letter paper. Are you and a long distance friend in need of a catch up? You should write them a letter this weekend 🙂

I wanted to use recycled paper, and the paper I used comes from the Exotic Paper Company. I chose to buy recycled banana paper, but you can also buy paper made from elephant poo. How cool is that!

letter paper 1letter paper 2

You will need: Paper, Ink or watercolour paint, paintbrush (small and large), jam jars, rubber, craft knife

later paper 3
Rubber print paper

letter writing paper 8

To make this rubber stamped paper, first put a little ink in a jar and add the same amount of water • Use your craft knife to carefully cut a shape out of the rubber. The simpler your shape, the better! • Paint the rubber with your water/ink mixture and use a spare piece of paper to dab off the excess • Use your rubber to print onto the paper. Don’t worry if it’s uneven, it adds to the charm!

letter paper 4

Bordered Paper

letter writing paper 11

If you want to border your paper, you can use any illustration you like, but the most effective designs are simple and abstract. I just used a combination of curly lines, swirls and yellow dots! Before you paint onto your paper, experiment with different amounts of ink and water on your brush, different sized brushes and a variety of pressures to decide which marks you like the most!

letter paper 5

Ombre paper

letter writing paper 9

Fill two jars with water, and add a couple of drops of different coloured ink to each jar. • Make sure you wipe the excess water off your brush before painting – you don’t want there to be puddles on your letter paper! • Roughly paint a different colour wash on each end and blend in the middle

letter paper 6

Illustrated paper

letter writing paper 10

First paint a background onto your paper by dabbing a watered down ink onto your paper with a large brush • Use a small brush, and black ink straight from the bottle to paint a simple design in the corner. If you paint your design whilst the paper is wet, the ink will bleed a little, which I think looks cool. If you want a crisper line, wait until the paper is dry.

letter paper 7

So there are some ideas for decorating paper! Which is your favourite? Do you write letters to your friends, or do you have a penpal? I’d love to hear how you decorate your letters!


Autumn Stitching Club #10

My latest embroidered pattern for the autumn stitching club is this gourd! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know what a gourd is. Is it like a funny shaped courgette? Me and James once bought a bitter gourd from the exotic vegetable section in Morrisons and used it in a curry – it was pretty gross but we could have been cooking it wrong!

asc 19asc 20

I can’t believe I only have two more patterns to go until I can sew all these smiley autumn objects into a cushion. I’m psyched to have the finished project on my sofa!


What I Wore: Velvet Playsuit

I have been in a lot of vintage shops in my time. A lot. If I’m ever in a new town or on a city break I find the vintage shops and have a good browse. My favourite ever vintage shop, coincidentally is the three storey vintage haven in Leicester made up of DollyMix Vintage and Pink Pidgeon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in there and not seen several things that I want, and the prices are very reasonable. I get bored with going into vintage shops that have rows and rows of denim jackets and floral dresses – if I wanted to dress the same as everyone else I wouldn’t be in a vintage shop! DollyMix and Pink Pidgeon are full of a variety of unique, interesting wearable pieces, and luckily for me they’re in my city! The most recent time I was there I picked up this velvet jumpsuit. It fits me really well. I love the cinched waist and it’s so warm – perfect for winter!

velvet jumpsuit 1vintage jumpsuit 2velvet jumpsuit 3 velvet jumpsuit 4

The only problem with this jumpsuit is that it’s tricky to wear things over the top! Hence why I’m wearing gloves to keep me warm instead. I know I wear these boots in almost all my outfit posts, but that’s because I wear them every day. I’m wearing them out and I need some new ones – does anyone have recommendations for somewhere I can buy good vegan winter boots?

velvet jumpsuit 5velvet jumpsuit 6velvet jumpsuit 7velvet jumpsuit 8

Outfit details: Jumpsuit, Vintage (Pink Pidgeon, Leicester) / Boots, Ebay

Taking these photos in the golden afternoon sun was really fun, I’m trying to cherish the last of the autumn leaves. I hope you’ve had an excellent weekend!


