May In Review

Group selfies at the top of Mam Tor in the Peak District

Sewing up a storm at James’ house

Castle spotting in County Durham

The view of Durham Cathedral from the riverside!

Walks in the countryside at home

I thought I hadn’t done much this month, but looking back through my photos it seems that I have! I kicked off May by camping in the Peak District for a weekend with my friends, to celebrate my birthday. That seems like a long time ago now! I stayed at James’ house in County Durham for a while, which is where I did most of the sewing for my newly opened Etsy shop. On the way back home we stopped off in York to see some friends which was awesome, although it was so weird to be back on campus temporarily! Before this week of wintry weather I actually managed some nice country walks, both in Leicestershire and the North East. It’s given me the itch to do more exploring. After sixth form me and a friend spent a day (well, seven hours) walking to Leicester armed with sandwiches and an OS map. If it’s ever sunny again I want to go on a big adventure like that! Oh, and lots of bike rides and picnics.

On Jessthetics I’ve worn some groovy vintage trousers, a gold two piece for my birthday, an awesome plaid coat, and most recently my favourite cerise pink raincoat. I made a lamp from vintage fabric, shared a recipe for my favourite veggie sandwich and interviewed blogger babe Sara from Waiste.

Most importantly, this month I finished the last ever season of Buffy. It was amazing! How does life go on when there’s no new Buffy to watch? Only time will tell…

I’m pretty excited for this June. Not only will it be officially summer, but I have already filled up every weekend with plans. I can’t wait to spend some more quality time travelling and hanging out with my friends!


April In Review

Mum and I have been gardening this month. We’ve planted hanging baskets (with the assistance of my very knowledgable Nana) and some pretty colourful potted plants (on a bench in the garden so that Archie can’t eat them!) I’ve also planted a bed of bee-friendly wildflowers, and some tomatoes, strawberries and scotch bonnets. I’ve not been very good at gardening in the past, so fingers crossed I’m more succesful this time!

James has visited a lot this month (yay!) This is him helping me make cupcakes. We’ve also been on a day out to Birmingham, gone on a lot of walks and watched a lot of Buffy (only one more season to go! Season 6 was my favourite so far.)

Asides from my birthday, blossoms must be the best thing about April. I’m lucky that my street is filled with blossom trees!

This is me looking groovy in my daytime birthday outfit ūüôā

April has been a really fun blogging month! I’ve worn these funky Lavish Alice dungarees, some printed trousers from People Tree, and a vintage jumpsuit in Sorrento. I’ve shared my travel photos from Italy, an interview with Oh Dear Drea (one of my all time favourite bloggers!) and this tasty cupcake recipe. Archie made an appearance as the Easter Bunny, I did my first ever wishlist post, shared some photos my friend Joe took of me and last but not least announced that I will be opening an etsy shop! Phew.

If you hadn’t already gathered, yesterday was my birthday. I love birthdays, and I had a lovely relaxed day staying in my pyjamas until noon, eating blueberry waffles, drinking sangria and eating out with James and my family in the evening. I’m really looking forward to travelling to the Peak District with my friends this weekend. We will be staying in a camping barn again, just like we did for my last birthday!

My last piece of news is that Archie did not enjoy his bunny date, so we didn’t bring a new bunny home. The stress of travelling to the RSPCA actually made him quite ill (maybe he thought we were going to leave him there?) But you’ll be pleased to know he’s feeling better now. Although I feel bad for making him worry, it’s good to know that he’s happy being a bachelor bunny, and that his human family is company enough!

Here’s to a succesful May! What have you been up to this month? ūüôā


March In Review

March Review / JesstheticsPicnicking in the Scottish Highlands

March Review / JesstheticsEvening walks in my village

March Review / JesstheticsOscar reading the guide-book to us in Ancient Herculaneum

March Review / JesstheticsThe beautiful yellow villa we stayed in in Sorrento

Has March ended already? Gosh, it’s been a busy month for me! I began my month by sharing a trip I took to Scarborough (here), and two easy peasy skirt tutorials (here and here.) Most of the beginning of the March was occupied by a road trip around Scotland that I took with James! We visited Edinburgh, (here) St Andrews, Pitlochry (here) Dundee, and Holy Island (here.) As ever, I’ve been documenting my favourite outfits, including a paisley jumpsuit, (here) a head-to-toe silver ensemble (here), and a pretty green elephant dress (here.) Most recently I showed you how to make your own lacy bra (here.)

