Autumn Stitching Club #8

The eighth autumn stitching club pattern that I’ve completed is this yummy stack of doughnuts! I don’t really associate doughnuts with autumn time, but they are a good idea any time of the year so it’s okay. When I was little and I had a stomach bug my mum would buy me jam doughnuts because that’s the only thing I could eat. Most of the recipes on my “food” pinterest board are doughnut based, so maybe I should actually make some of my own!

asc 16asc 15

Do you love doughnuts as much as me? I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!


Autumn Stitching Club #5

I have a confession to make – I’ve never tried a pumpkin spice latte. The next time I’m in a city I’ll make sure to pick one up so I can see what all the hype’s about. For the meantime, I’ll just be sewing pumpkin spice lattes instead, since this is the most recent pattern for the Autumn Stitching Club. My favourite thing about this pattern is the little pumpkin – isn’t he cute!

asc 9asc 10

Since all of the patterns I’ve stitched so far have had faces on them, I’ve had lots of time to practice doing french knots (the eyes) and I think I’m getting better at them!

Happy monday 🙂


Homemade Kimono

I love Paisley. I think I might have a paisley problem – both of my most recent sewing projects have used paisley fabric (see the first here.) I’ve been wanting a kimono jacket for ages, and I realised the most fun way to get one would be to make it! This project was pretty easy – this jacket is only made up of seven pieces of fabric so it didn’t take me too long to make.

kimono 1

I used this pattern and this fabric (don’t you love the fabric?) and some tassels from my local haberdashery. I have to say, I found the instructions on this Simplicity pattern a lot harder to follow than on the Burda one I used before – things weren’t spelled out as much as I’d have liked, but I managed to work it out!

kimono 2

I began by cutting out the pattern pieces I needed, pinning them onto my fabric, and cutting out my fabric pieces! This time I didn’t worry about marking the pattern markings onto my fabric. If I needed to double-check how the fabric matched up, I just referred back to the pattern pieces.

kimono 3

6 steps later, it was finished! I changed two things about the pattern. First, I didn’t use the interfacing which the pattern suggested (I wanted my jacket to be flowy, not stiff) and secondly, I added some tassels! What’s a kimono without tassels, right?

kimono 4kimono 5Kimono 6kimono 7

I’m so pleased with this jacket, it’s absolutely going to be an autumn staple for me. Have you done any sewing recently?


Experimenting with natural dye

I’ve been trying to use natural dyes for a while now, but it’s never quite worked out right. I’d been trying to dye sheer fabric, but I think this was a mistake – cotton took the dye SO much better! Natural dye is so much fun because you can just use left over veggies and spices or leaves from your garden. It’s cheaper than chemical dye AND it’s better for the environment. Yay! I used turmeric which gives a lovely yellow colour, but I would love to try blueberries, beetroot and onions. There’s some great resources about what you can use as dyes on these websites.

natural dye 2To make your own tumeric tie dye socks, you will need:
Cotton Socks

natural dye 1

Step 1: Pich sections of the socks and wrap elastic bands tightly around them.

Step 2: To fix your fabric (so that you can wash it without the colour coming out) boil your socks in a pan with 2 table spoons of vinegar for an hour.

Step 3: When your socks have cooled down a little, rinse them through. Then boil them in a pan full of water with one tablespoon of tumeric for an hour.

Step 4: Put your socks in the washing machine on a “rinse” setting for ten minutes, then undo the rubber bands and let them dry out.

Ta da, your socks are ready!

natural dye 3

Look at Archie hiding behind my socks! I’ve done tie dye becase I love it so much, but I think these would be cute with all over yellow too.

natural dye 4

I’m spending this weekend relaxing at my parents house and helping them out with their various projects. It’s been so much fun having adventures at uni post-deadlines, but sometimes you need a couple of evenings to come back home, watch trashy telly and going to bed early! I hope you have a fantastic weekend 🙂

EDIT: These have been tried and tested, and the colour did stay in the wash!