No elephants were harmed in the making of this blog post

Jessthetics / Elephant dressJessthetics / Elephant DressJessthetics / Elephant DressJessthetics / Elephant DressThe lovely Laila saw this dress in the charity shop she works in and thought of me. I’m so glad she did because I love elephants, and I love everything embroidered! It is a little big for me, so I made it backless with the aim of making it looking purposefully oversized. It’s so soft and flowy, and I’m looking forward to taking it to Italy with me next week! Oh, and what do you think of my shoes? Obviously they’re not practical walking-around-a-forest shoes, but I think they go perfectly with this dress. I bought them four years ago, and have yet to get much use out of them so I’m glad they’ve found a something matching!

Jessthetics / Elephant DressJessthetics / Elephant DressJessthetics / Elephant DressOutfit Details: Dress, Vintage (Charity shop) / Shoes, Primark (Old)

Now I’m in Leicestershire again, you’ll be seeing a lot of countryside backgrounds in my pictures! I love the woods. It’s one of my favourite types of countryside, especially when I stumble across bivouacs like this to pose in. I imagine this was made by two eleven year old explorers escaping from some boy scouts Moonrise Kingdom style, what do you think?


6 thoughts on “No elephants were harmed in the making of this blog post

  1. These shoes are so cool!! I usually feel so unstable and incapacitated on heels that high, how do you do it?! ^_^ Love the outfit, this dress looks gorgeous on you! And I’m super happy about the countryside pictures being back – even though it means you’re away from your lover again :S you seem to be enjoying life a lot lately, your posts exude happiness 😀

  2. Ahhh so glad you made it work! It looks stunning on you! It was too big for me so I knew it would be big but I thought you’d come up with something ingenious and you so have. I can’t believe how perfectly those shoes match!! What a lovely backdrop, hope you are enjoying back in Leicester 🙂 I’m going to e-mail you soon about Russia!! XXX

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