Towards the end of the month, I spent a weekend in Southampton, and then visited Sorrento for a week (pictures coming soon!) Here’s hoping that the rest of the year involves this much travelling ūüôā My favourite post of the month was of course “A Day In The Life of Archie” (here.) I think he enjoyed being an internet star, even though he also enjoys eating my laptop cables!

The lighter evenings and the balmy weather (occasional balmy weather, it’s raining right now!) makes me so much perkier and I’ve been doing a little yoga every day which I love. I’m excited to spend April sewing, attempting some gardening and celebrating my birthday month! (Yes I am one of those people, a day of celebration is not enough.) I hope you’ve had a beautiful March.


February is Finished!

February Review / JesstheticsGolden hour in my living room

February Revview / JesstheticsMy beautiful old bike, which has been taking me to work every day this monthFebruary Review / JesstheticsPlanning my blog posts with my homemade calendar

When I set my February goals I said I would aim to take more lifestyle-type photos and I have! What do you think? I’m really pleased I have these images to remind me of a month that’s been full of fun, food and friends. Nothing big has happened this month, but I’m just in a really good place (both literally and metaphorically!) I’ve loved working, living in this house with James and spending my weekend catching up with my favourite people, wandering around York, grabbing some really delicious food and catching a movie. Not every day’s been perfect, but I’ve definitely made the most of this month in the way I intended to. And I watched two seasons of Buffy, so it’s been an all round success.

February Review / JesstheticsThe view from my kitchen windowFebruary Review / JesstheticsA lovely lunch at El Piano

February Review / JesstheticsChai tea and people watchingFebruary Review / JesstheticsEarly, frosty mornings

This month I’ve blogged about vegan food (here and here) and two paisley outfits (here and here.) I shared a pair of crochet socks I made for James (here) and my finished cushion for the autumn stitching club (here.) Most recently I interviewed one of my favourite bloggers, Ally from Now That’s Pretty (here.) It’s been a good month! How’s your February been?

p.s. You can enter my GIVEAWAY up until Middnight GMT tonight!


January in Review

This month has been good to me. I started a new job at my old Students Union, moved into a beautiful new house (after lots of stressful phone calls) with James and became vegan! I’m planning to write about becoming vegan in a bit more depth, but for now I can say that I’ve really enjoyed it and have been pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of food I’ve been eating. Being in York, I’ve spent my weekends with my gorgeous friends, and enjoyed having visitors to stay. I even managed to write a couple of blog posts too!

I began the month (and the year!) with some resolutions. I haven’t achieved any of my goals yet but I’m getting there.

I wrote three outfit posts this month. January has not been a month of adventurous outfits – I have been reaching for simple and comfy recently, I think it’s something to do with winter. My favourite outfit is my¬†blue velvet dress¬†but I also wrote about my stripey trousers and my Zara jumper.

blue velvet 5I shared a couple of craft projects this month too! Hands down, my favourite was the Mario Mushroom Crochet Blanket that I finished and gave to my brother. I worked on it for so long, and it couldn’t have turned out better! I was also pretty chuffed with the lavender bunnies I made with my mum as Christmas presents, and I’m pleased to have embroidered my last two patterns (here and here) for the autumn stitching club.

mario mushroom 1My favourite post this month was my discussion of cruelty free beauty. I got some lovely responses, you guys are the best!

cruelty free beauty 7I finished off the month by interviewing one of my favourite ever bloggers, Helena! I loved finding out more about her, and I’m planning to share an interview with another of my blogger fave’s next month ūüôā

Have you had a good January?


2013 In Review


2013 collage 1

I kicked off 2013 in York. James and I saw in the New Year the same way we did the year before and the way we plan to this year – by eating Chinese food, drinking questionable home-made cocktails and watching the fireworks at York Minster. In January I was writing my first batch of third year essays for my philosophy degree. That feels like such an impossibly long time ago! I also spent January getting to grips with my new digital camera. February was quite a busy month for socialising at uni – there were lots of dress up opportunities. It was also the month of my first ever outfit post. In March, I wrote a post on making a dress backless, which is my most viewed blog post to date. My second term of third year also ended in March and I began my second batch of essays. This batch nearly killed me. In April I took a trip to West Ireland with family, and begun my last term at uni. For my birthday at the end of April, I travelled to the Lake District with my uni friends to stay in the “Party Barn.” This was the most perfect way to spend my 21st, and I made memories that I’ll cherish for a lifetime (cheesy but true.)


