Photography with Joe

Photography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsI just couldn’t resist sharing some more photos from my time in Southampton with Joe. I know that I’m a bad blogger for repeating content but I have photographic evidence that I can do a cart-wheel and climb a tree in high heels, and the world needs to see it! (See the original posts here and here.) In the above photos I’m wearing a vintage feather jacket that I found in Paris, as well as my Ette bell bottoms. I actually really like this outfit, and I think I’ll wear it again, probably outside of Joe’s sitting room next time!

Photography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / JesstheticsPhotography with Joe / Jessthetics
It’s so much fun to be photographed by someone who’s as excited to be there as you are! I’m so grateful that James and my family take outfit photos for me, but I know it’s not always their favourite thing to do, especially in the cold! Taking photos with Joe has increased my desire for a DSLR, and my desire for a personal photographer! Just for fun, I’ll leave you with a photo that Joe took of me 5 years ago. Do you think I’ve changed? Don’t forget to check out more of his work here.

Photography with Joe / Jessthetics


What I Wore: Paris Day 2

Here are the photos from my second day in Paris! This was a fun day, it was really sunny (as you can see!) and we visited the Musee d’Orsay which is so pretty – it’s an art gallery in a big old train station. We saw a lot of impressionist art (can you see a theme developing? This was an art packed holiday.) Then we did a lot of vintage shopping. Near the Hotel Du Ville there are streets filled with very cheap vintage shops (everything 5 euros? Yes please) and tasty falafel stalls; it’s one of my favourite parts of Paris. In the evening, we drank on the seine, dangling our feet over the edge and waving at the tourists on passing boats.

paris 7paris8paris 9paris 10
I bought this dress in the ASOS sale, and saved it up so that I could wear it for the first time in Paris. I love it, it’s so bright and cheerful, and it’s also super comfy, even if it does ride up way too much when I raise my arms.

paris 11paris 12paris 13

Outfit details: Dress, ASOS/ Sandals, Tesco / Sunglasses, H&M

Oh, Paris, how I miss you. It really is such a beautiful and spacious city. I’m spending my evening getting crafty, what are you doing this evening?


Cyprus in Photos!

At the end of July, I went to the Greek part of Cyprus with my family and my boyfriend for our annual family walking-around-ruins holiday. It was SUPER hot, but I survived temple searching in 40 degree heat, go me! Cyprus felt really different to the Greek Islands I’ve been to before, perhaps because it’s so far east of Greece. It had a very rocky coast, and the center of the island consisted of a beautiful sprawling mountain range. We did lots of sight-seeing, swimming and eating, AND I got to wear a bikini every day. Perfect!

cyprus 1

cyprus 2I think lizards are SO cute. There were loads of lizards in Cyprus, just hanging out. There were also loads of Greek and Roman mosaics.

cyprus 3

cyprus 4These photos were taken walking around the Troodos mountains. I loved the forest – it was so (literally) cool!

cyprus 5

cyprus 6

cyprus 7

When museum hunting, we found this awesome art school and the building was covered in these cool statues, objects and colourful glass!

cyprus 8

cyprus 13


cyprus 10Ruins, an ancient village, sunset on the harbour, and cocktails!

cyprus 11

cyprus 12Ahh, going through these photos is like being back again! It’s nice to relive our time in the sun whilst getting ready for autumn. I even walked around the woods today, what could be more autumnal? I hope you’re having a great week 🙂


What I Wore: By the River

I must be mentally preparing for autumn without even realising it – this outfit is so witchy! My dark lipstick also reminds me of autumn / winter in the 90s. Even the leaves on the ground are looking a little orangey, so maybe summer is coming to an end. I took these photos with my brother on a walk along the river in our village. Living at home is not always ideal (I miss living in the same house as all of my friends!) but having all this countryside on my doorstep is definitely one of the perks.

by the river 1

by the river 2

by the river 3

by the river 4

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have worn socks with my cut-out boots, but socks are just so comfy! There’s something that seems wrong to me about wearing boots with no socks, although I’m warming to the idea. I’ve also been pinning my hair up in this new way where I tie it up into a ponytail and then pin the hair coming out of my ponytail down in sections. It’s probably my favourite way of keeping my hair out of my face!

by the river 5

by the river 6

Iby the river 7

by the river 8

by the river 9

Outfit details: Dress, Topshop / Slip, Vintage / Jacket, VIntage / Shoes, Ebay / Sunglasses, H&M

This last picture is of me making friends with the tree. I love trees! I had my first ever phone interview today, which was nerve-wracking, but at least now I’ve had the experience! I realise there might be many more of these in the future before I find myself a job, but I really want this one so fingers crossed. I hope you’re having a fantastic week 🙂


Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Recently I spent a long weekend in Northern Ireland with loads of my family. We were in a seaside town called Newcastle, nestled under the Mourne mountains, and it was really lovely. Even though it was cold, the sun was still shining! Apart from lots of family time, we did lots of walking and lots of eating (Yay! The best part of holidays!) Here are my photos of the beach, the mountain and the town.

northern ireland 1

northern ireland 2

northern ireland 3

The beach was super long and really interesting. We walked for ages but it didn’t feel like we covered any ground. The sand was covered with these wavy ridges, multi coloured seashells and seeweed that was so brightly green it almost glowed!

