Christmas Day

Things have been a little quiet on Jessthetics recently. I’ve been working full-time as a Christmas temp, trying to finish off homemade presents and getting ready to move back to York in January – I forgot how much hassle it is to find somewhere to live! I’ve not had much time to sit down with my computer and blog. My Christmas day was lovely and relaxed –¬† exactly what I needed (especially since it was my first day off work for a while!) Here is how I spent the day ūüôā

christmas day 1christmas day 2

My Grandpa stayed with us for Christmas, and he brought my Aunt’s dog Bella! She’s very good – she knows she’s not allowed to chase Archie, although Archie is still very nervous around her, understandably. After a lie in, me and my brother opened our presents from Santa before enjoying a leisurely breakfast. We then exchanged family presents, accompanied by champagne and appetisers!

christmas day 3christmas day 4christmas day 5christmas day 6

We spent Christmas day afternoon walking in the countryside around my village – we’ve never done this before, but it was lovely to be outside in the cold sunshine after too much time on the sofa.

christmas day 7christmas day 8christmas day 9christmas day 10christmas day 11christmas day 12

After our walk we came home for Christmas dinner (including a mirror selfie in my new Christmas jumper!) followed by the Blackadder Christmas special in front of the fire. Christmas has been and gone so quickly, I can’t believe that it was four days ago now! If you’ve written a Christmas day post, do send me the link. I love to read them!


What I Wore: Disco In The Daytime

I know disco pants are a little dated, but I love mine so I’m going to wear them anyway. These trousers were my go-to trousers to wear to Willow (a grimy, cheesy club in York) but since I rarely go out now, I’ve incorporated them into my day-time wardrobe! This is what I wore Christmas shopping with James last week. I ended up only buying beer and a jumper for myself, whoops.

disco pants 1disco pants 2disco pants 3

Whenever James comes to stay we watch Buffy together. This time we watched the first season of Angel. My makeup is inspired by Cordelia this time – she wears some amazing dark lipsticks! I have layered up because it is freezing and windy. I don’t know how other bloggers can wear cut out boots / crop tops at this time of year unless they’re carrying a radiator around with them.

disco pants 4disco pants 5
Outfit details: Disco Pants, American Apparel / Shirt, Vintage (inherited) / Jacket, Vintage (inherited) / Coat, Vintage (inherited) / Scarf, Vintage (inherited) / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Necklace, Vintage (inherited) / Earrings, H&M / Lipstick, Lush Confidence

I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! I’m working a lot in the run up to christmas, but I’m enjoying being busy. I think if I had a lot of time on my hands I would be missing James and my friends too much. How are your preperations going?


DIY Snowman Jumper

You guys, I love themed clothes. I have so many glittery dresses and sequined trousers that I bring out at christmas time, but I realised the other day that I don’t own any christmas jumpers. From Saturday I’m expected to go to work in fancy dress (yay!) so I thought I’d whip up a snowman jumper. Initially I planned to embroider the whole jumper with wool but when I realised how long that would take me I stitched the main design in felt like these bloggers.

snowman jumper 1snowman jumper 2snowman jumper 3You will need: A jumper(!) mine is from H&M, wool, a wool needle, white fabric and fabric for the hat and scarf, needle and thread, pom pom rings or cardboard.

Snowman Jumper 8snowman jumper 5

Cut your snowman shape from the white fabric and stitch it to the jumper. Make sure you don’t stretch the jumper as you’re stitching otherwise the design will be crumpled when you wear it! ‚ÄĘ Cut your hat and scarf from your coloured fabric and stitch it to the jumper ‚ÄĘ Use your wool and a wool needle to embroider buttons, a nose, eyes and a mouth. Make a pom pom using pom pom rings or cardboard (like this) and stitch to the top of the snowman’s hat.

snowman jumper 6snowman jumper 7

Ta da! You have a snowman jumper! I hope this is helping you feel festive. I’m looking forward to going to work in my jumper and lots of glittery make up. Do you have any christmas jumpers?