2013 collage 2

I spent May writing my last ever essays for my degree. Although I spent a lot of time on them, by this point I was ready to be finished. I was tired of reading and writing all day and I wanted to be spending my time crafting and frolicking in the sunshine. I finished my degree in June. For almost all of June I was living in York with no work to do – yippee! I had some really great days out (especially Whitby, Filey and the Ilkley Lido) and some fantastically hazy nights (including the Summer Ball!) In all honesty though, I think I’d been looking forward to June too much and there were some very hard days mixed in with the good ones. I graduated in July and spent a couple of days in Northern Ireland followed by a gorgeous week in Menorca with four friends. This summer was a summer of holidays. In August I jetted off to Cyprus with my family and spent a week in Paris with James! August also saw the introduction of some new blog features – I shared some blogger favourites, my new Environment and Ethics page and began writing monthly round ups and monthly goals.


2013 collage 3

In September I started job hunting. I was feeling pretty optimistic and pretty relaxed about it, but I should probably have been more concerned! I did a lot of blogging in September. I started the Autumn Stitching Club (which I’m still working on…) made a couple of items of clothing from patterns (1, 2) and started experimenting with Photoshop Elements on my photos. I also started volunteering at the World Peace Cafe in order to structure my time and get out of the house a bit more. I loved it there, and I wish I still had time to volunteer! October has always been one of my favourite months and I had a fantastic time getting ready for Halloween and hosting my uni friends for a spooky party! I did some temporary admin work at the end of October, which although short term was a welcome relief. In September and October I had been writing a lot of applications and attending a lot of interviews, and being unemployed was beginning to knock my confidence and have a negative effect on my well-being. November was another month of job hunting and crafting and I had quite a few weekends away. In December, I was offered a job as a Boots Christmas temp. This kept me very busy as I was offered a lot more hours than I was expecting. I had a great time at Boots – working with the public can be challenging but my colleagues were very welcoming and supportive and the vast majority of our customers were friendly and polite. In between shifts I have been visiting relatives and family friends and attempting to hand make some Christmas– presents, so December hasn’t been the busiest blog month. At the end of the month I was offered an internship at my old Students’ Union in York. What a great way to end the year!

2013 has been the first full year that I’ve been writing this blog! I’m a very small blogger in a vast ocean of blogs, but I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. Blogging has kept me going when the job hunt was getting me down and I’ve made some truly wonderful friends in this little corner of the internet. I’m astounded that people from all over the world read what I have to say. Thank you so much for being here, and I hope you have a wonderful 2014!


No More November

November has gone by so quickly! It’s probably been the fastest month since I started this blog. I’ve been for weekends away in Oxford, London and Surrey. I’ve been learning to crochet and I’ve started jogging regularly. Autumn this year has carried on right through November which has been lovely – I love autumn!

The first outfit post I shared this month featured my gold glittery dress, and a wild deer (here)! I’ve also shared a 70s tunic that I found in a charity shop (here), a vintage velvet jumpsuit (here) and my oversized grey wool coat (here). I think the seventies tunic and the oversized coat were my favourite.

tunic 9wool coat 1

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been making a lot of things recently, but I actually blogged about four craft projects this month. I wrote about the bunny rabbit picture that I stitched for my dad’s birthday (here) and I wrote a tutorial for my fabric covered notice boards (here). I also blogged my handmade writing paper (here) and a DIY for scented candles (here). All of these would make good gifts, especially the embroidered picture and the candles!

archie embroidery 5letter paper 1

I’ve been working throughout November on Wild Olive’s autumn stitching club patterns. They’ve all been very seasonal. I stitched a pumpkin pie (here) a gourd (here) and a leaf (here)! Only two more until I stitch my cushion cover together.

asc 18My first article for the online magazine VOIX was published this month, on how to make a bag for life. You can check it out here!

