Autumn Stitching Club, The Finale!

Autumn Stitching Club / JesstheticsAutumn Stitching Club / JesstheticsAutumn Stitching Club / JesstheticsAutumn Stitching Club / Jessthetics

Do you remember I started Wild Olive’s Autumn Stitching Club back in September? Well I’ve finished! After stitching (and blogging about) thirteen autumn-themed patterns, I turned them into hexagons, made sixteen little hexagons from patterned fabric and sewed myself a cushion cover. A lot of work has gone into this little cushion, and I’m so pleased with it. It’s not exactly autumn right now, but I’m going to display it proudly on my armchair anyway. This was a really fun way to learn to embroider, and I’m so glad I took part. It always feel good to learn a new skill and have something to show for it.

Happy Monday! Don’t forget that you have until the end of the month to enter my giveaway 🙂


Autumn Stitching Club #13

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you’ll know that I’ve been working on my embroidery for the autumn stitching club for a long time. As you can tell, since autumn and christmas have been and gone! I can gladly say that this is my last embroidered pattern for the autumn stitching club. The next time you hear me talking about it I should have sew all my patterns together as a pillow! I think it’s fitting that the last pattern is a pumpkin. Pumpkin’s are the most quintessentially autumnal for me. As soon as October rolls around I’ll be stocking up on pumpkins, making them into soup and carving little faces into them 🙂 My stitched pumpkin’s a little jaunty but I think he’s cute. He’s characterful.

asc 25asc 26

I hope you’re having a beautiful Thursday. I’m looking forward to four consecutive weekends of visitors in our little house, starting this Saturday. It’s going to be busy but I’m so excited to see everyone!


Autumn Stitching Club #12

I know what you’re thinking, Autumn was a long time ago! Yes it was but I haven’t finished my autumn embroidery project yet so let’s forget that it’s now January. This is the penultimate pattern for the Autumn Stitching Club. I’ve enjoyed it, but I will be glad to see it finished. I feel like I’ve been embroidering forever! This week’s pattern is a cute little smiley acorn.

asc 23asc 24

I hope your week’s been off to a good start. This is my second week of my new job and new house! I’m enjoying it, but I miss sleeping in. Oh well, there’s always the weekends! Happy Tuesday 🙂


No More November

November has gone by so quickly! It’s probably been the fastest month since I started this blog. I’ve been for weekends away in Oxford, London and Surrey. I’ve been learning to crochet and I’ve started jogging regularly. Autumn this year has carried on right through November which has been lovely – I love autumn!

The first outfit post I shared this month featured my gold glittery dress, and a wild deer (here)! I’ve also shared a 70s tunic that I found in a charity shop (here), a vintage velvet jumpsuit (here) and my oversized grey wool coat (here). I think the seventies tunic and the oversized coat were my favourite.

tunic 9wool coat 1

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been making a lot of things recently, but I actually blogged about four craft projects this month. I wrote about the bunny rabbit picture that I stitched for my dad’s birthday (here) and I wrote a tutorial for my fabric covered notice boards (here). I also blogged my handmade writing paper (here) and a DIY for scented candles (here). All of these would make good gifts, especially the embroidered picture and the candles!

archie embroidery 5letter paper 1

I’ve been working throughout November on Wild Olive’s autumn stitching club patterns. They’ve all been very seasonal. I stitched a pumpkin pie (here) a gourd (here) and a leaf (here)! Only two more until I stitch my cushion cover together.

asc 18My first article for the online magazine VOIX was published this month, on how to make a bag for life. You can check it out here!

What were your November highlights? Do you enjoy looking over what you’ve done? I love the idea of December Daily – where you scrapbook a photo or thought form every day in December but I’m not sure I take enough photos to be able to produce something every day!