northern ireland 4

northern ireland 5

northern ireland 6

How cute are these swan shaped pedallos? It wasn’t really the weather for pedalloing but next time I’m back I’d love to go for a boat ride on one of these!

northern ireland 7

northern ireland 8

northern ireland 9

I’ve been to ireland twice this year already, it feels like I’m there all the time! Not that I mind, it is such a beautiful place. Happy Wednesday 🙂


Cala’n Porter, Menorca

Recently I spent a week in Menorca with four of my lovely girlfriends. We hired a villa in the seaside town of Cala’n Porter, and I had a fantastic time! I would seriously reccomend Menorca to anyone who’s looking for somewhere to go on holiday. It was warm but breezy, we didn’t get bothered by insects, and it wasn’t too touristy. Four of us are veggies, and we didn’t have trouble finding things to eat in restaraunts, which was a pleasant surprise! The water was so beautiful and blue, I wish I never had to leave. Here are some snaps from my trip.

menorca 1

menorca 2IMG_0004

menorca 4In Cala’n Porter, there is a club in the caves, IN THE CAVES! It’s so cool, and the view from the dancefloor is incredible. The club was overpriced, and I’m not sure the locals enjoyed our dance moves, but nethertheless we had a crazy good night there.

menorca 5

Me and a friend spent a day doing sosme sightseeing in the capital of Menorca, Mahon, the best part of which was our boat ride around the huge natural harbour. It was glass-bottomed so we could see all the fishes swimming around.

menorca 6

menorca 7

menorca 8

Here are the girls at the beach in Cala’n Porter.

menorca 9Menorca was such a beautiful place, and I would definitely go back again. Do you have a favourite place to go on holiday, or have you been anywhere nice recently?


What I Wore: Filey

The third stop on my tour-of-nice-places-to-go-in-Yorkshire is Filey! (Here is stop one and stop two.) Filey is a typical British seaside town. Although it’s smaller than places like Whitby, it still has plenty of arcades, candyfloss stands, fish and chip shops and colourful changing booths. The weather was crazy when we were there, alternating between rain and dark skies and beautiful sunshine like only the British weather can. Although this meant we didn’t get to do any sunbathing, I think seaside towns like Filey look best in the rain. There’s something very atmospheric about the stormy seas and the empty old timey seaside attractions covered in rain.

Filey 1

Filey 2

We walked onto this large rock structure that sticks out into the sea called “Filey Brigg.” Stupidly, we didn’t check what time the tide came in, so we had to hurry back to the town through the approaching waves so as to not get stranded out at sea. Thank god we made it!

Filey 3

Filey 4

Filey 5

I decided to go for a simple outfit, with denim shorts, boots and this colourful fluffy jumper. I found this jumper in the Ark sale, and I am in love! It is so soft, and it’s holey so it’s a good summer layer. I bought my necklace from H&M in a panic because  couldn’t find anything to go with my summer ball dress, but I actually wear it all the time! It’s become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. My boots are All Saints, and my shorts are so old I don’t actually know where they’re from.

Filey 6

Filey 7

Filey 8

Filey 9

What do you think about seaside towns, do you find them inspiring or too old fashioned? Have a great day!


Wild Ennerdale

This time a week and a day ago it was my 21st birthday! To celebrate, me and my friends spent the weekend in a camping barn next to Lake Ennerdale in the Lake District. It was so much fun, and Ennerdale is such an unspoilt, beautiful part of the country. It took half an hour (or at least it felt like it) just to drive down the lane to our barn. On Saturday, the weather was glorious! The sky was blue, the sun was out, and it wasn’t too windy. We spent the day swimming in a nearby lake (which was cold!) and in the evening we cooked our dinner around the fire pit. I took lots of pictures whilst we were away, and here are a few.

Lakes 1Lakes 2Lakes 3

Here’s the gang (minus me!)

Lakes 4Lakes 6

Look at how clear the water is! You could see right through to the bottom, it was beautiful.

Lakes 8Lakes 10Lakes 11

On Sunday the weather was not as nice. It was raining almost all day! We braved the harsh conditions nevertheless and walked around Lake Ennerdale. It took us 4 hours, including a soggy sandwich stop! It’s crazy how different my pictures look form one day to the next. Even though rain is nasty, it makes the scenery look so atmospheric.  Here are some pictures from Sunday.

Lakes 13Lakes 14Lakes 17Lakes 18

I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer birthday weekend! I would definitely reccomend a holiday in the lake district to anyone who has the chance to go.


Connemara, Ireland

Lately I’ve been having to do lots of essay writing. I’m almost at the end of my degree, it’s so scary! I took a relaxing holiday to Connemara, Ireland with family to visit family. It was such a beautiful part of Ireland. There was lots of food and sleeping, and I even climbed a mountain and swam in the cold cold sea! Here’s some photos from my trip. I had to stop myself from uploading loads, I took hundreds!

Ireland 1

Ireland 2

Ireland 3

Ireland 4

Ireland 5

Ireland 6

Ireland 7

Have you been anywhere nice recently?