What I Wore: Filey

The third stop on my tour-of-nice-places-to-go-in-Yorkshire is Filey! (Here is stop one and stop two.) Filey is a typical British seaside town. Although it’s smaller than places like Whitby, it still has plenty of arcades, candyfloss stands, fish and chip shops and colourful changing booths. The weather was crazy when we were there, alternating between rain and dark skies and beautiful sunshine like only the British weather can. Although this meant we didn’t get to do any sunbathing, I think seaside towns like Filey look best in the rain. There’s something very atmospheric about the stormy seas and the empty old timey seaside attractions covered in rain.

Filey 1

Filey 2

We walked onto this large rock structure that sticks out into the sea called “Filey Brigg.” Stupidly, we didn’t check what time the tide came in, so we had to hurry back to the town through the approaching waves so as to not get stranded out at sea. Thank god we made it!

Filey 3

Filey 4

Filey 5

I decided to go for a simple outfit, with denim shorts, boots and this colourful fluffy jumper. I found this jumper in the Ark sale, and I am in love! It is so soft, and it’s holey so it’s a good summer layer. I bought my necklace from H&M in a panic because  couldn’t find anything to go with my summer ball dress, but I actually wear it all the time! It’s become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. My boots are All Saints, and my shorts are so old I don’t actually know where they’re from.

Filey 6

Filey 7

Filey 8

Filey 9

What do you think about seaside towns, do you find them inspiring or too old fashioned? Have a great day!


What I wore: Mint and denim

I have some serious love for bed jackets. Or are they called house coats? Whichever, they’re so long and floaty, they make me feel like a fairy and they are a perfect summer layer. They can be hard to wear though. I paired my bed jacket with this Topshop denim top and this charity shop pencil skirt. What do you think?

Mint must be one of my favourite colours for clothes. A couple of summers ago I was obsessed with everything “ice cream” coloured – mint, lavender and lemon yellow – and I’m still not bored of wearing mint.

My boots are from All Saints. I’ve had them for ages, and I’m trying to keep them going for as long as possible. All of my shoes are falling apart at the moment!

mint and denim 1

mint and denim 2

mint and denim 3

The photos above were taken in the Treasurers House in York. The building is covered in these beautiful flowers, and we had a good time walking around – it’s fun being a tourist in your own city sometimes! The below photos were taken in the Minster gardens. I really will miss the Minster when I’ve left York, it’s such a lovely building to be greeted by every time you walk into town.

mint and denim 4

mint and denim 5

mint and denim 6

My task for this week is to work out how I’m going to get all my things back to my parent’s house. I can be a bit of a horder, and I have managed to amass a lot of stuff in the past three years. Wish me luck!


What I Wore: Purple and Fur

At the end of last term, I found the best shop in the world. My friend Chelsea took me there – thanks Chels! It was vintage, and everything was 3 for £5. Needless to say, I bought a lot of stuff. If you live near York, the shop I’m talking about is Ark Vintage. One of the things I bought was this patterned purple dress. The length is slightly mumsy, but I love the pattern, and the colour, and it is oh so comfy. The faux fur coat that I’m wearing is from a Vintage shop in Camden, and my boots are from All Saints. Here are some pictures of me all dressed up in the snow.

Purple and fur 1

Purple and Fur 2

Purple and Fur 3

Purple and Fur 4

I can’t wait to share the rest of my purchases with you! In other news, I’m still writing essays. It feels like it never ends! I’m looking forward to  being free and lounging around in the sunshine. Watch this space for lots of summery outfit photos.


What I wore: My Dreamcoat

These photos were taken a while ago – you can tell because my camera has decided to start adding dates to things and there’s snow on the ground! Not that it’s any warmer now. Why hasn’t summer arrived? I inherited this coat from my Grandama, the boots are from All Saints and the dress is from H&M. I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple so all that the coat stands out. Do you love it? I can’t get over how fun and colourful it is!

Dreamcoat 1

Dreamcoat 2

Dreamcoat 3

I have a coat addiction. York’s not the sunniest of places so I always wrap up and a coat can make or break an outift. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