8 Homemade Gift Ideas

I know a lot of people like to have their christmas shopping done by now, but if like me you’re less organised than that, here are some homemade christmas gift ideas from my archives. Handmade presents are often cheaper, you don’t have to wait for weeks for them to be posted to you, and it’s so special to gift something that you’ve spent time making! Plus, homemade presents are usually better quality than shop bought ones, and you can personalise them to suit the person you’re gifting it to.

1. ¬†Fur lined mittens. I made these for a friend last year. They’re a nice beginner sewing project and mittens make excellent christmas presents, since they’re so cosy!

Fur lined mittens

2.¬†Pattern rug. This would be great for someone who’s moved into a new place, or someone who loves a good pattern!

Rug 6

3. Scented candles. I recently made these for myself, but they’d make the cutest presents!

scented candles 2

4. Paisley Man’s Shirt. This project is time-consuming, but if you started now you’d be finished before christmas. Nothing says “I love you” like homemade clothes.

paisley shirt 1

5. Embroidered picture. This is a really simple way of creating a personalised artwork for someone.

archie embroidery 1

6. Massage oil. This is super easy and inexpensive to make, and you could even gift it with an “i owe you a¬† massage” voucher.

Massage oil

7. Log vase. If you have a friend that likes earthy decor, this would be the perfect present.

log 8

8.¬†Hand printed shirt. This is a fun and easy project,¬† and who wouldn’t appreciate a handmade shirt?

experimenting fabric dye 1

Are you guys hand making any presents this year?


What I Wore: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has a special place in my heart. Before I moved to York, my mum and I went to see it every year before christmas. The music is lovely, and the dancing is incredible, but my favourite part of the ballet has always been the costumes and the scenery. The moment when the toys from under the christmas tree come to life and the tree grows is my favourite thing I’ve seen in a theatre ever. The moment when Clara arrives on stage in a flying swan is pretty special too. This year I saw The Nutcracker in Birmingham with my mum, my brother and my boyfriend, and I thought I might as well dress up!

nutcracker 1nutcracker 2nutcracker 3

This coat was a birthday gift from a vintage shop in York a couple of years ago. It’s beautiful and I think it will last me a lifetime – I only wear it on special occasions and I fall in love with it a little more every time I wear it. My dress is an old Topshop buy, and I’m wearing a tutu underneath (a memento from my life as a teen goth) to make the skirt a little fuller. It’s quite a simple LBD but I like the sequins on the top and the open back detail. In keeping with the goth theme I braved wearing my new blue lipstick from Lush – I find it hard to apply but very well lasting for such an extreme colour!

nutcracker 4nutcracker 5nutcracker 6nutcracker 7

Outfit details: Dress, Topshop (Old) / Coat, Vintage (Priestleys. York) / Scarf, Borrowed from my mum / Shoes, New Look (Old) / Lipstick, Lush, Control

I hate it when bloggers apologise for their blog posts, but I’m going to do it – I’m sorry these photos are blurry! I’ve yet to work out how to take a photo without natural light. If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears!


DIY Glitter Garland

There are many wonderful things about Christmas. One of my favourite is that it’s a good excuse to cover everything in glitter. I love glitter! This week I made a glittery gold garland to hang up in my room, and here’s how I did it ūüôāglitter garland 1glitter garland 2

You will need: String or a bead chain to hang your decorations onto, PVA glue, gold glitter, paint brushes, gold spray paint and decorations to hang on your garland. I got all of mine from Wilkinsons. You can use pom poms, baubles, mistletoe, twigs from the garden, pine cones, bows, ribbon, whatever you like!

