What I Wore: A Tunic at Dusk

You guys, taking outfit photos in winter is so hard – it stops being light enough for photos at three o clock! So, apologies that these photos aren’t the sunniest. I recently discovered the Sue Ryder Vintage shop in Leicester and it is one of my favourite vintage shops! There are lots of lovely things in there, at charity shop prices. When I saw this tunic in the shop I wasn’t sure that it was every-day wear, but I’m so glad I bought it because I’ve been wearing it all the time! I love the pattern and it makes me feel super 70s which is what I’m always aiming for 🙂

Tunic 1tunic 2tunic 3tunic 4tunic 5Me and my mum seem to have begun a tradition of going for sunday afternoon walks, which has been lovely. This sunday we adventured to Groby Pool – which is beautiful – and took these pictures. It’s not the best walking spot, as you can’t walk round the lake but it’s really pretty and we enjoyed looking at the birds.

tunic 6tunic 7tunic 8tunic 9tunic 10

Outfit Details: Dress, Vintage (Sue Ryder, Leicester) / Cami top, Vintage (Sue Ryder, Leicester) / Shoes, Vintage (Ebay) / Necklace, H&M / Rings, H&M / Lipstick, Chanel / Nail Varnish, Barry M

tunic 11tunic 12

I think I probably am getting braver with my outfit choices which I’m pleased about. I very much feel like I’m “dressed as me” in this outfit and not like I’m dressed up, which I think I would have a couple of years ago. Does that make sense to anyone? I think it can be hard work to get to a place where you’re comfortable wearing things just because you like them, but it’s so worth it.

I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m off to the fair! Fingers crossed they will be selling candyfloss on a stick.

8 thoughts on “What I Wore: A Tunic at Dusk

  1. Jess this outfit is amazing. You look so striking but so ‘you’ like you said. And I think you’re so right, you have to keep trying to make yourself comfortable wearing the things you like but then one day you wear them and it’s not trying any more, you can just do it. And it feels right.
    Well it looks right too Jess!!! You vision xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You definitely have this 70’s vibe in this outfit, the pattern is just psychedelic enough and with your long hair it makes a perfect combination 😀 I completely understand what you mean by feeling dressed as oneself rather than “dressed up”, I used to aim for a very smart look but never felt like I owned my outfit, I found that I actually really like cute and comfy stuff, more skater inspired or “kawaii” pieces and since I go for these styles I feel super comfy ^_^ xx

  3. I totally understand what you mean! Especially since I’m a curvy lady, it’s taken forever for me to cobble together a style that feels like me, but I’m finally getting at it and it feels amazing. I’m becoming braver with wearing bright colors or cuts that aren’t the stereotypical “meant for curvy bodies” styles, and it’s so freeing. More power to you! We should all wear what makes us feel good and happy:)

  4. I really love your bright tonic. It’s also a must have item right now. Mix and match outfit with a bright tonic it’s not easy but you did it and you did it very well. 😀

  5. Oh my gosh Jess – you look like a seventies icon! Your hair looks so stunnning and how amazing is that print! So good. Can’t believe you got it from a Sue Ryder – what a find XXXX

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