No More November

November has gone by so quickly! It’s probably been the fastest month since I started this blog. I’ve been for weekends away in Oxford, London and Surrey. I’ve been learning to crochet and I’ve started jogging regularly. Autumn this year has carried on right through November which has been lovely – I love autumn!

The first outfit post I shared this month featured my gold glittery dress, and a wild deer (here)! I’ve also shared a 70s tunic that I found in a charity shop (here), a vintage velvet jumpsuit (here) and my oversized grey wool coat (here). I think the seventies tunic and the oversized coat were my favourite.

tunic 9wool coat 1

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been making a lot of things recently, but I actually blogged about four craft projects this month. I wrote about the bunny rabbit picture that I stitched for my dad’s birthday (here) and I wrote a tutorial for my fabric covered notice boards (here). I also blogged my handmade writing paper (here) and a DIY for scented candles (here). All of these would make good gifts, especially the embroidered picture and the candles!

archie embroidery 5letter paper 1

I’ve been working throughout November on Wild Olive’s autumn stitching club patterns. They’ve all been very seasonal. I stitched a pumpkin pie (here) a gourd (here) and a leaf (here)! Only two more until I stitch my cushion cover together.

asc 18My first article for the online magazine VOIX was published this month, on how to make a bag for life. You can check it out here!

What were your November highlights? Do you enjoy looking over what you’ve done? I love the idea of December Daily – where you scrapbook a photo or thought form every day in December but I’m not sure I take enough photos to be able to produce something every day!

7 thoughts on “No More November

  1. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Oh man, that bunny kills me every time – so cute!!

    Have a great day,

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