8 Homemade Gift Ideas

I know a lot of people like to have their christmas shopping done by now, but if like me you’re less organised than that, here are some homemade christmas gift ideas from my archives. Handmade presents are often cheaper, you don’t have to wait for weeks for them to be posted to you, and it’s so special to gift something that you’ve spent time making! Plus, homemade presents are usually better quality than shop bought ones, and you can personalise them to suit the person you’re gifting it to.

1.  Fur lined mittens. I made these for a friend last year. They’re a nice beginner sewing project and mittens make excellent christmas presents, since they’re so cosy!

Fur lined mittens

2. Pattern rug. This would be great for someone who’s moved into a new place, or someone who loves a good pattern!

Rug 6

3. Scented candles. I recently made these for myself, but they’d make the cutest presents!

scented candles 2

4. Paisley Man’s Shirt. This project is time-consuming, but if you started now you’d be finished before christmas. Nothing says “I love you” like homemade clothes.

paisley shirt 1

5. Embroidered picture. This is a really simple way of creating a personalised artwork for someone.

archie embroidery 1

6. Massage oil. This is super easy and inexpensive to make, and you could even gift it with an “i owe you a  massage” voucher.

Massage oil

7. Log vase. If you have a friend that likes earthy decor, this would be the perfect present.

log 8

8. Hand printed shirt. This is a fun and easy project,  and who wouldn’t appreciate a handmade shirt?

experimenting fabric dye 1

Are you guys hand making any presents this year?


November Goals


November is a fun month. Maybe not as fun as December or October, but it’s up there! I love being able to sit under a blanket inside with a cup of tea as the rain pitter patters on my roof. And the cold weather gives me a good reason to wear my favourite furry coats and dark lipstick all the time. I’m still working on a couple of goals from last month, so my aims for December are short and sweet!

1. Organise my photos. These days, I take a lot of photos and the ones that I don’t post on the blog usually end up sitting on my computer feeling unloved. I love looking through photo albums, and it would be so sad if I didn’t have any from this part of my life. I am going to organise my photos, print lots off, create photo albums and put photos in frames. It’s going to take me a long time, but hopefully it will be a lot of fun!

2. Start christmas present planning. I love making some homemade gifts for Christmas, and it saves money! Making gifts is worthwhile but it takes a lot of time, so I’m going to start planing now. How crazy is that? I’m talking about Christmas already!

Do you have any November goals?