What I Wore: Bradgate Park

Near where I live there’s a place called Bradgate Park. It’s basically just a big stretch of protected countryside filled with deer, streams and the ruins of Lady Jane Grey’s house (she was queen of England for nine days!) Because the land used to be part of a country estate it’s undeveloped and looks the same as it would have looked hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It’s weird to think that much of the English countryside used to look like this. It’s a beautiful place to go for a walk or a picnic and I have lots of happy childhood memories here.

bradgate park 1bradgate park 2bradgate park 3bradgate park 4bradgate park 5

To walk around Bradgate Park I wore this gold vintage dress that I picked up for 5 euros in Paris. I don’t usually wear short-sleeved dresses (long sleeves or no sleeves only!) but I couldn’t resist buying this gold sparkly dress, it’s so shiny! My tights are also vintage, and I bought this vintage jacket from eBay a couple of years ago. It’s one of the warmest coats I own – the entire thing is lined with wool so it’s perfect for a blustery walk.

bradgate park 6bradgate park 7bradgate park 8bradgate park 9bradgate park 10bradgate park 11

Outfit details: Dress, Vintage (Paris) / Jacket, Vintage (Ebay) / Tights, Vintage / Boots, Ebay

I should go on country walks more often – it’s good for the soul! Have you got any plans for the weekend? I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday!

13 thoughts on “What I Wore: Bradgate Park

  1. What a gorgeous area! We have a place here in Austin called the Greenbelt that allows for nice walks, I’ll have to goad Zack into going with me sometime soon now that it’s cooler.

  2. I love your dress, it looks so pretty on you! I’ve just bought a gold velvet jacket too,which I am definitely going to wear in the day now! Gold is such a great colour. I love how you styled it with the denim jacket too x

  3. This is such a great outfit post, I LOVE the location and you look so so stunning and ethereal! That lipstick shade suits you so so well too!

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