Glitter Forever

It’s Saturday evening, hooray! And what better way to bring some sparkle into your weekend than with a bucketful of glitter? I realise I’m a bit late on the glitter-shoe trend, but good shoes never go out of style. This is how happy my glitter shoes make me

Glitter Shoes JumpGlitter Shoes

If you would like a pair of glitter shoes of your own, you have come to the right place! I am here to show you how to make them. This is a great way to revamp an old pair of Chelsea boots, although you can do it to any pair of shoes.

You will need:

A bottle of glitter
A bottle of PVA glue
An old paintbrush
A container for the glue. You can just use an old yoghurt pot or something.
Acrylic paint for the soles
Some shoes to glitter!

Glitter Shoes 4

Step 1: Tape over any parts of the shoe you don’t want to be glittery, like the soles. I also taped over the elasticated side of my shoe, so that the original fabric would be showing.  Mix equal parts PVA and glitter in a pot. Paint your shoes with this! Leave your shoes to dry, and then paint the next layer. Repeat until you have complete glitter coverage.

Step 2: Paint the soles of your shoe with the acrylic paint. Be careful not to get any on the glitter!

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Glitter Shoes 2IMG_0198

My friend Amy very kindly took these photo’s for me! Find more of her here and here. Have a lovely weekend 🙂