Paisley in Southampton

Jessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woods

I spent the last weekend with my good friend Joe in Southampton. He used to live on the same street as me (we’ve been friends since we were 13!) and we would help each other out with our art and photography A levels. I would model for him, and he would have picnics outside with me at at midnight, or help me collect rubbish from the bottom of the river to make into a shed. I had a blast staying with him in his gorgeous flat, and we spent Saturday taking pictures like old times, in the woodland in Southampton common! I’m wearing a playsuit from ASOS and my trust New Look heeled boots. I LOVE this playsuit. it’s quite a striking colour, and it’s very comfy but the cut outs make it a little summery. I can’t wait to take this to Italy with me this week!

Jessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woodsJessthetics / Paisley in the woodsOutfit Details: Jumpsuit, ASOS / Boots, New Look / Sunglasses, H&M / Earrings, H&M

I’ve tried to go for a “stepped out of a time machine from the 70s” look with my round rose-tinted glasses. They’re very similar to a fancy dress pair of sunglasses I have, but I can assure you these ones are supposed to be worn every day! I don’t usually wear heels to go walking around a forest (although my last outfit would have you thinking otherwise) but these shoes are so comfy maybe I will from now on! Taking these photos with Joe was so much fun, and there are more coming your way! It’s a shame he lives so far away, otherwise we could do this every weekend 🙂 You can see some more of Joe’s work here. Have a lovely week!


What I Wore: A Bike Ride

When I was studying in York, I went everywhere on my bike. This bike belonged to my mum when she was at university in the 80s. It’s rusty and it only has one working gear but it’s red and white and so pretty and I love it! Until recently it also had a wicker basket, but it has become tatty from carrying my books around for years. I really miss cycling every day so I decided to try cycling in the countryside around my house. It was fun, if a little hilly! This vintage dress is the perfect cycling dress because it’s loose and long and heavy enough to stay put!

bike ride 1Bike Ride 2bike ride 3

This dress is such a great throw-on-and-go dress, and it’s lovely and comfy and warm – perfect for autumn! I tried to keep make my hair and make-up a little more seventies to match my dress – I exaggerated my usual small cat eye and wore my favourite daytime red lipstick with my hair down.

bike ride 4bike ride 5bike ride 6bike ride 7

Outfit Details: Dress, Vintage (Paris) / Boots, Ebay / Tights, M&S

Hopefully I’ll get some more cycling in this Autumn. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to cycle the four miles into town next time I need to do some shopping! Do you ever cycle to places?


What I Wore: Velvet and Mirrors

I find car boot sales so exciting. You never know what you might find, and everything is so cheap! When I stay at my Grandparent’s house I always try to make it to the Guildford car boot sale with my dad. The last time we went, I picked up this velvet mirrored waistcoat for £2. I think it’s amazing – I love the embroidery detail – and it looks great over shift dresses 🙂 This white dress is one of my favourites, the daisies on the sleeves and the hem are so pretty, and I love the square neck. I feel like I’ve walked straight out of the 60s in this outfit, but that’s fine with me!

velvet and mirrors 1velvet and mirrors 2velvet and mirrors 3

These photos were taken by my official photographer (a.k.a. my brother) before he went back to uni (I miss you little bro!) They were also taken before the days got darker and shorter, but oh well, I will be replacing thesevwalks along the riverside with pumpkin carving and costume making.

velvet and mirrors 4velvet and mirrors 5velvet and mirros 6

Outfit details: Waistcoat, Car boot / Dress, Topshop / Shoes, Ebay

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! I’m enjoying being in Durham with James, and we’re spending today watching Buffy and making pumpkin pie 🙂 Sundays are the best!


What I Wore: Paris Day 2

Here are the photos from my second day in Paris! This was a fun day, it was really sunny (as you can see!) and we visited the Musee d’Orsay which is so pretty – it’s an art gallery in a big old train station. We saw a lot of impressionist art (can you see a theme developing? This was an art packed holiday.) Then we did a lot of vintage shopping. Near the Hotel Du Ville there are streets filled with very cheap vintage shops (everything 5 euros? Yes please) and tasty falafel stalls; it’s one of my favourite parts of Paris. In the evening, we drank on the seine, dangling our feet over the edge and waving at the tourists on passing boats.

paris 7paris8paris 9paris 10
I bought this dress in the ASOS sale, and saved it up so that I could wear it for the first time in Paris. I love it, it’s so bright and cheerful, and it’s also super comfy, even if it does ride up way too much when I raise my arms.

paris 11paris 12paris 13

Outfit details: Dress, ASOS/ Sandals, Tesco / Sunglasses, H&M

Oh, Paris, how I miss you. It really is such a beautiful and spacious city. I’m spending my evening getting crafty, what are you doing this evening?