Autumn Stitching Club #11

Pattern eleven of Wild Olive‘s Autumn Stitching Club is this cute smiley leaf! Colourful leaves are probably one of my favourite things about autumn, although they are looking a little more soggy and a little less crisp at the moment. I don’t think it’s autumn anymore!

asc 21asc 22

I only have two more of these patterns to stitch until they become a cushion cover. At the moment, I stitch these in front of Homeland on a Sunday night. I’ll have to find something else to occupy me when both of those things are finished! I hope your week is off to an excellent start 🙂


Autumn Stitching Club #10

My latest embroidered pattern for the autumn stitching club is this gourd! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know what a gourd is. Is it like a funny shaped courgette? Me and James once bought a bitter gourd from the exotic vegetable section in Morrisons and used it in a curry – it was pretty gross but we could have been cooking it wrong!

asc 19asc 20

I can’t believe I only have two more patterns to go until I can sew all these smiley autumn objects into a cushion. I’m psyched to have the finished project on my sofa!


What I Wore: Velvet Playsuit

I have been in a lot of vintage shops in my time. A lot. If I’m ever in a new town or on a city break I find the vintage shops and have a good browse. My favourite ever vintage shop, coincidentally is the three storey vintage haven in Leicester made up of DollyMix Vintage and Pink Pidgeon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in there and not seen several things that I want, and the prices are very reasonable. I get bored with going into vintage shops that have rows and rows of denim jackets and floral dresses – if I wanted to dress the same as everyone else I wouldn’t be in a vintage shop! DollyMix and Pink Pidgeon are full of a variety of unique, interesting wearable pieces, and luckily for me they’re in my city! The most recent time I was there I picked up this velvet jumpsuit. It fits me really well. I love the cinched waist and it’s so warm – perfect for winter!

velvet jumpsuit 1vintage jumpsuit 2velvet jumpsuit 3 velvet jumpsuit 4

The only problem with this jumpsuit is that it’s tricky to wear things over the top! Hence why I’m wearing gloves to keep me warm instead. I know I wear these boots in almost all my outfit posts, but that’s because I wear them every day. I’m wearing them out and I need some new ones – does anyone have recommendations for somewhere I can buy good vegan winter boots?

velvet jumpsuit 5velvet jumpsuit 6velvet jumpsuit 7velvet jumpsuit 8

Outfit details: Jumpsuit, Vintage (Pink Pidgeon, Leicester) / Boots, Ebay

Taking these photos in the golden afternoon sun was really fun, I’m trying to cherish the last of the autumn leaves. I hope you’ve had an excellent weekend!


Autumn Stitching Club #9

The first time I ever tried a piece of pumpkin pie was this autumn! You can’t be a real blogger unless you love pumpkin, right? I made a couple of pumpkin pies, and although I haven’t got the recipe right yet, they were pretty tasty 🙂 I just wish shops sold pumpkins in the UK for longer than two weeks in October. Anyway, here is my third pumpkin pie of the season, but this time it’s embroidered. This pattern is for the autumn stitching club, of which you can see more here.

asc 18asc 19

At least the garden is overflowing with apples from our trees, so I could always make apple pie! I’m excited to finish all my autumn embroidery patterns so that I can turn them into a cushion 🙂 Have a great day!


Autumn Stitching Club #8

The eighth autumn stitching club pattern that I’ve completed is this yummy stack of doughnuts! I don’t really associate doughnuts with autumn time, but they are a good idea any time of the year so it’s okay. When I was little and I had a stomach bug my mum would buy me jam doughnuts because that’s the only thing I could eat. Most of the recipes on my “food” pinterest board are doughnut based, so maybe I should actually make some of my own!

asc 16asc 15

Do you love doughnuts as much as me? I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!


Autumn Stitching Club #7

Here’s pattern 7 of the autumn stitching club, this cute little loaf of bread! I have actually never made bread myself, which is odd because it seems like something I would do and autumn seems like the perfect time to do it! Before christmas I aim to make a loaf of bread.

autumn stitching club 13asc 14

In other news, I had a lovely time at the Birmingham bloggers meet-up yesterday chatting to Cara, Selina, Elizabeth and Leah. Everyone was so nice, and I really hope we do another meet up nearer to christmas. I’ll keep you updated in case any of you are midlands based and fancy coming along 🙂

I hope you have the best Sunday!