Pastels by the Pool

Pastels by the Pool / JesstheticsJessthetics / Pastels by the Pooljessthetics / Pastels by the PoolJessthetics / Pastels by the PoolOkay, so there may not be a pool in these photos as the title suggests, but there was a pool behind me, I promise! It just wasn’t filled with water, since 10 degrees is apparently not “swimming weather.” These photos were taken during my recent trip to Sorrento, on the terrace of our villa. This is what I wore to dinner on our last night in Italy, where everyone had a little too much to drink – we were some of the first to arrive, and the last to leave! I bought this vintage jumpsuit in London when I was visiting the lovely Laila. The bodice was a little long for me, so I took the sleeves in on the shoulder seam. I just love how colourful it is, and I love how wide the legs are!

Jessthetics / Pastels by the PoolJessthetics / Pastels by the PoolJessthetics / Pastels by the PoolOutfit details: Jumpsuit, Beyond Retro / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Belt, ASOS

I’m not sure if you can tell in the photos, but I’m wearing gold lipstick, and I’ve slicked some of it over my eyelids as well, to match my golden shoes. It’s a fun way of having a golden complexion without actually being anymore tanned! I love these shoes and I’ve had them forever, but they’re impossible to walk in. I have a real problem with shoes – I only really like the look of high heels but I’m both too tall and too lazy to wear heels during the daytime, or to do any kind of walking in heels. Finding flat shoes that I like is hard!

14 thoughts on “Pastels by the Pool

  1. Everything looks beautiful–you, the outfit, the spot! You have had some spectacular holidays lately! Will you ever return to the “real world”?!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    Wow, you look like a goddess in these photos!

    Have a great week,

  3. Hello 🙂

    Haven’t dropped in here for a while, but I’m back online and you look adorable as usual! This jumpsuit is so pretty, I love the fresh colours and breezy legs! Would love to see the golden lipstick in a close-up, sounds like a wonderful bit of glamour for the lips.

  4. Ah yay the playsuit of wonder has finally made an appearance! Expert adjustments Jess – it fits perfectly. As soon as I saw the small photo in bloglovin I was like “YAY! Beyond Retro!!”. Miss you! XXX

  5. You are such a beauty?! And gold lipstick! I need to get into that!! I hope you had an amazing holiday in the sun, it certainly looks beautiful.

    Emma x

  6. Can I just add an “omg me too” onto your heels/flats sentiment?! I wear flats and sneakers and low-heeled boots all of the time for comfort, but I dream of wearing cute heels and strutting around – I own like 4 pair that just sit and collect dust. What is the trick?!

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