Autumn Stitching Club #9

The first time I ever tried a piece of pumpkin pie was this autumn! You can’t be a real blogger unless you love pumpkin, right? I made a couple of pumpkin pies, and although I haven’t got the recipe right yet, they were pretty tasty 🙂 I just wish shops sold pumpkins in the UK for longer than two weeks in October. Anyway, here is my third pumpkin pie of the season, but this time it’s embroidered. This pattern is for the autumn stitching club, of which you can see more here.

asc 18asc 19

At least the garden is overflowing with apples from our trees, so I could always make apple pie! I’m excited to finish all my autumn embroidery patterns so that I can turn them into a cushion 🙂 Have a great day!


What I Wore: A Tunic at Dusk

You guys, taking outfit photos in winter is so hard – it stops being light enough for photos at three o clock! So, apologies that these photos aren’t the sunniest. I recently discovered the Sue Ryder Vintage shop in Leicester and it is one of my favourite vintage shops! There are lots of lovely things in there, at charity shop prices. When I saw this tunic in the shop I wasn’t sure that it was every-day wear, but I’m so glad I bought it because I’ve been wearing it all the time! I love the pattern and it makes me feel super 70s which is what I’m always aiming for 🙂

Tunic 1tunic 2tunic 3tunic 4tunic 5Me and my mum seem to have begun a tradition of going for sunday afternoon walks, which has been lovely. This sunday we adventured to Groby Pool – which is beautiful – and took these pictures. It’s not the best walking spot, as you can’t walk round the lake but it’s really pretty and we enjoyed looking at the birds.

tunic 6tunic 7tunic 8tunic 9tunic 10

Outfit Details: Dress, Vintage (Sue Ryder, Leicester) / Cami top, Vintage (Sue Ryder, Leicester) / Shoes, Vintage (Ebay) / Necklace, H&M / Rings, H&M / Lipstick, Chanel / Nail Varnish, Barry M

tunic 11tunic 12

I think I probably am getting braver with my outfit choices which I’m pleased about. I very much feel like I’m “dressed as me” in this outfit and not like I’m dressed up, which I think I would have a couple of years ago. Does that make sense to anyone? I think it can be hard work to get to a place where you’re comfortable wearing things just because you like them, but it’s so worth it.

I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m off to the fair! Fingers crossed they will be selling candyfloss on a stick.


DIY Fabric Calendar

Since I blog just-for-fun I don’t really need to schedule posts. It would make little difference if I just posted when it took my fancy. However, I love planning and organising things! I like lists and diaries and notes and schedules, and I enjoy planning my posts in advance. I don’t always stick to my plan but it’s nice to have somewhere to pin-up my blog ideas. It’s even more fun planning posts when I can pin them to this monthly fabric calendar! I use mine for blog planning but you could use it plan anything. This DIY is highly inspired by Chiaki’s Vintage Fabric Covered Noticeboard Tutorial (here)

fabric calender 1fabric calender 2

You will need: Cork boards – If you live in the UK, you can get these ones from Wilkinson’s for £2! / Vintage fabric – I got mine from etsy (here) / A glue gun and glue / Scissors / A2 White paper / Pen / Ruler / String

fabric calender 5fabric calender 6
To begin, cut a square of fabric a little bigger than your cork board and place your board face down on the fabric • Squirt a line of glue on each back edge of the cork board and stick the fabric down. Do this one edge at a time • Get rid of loose fabric by folding it over each corner and gluing down • Turn your board around

fabric calender 7

Use your ruler and scissors to cut out strips of paper half a cm wide (for a monthly calendar, do 6 vertical strips and 4 horizontal strips) and glue them down on the edges of the calendar. Cut out small white squares, write the numbers 1 to 31 on them, and glue down in the top left hand corner of each box • Cut a length of string a little longer than double the width of your cork board. Fold in half, tie at the end and glue onto the back of your calendar. Use plenty of glue, and don’t worry if it looks messy – you won’t be able to see it!

fabric calender 3fabric calender 4

Ta da! Now you have a functional and pretty calendar to organise your life with. Just remember that as much fun as planning is, sometimes it’s a good idea to actually do the things you planned to do. I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday 🙂

(P.s. What do you think of my new tutorial layout, is it easier to follow?)