Glitter Garland 3

If any of your decorations aren’t already gold, you need to spray paint them. Do this outside so you don’t gas yourself / ruin the carpet, and then leave your decs to dry ‚ÄĘ Once your decs are dry, paint shapes onto them using PVA glue and dunk them in the gold glitter ‚ÄĘ Once the PVA is dry, shake off the excess glitter ‚ÄĘ Tie your decorations onto the string! My baubles and bows came with ties, and I tied everything else on using gold ribbon

glitter garland 4This is a really fun craft to do with someone else. James doesn’t usually enjoy crafting, but he loved spray painting things and covering them in glitter!

glitter garland 5glitter garland 6glitter garland 7

Now you’ve finished, you can hang up your garland and admire it. Have you ever hand-made christmas decorations? I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday ūüôā


What I Wore: A Weekend in Oxford

Last weekend I drove down to Oxford to visit my brother and celebrate his birthday with him. It was really fun, and I loved seeing his flat and his favourite foody places. We ate lunch at Atomic Pizza – a¬† retro diner style cafe overflowing with comic books and pop culture memorabilia – I recommend a visit if you’re in Oxford! It’s such a beautiful city (although not as beautiful as York which I miss terribly, especially at this time of year.) On Saturday morning we wandered down to the river to watch some rowing, and Oscar took these photos of me outside Christchurch College. This coat is one of my favourite things that I’ve ever found in a vintage shop. The gold embroidery just kills me. It’s not super warm though, so I’m wearing two jumpers underneath. I decided to wear it with dungarees to make my outfit more casual!

oxford outfit 1oxford outfit 2oxford outfit 6oxford outfit 4My nail varnish is a silver polish from Nails Inc (It came free with Glamour!) with a sparkly Barry M shade over the top. They chipped really quickly but I think I might use this combination again anyway, because they’re so festive and sparkly! I’ve also bought a new pair of ear muffs. When I lived in York I cycled everywhere, and ear muffs were very necessary to stop my ears from freezing. They make me so much warmer, and they don’t make my head itchy like wooly hats do!

oxford outfit 5oxford outfit 7oxford outfit 89

Outfit details: Dungarees, Dolly Mix Vintage (Leicester) / Embroidered Coat, Dolly Mix Vintage (Leicester) / Roll neck jumper, Zara / Green Cardigan, Vintage / Ear Muffs, Next / Rings, H&M / Lipstick, Lush Confidence

This week I’ve started to think about christmas shopping. This is actually quite early for me – I’m usually a buy-things-the-day-before kind of girl but I’m going to be organised this year! Have you started yet?


No More November

November has gone by so quickly! It’s probably been the fastest month since I started this blog. I’ve been for weekends away in Oxford, London and Surrey. I’ve been learning to crochet and I’ve started jogging regularly. Autumn this year has carried on right through November which has been lovely – I love autumn!

The first outfit post I shared this month featured my gold glittery dress, and a wild deer (here)! I’ve also shared a 70s tunic that I found in a charity shop (here), a vintage velvet jumpsuit (here) and my oversized grey wool coat (here). I think the seventies tunic and the oversized coat were my favourite.

tunic 9wool coat 1

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been making a lot of things recently, but I actually blogged about four craft projects this month. I wrote about the bunny rabbit picture that I stitched for my dad’s birthday (here) and I wrote a tutorial for my fabric covered notice boards (here). I also blogged my handmade writing paper (here) and a DIY for scented candles (here). All of these would make good gifts, especially the embroidered picture and the candles!

archie embroidery 5letter paper 1

I’ve been working throughout November on Wild Olive’s autumn stitching club patterns. They’ve all been very seasonal. I stitched a pumpkin pie (here) a gourd (here) and a leaf (here)! Only two more until I stitch my cushion cover together.

asc 18My first article for the online magazine VOIX was published this month, on how to make a bag for life. You can check it out here!

What were your November highlights? Do you enjoy looking over what you’ve done? I love the idea of December Daily – where you scrapbook a photo or thought form every day in December but I’m not sure I take enough photos to be able to produce something every day!