What were your November highlights? Do you enjoy looking over what you’ve done? I love the idea of December Daily – where you scrapbook a photo or thought form every day in December but I’m not sure I take enough photos to be able to produce something every day!


October Has Ended

I like the title of my monthly round-up posts to have some alliteration but there are no “goodbye” phrases which start with O. I tried to think of a good title, I really did! Anyway, October has ended! (A while ago now I know, but I’ve been busy catching up on sleep.) It was a good month including my favourite holiday, Halloween! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month.

I shared a lot of my outfits this month. This vintage dress that I wore on a bike ride and these checked trousers were probably my favourite outfits, but I also shared a vintage mirrored velvet waistcoat (here), a 90s style dress (here) and my yellow polka dot rain coat (here).

bike ride 1autumn layers 4

I’ve also been embroidering lots of autumn-themed patterns for the autumn stitching club. I think this loaf of bread is so cute, but I’ve also stitched a pumpkin spiced latte (here), a toffee apple (here), and some apple cider doughnuts (here) this month.

asc 14I’ve written a lot of Halloween themed posts! I shared four of my favourite Halloween themed films. I had a lot of fun sticking these cardboard bats to my walls, and I enjoyed making some ghosts to haunt my doorway. I shared a tutorial for my DIY bat costume, and a couple of photos from my Halloween weekend.

halloween decs 1ghost scarecrows 8bat costume 12

Lastly, I wrote about four bloggers who inspire me to take better photographs! I hope you’ve had a brilliant month ūüôā


So Long, September

Okay, so September ended a while ago. I meant to write this post on the last day of September, but things got in the way. I had a last-minute interview, and a couple of rough days and I needed a little bit of time to focus on other things. And that got me thinking; obviously blogs by their nature only show selected aspects of people’s lives. I mean, no one wants to read about my slow night in when there was nothing on the telly and the biscuit cupboard was running low. But do we edit out too much of the bad stuff? Should bloggers, as far as they do talk about their lives, talk about the good as well as the bad? Let me know what you think!

Without further ado, here is my round-up of September on Jessthetics! I’ve been busy.

September’s been a month of learning new skills for me. I made a paisley shirt for James, a paisley kimono for myself, and I signed up to the Autumn Stitching Club to learn to embroider! (Here’s Autumn Stitching Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.)

paisley shirt 8ASC2

I also shared a lot of outfits from my week in Paris! Gosh, that seems like a long time ago now… Here’s Day 1, Day 2, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6.

paris 12paris26

I even squeezed in some non Paris related outfit posts! I went exploring in a meadow, wore purple and pastels in my garden and showed you my new favourite jeans ūüôā

meadow 7purple and pastels 4

I also started making my room nice by making a vase out of a log, and I shared the DIY here.

log 1

I posted a carrot cake recipe, and most recently, I shared with you four of my favourite handmade bloggers!

Phew, it’s fun to be able to look over what I’ve done. At the beginning of September, I set myself four goals. I have sorted and bagged all my things, started some big projects and improved my lifestyle a little (I’ve been having granola and berries for breakfast, and only one cake a day – much improved!) I haven’t yet got a job or an internship but I’m working on it. Three goals out of four ticked off, not bad right?


Au Revoir, August!

I thought it would be fun to start doing a monthly recap of what’s happening on jessthetics. It’s a great way to celebrate what I’ve done, and get excited for the start of a new month!

At the beginning of the month I went to Cyprus with my family, and I also posted photos from a family trip to Northern Ireland.

August recap 1

I wore vintage at the British Museum, and got a little teen-witch on a walk by the river.

august recap 2

I talked to you about the new Environment and Ethics page on my blog, and got some really lovely responses – you guys are the best!

environment and ethics 1

I got crafty with fabric paint, painting one shirt by hand and using potato prints on the other.

august recap 3

I also shared with you four of my favourite fashion bloggers!

bells fashion1

I spent the last week of August in Paris with my boyfriend, drinking wine, looking at art, and seeing Nine Inch Nails at Rock En Seine. I can’t wait to show you our photos! It’s been a month full of sunshine and holidays and I’m so grateful to have been able to have this month to relax before I go back out into the big wide world.

I hope you’ve had a great August. What have been your highlights?