Photography with Joe

Photography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsI just couldn’t resist sharing some more photos from my time in Southampton with Joe. I know that I’m a bad blogger for repeating content but I have photographic evidence that I can do a cart-wheel and climb a tree in high heels, and the world needs to see it! (See the original posts here and here.) In the above photos I’m wearing a vintage feather jacket that I found in Paris, as well as my Ette bell bottoms. I actually really like this outfit, and I think I’ll wear it again, probably outside of Joe’s sitting room next time!

Photography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / Jessthetics
It’s so much fun to be photographed by someone who’s as excited to be there as you are! I’m so grateful that James and my family take outfit photos for me, but I know it’s not always their favourite thing to do, especially in the cold! Taking photos with Joe has increased my desire for a DSLR, and my desire for a personal photographer! Just for fun, I’ll leave you with a photo that Joe took of me 5 years ago. Do you think I’ve changed? Don’t forget to check out more of his work here.

Photography with Joe / Jessthetics

6 thoughts on “Photography with Joe

  1. That’s crazy you look so different!!!! Gorgeous photos Jess. I definitely thought you had a DSLR already? and I’ve seen your camera?!? I’m insane. P.S. FOUND THE ROXY PHOTOS!!!! Stay tuned!! Xx

  2. I can’t do a cartwheel with or without high heels so I think you are forgiven for posting the photos–fun! I wouldn’t have recognized that last glamour shot as even being you–I like your current look much better!

  3. These photos are beautiful, they have a super smooth texture! I love the last one, you look so bad-ass!! It’s like a different Jess, you have more of a sweet aura now (but I guess the bad-ass style also comes from the photo itself?) And you had awesome hair too! ^_^ xx

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