Tie Dye in Edinburgh

I’m starting my masters in Edinburgh this September, and so I spent this weekend hunting for somewhere to live! I’m so excited to live in a city that I love, and looking at flats (and decorating them in my mind) is one of my favourite activities. Luckily the weather was pretty warm whilst we were there, so I got to break out my bare legs and a very summery crop top! This top actually belonged to me when I was around eleven. A lot of my clothes from year 6 and 7 still fit me, not because I’m small now but because I did all my growing at a very young age. I was a tall eleven year old! I cut the bottom half off this top, and ta-da, it became a new crop top! Who says hoarding clothes doesn’t have it’s benefits? I bought this kimono from Rokit in Brick Lane a while back. I think it used to be a bed coat, but it’s more fun as an outside coat. When wearing this at uni, one of my friends asked me with genuine puzzlement “why are you dressed up as a witch today?” because wearing a cape that billows in the wind is fun, that’s why!

Outfit Details: Kimono, Vintage (Rokit) / Crop Top, Upcycled / Skirt, DIY / Chelsea Boots, New Look / Sunglasses, Rock N Rose via Lavish Alice

I’m wearing one of the skirts that I made a couple of months ago. Although one of the easiest to make, it’s among my favourite things that I’ve made because it’s so easy to wear, but the pu leather is unusual at the same time. I can’t wait to go back up to Scotland, I’m hoping to be there for the Fringe festival. I went briefly in 2010 and it was a lot of fun!


Plaid in Newcastle

I picked up this coat in Birmingham for the bargain price of £2 – yes, you heard me right! My friend Leah introduced me to this amazing chaotic, cheap vintage shop called Credit Crunch Vintage. You have to dig to find the good stuff, but it’s worth it! I’ve been wearing this coat all week. It’s lightweight and perfect for the British summer! The rest of the outfit just seemed to make sense – dungarees always make sense! I’m not sure how clear it is in the photos, but I got this lovely Lime Crime lipstick for my birthday. It smells like vanilla, and it’s the perfect purple!

Outfit Details: Dungarees, Vintage (Dolly Mix Vintage, Leicester) / Coat, Vintage (Credit Crunch Vintage, Birmingham) / Crop Top, Ebay / Chelsea Boots, New Look / Necklaces, Gift / Lipstick, Lime Crime Poisonberry

I finally got myself a new pair of sensible shoes. I picked up the last pair of size sevens in the New Look sale – they’re vegan, and they don’t have a heel which is exactly what I was looking for! Chelsea boots aren’t the most glamorous shoes in the world, but they’re comfy and they go with everything. These photos were taken after James and I enjoyed a picnic in the park during a charity shop trip to Newcastle. I’ve been doing  lot of charity shop shopping recently to stock my etsy shop, and I’m not complaining!


People Tree

We had some lovely weather last week so James and I took the opportunity to go for a walk and a picnic lunch in Bradgate Park. I’m wearing my new trousers from People Tree! I just love the pattern and the high waist – they’re so summery! They were too small for my calves, and I knew that the size up wouldn’t fit my waist, so I sewed splits into the back of each trouser leg, and now they’re the perfect fit. All of People Tree’s clothes are sustainable and fair trade, so I always feel good about buying from them. I found these sunglasses in a vintage shop in Southampton and they’re so funky. This summer I don’t think I’ll be leaving the house without a pair of colourful round sunglasses. They remind me of the 90s and the 70s at the same time, and what could be better!?

Outfit details: Trousers, People Tree / Clutch, People Tree / Crop Top, Ebay / Shoes, Ebay / Necklaces, Waiste / Sunglasses, Vintage (The Beatnik Emporium, Southampton)

This clutch bag is also from People Tree! It’s made from a recycled sari which is pretty cool, and I love the pattern on mine. The clutch is bigger than I expected it to be – my huge phone fits inside, and I wasn’t sure that it would! I look forward to being invited to lots of summery parties so that I can take my bag. My shoes are new too. I really need to buy a sensible pair of shoes. These purple ones aren’t very high so they almost count. I love the colour, they’re the perfect height and the postage was free!

I hope your week is off to a beautiful start 🙂


What I Wore: Crop top and blue

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday 🙂 I have been spending today swimming and eating veggie burgers, two of my favourite things ever. Here’s one of the outfits I wore when I was staying at home. I love pairing crop tops with high waisted bottoms, it feels like I’m being adventurous without actually having to show too much of my tummy! This top is one of my bargain finds from Ark Vintage (I’ve written about other finds here, here and here.) I love how 70s it is. If I had to choose one decade to get my clothes from it would probably be the 70s, although the 90s would be a close second. I got these trousers in the Topshop sale last summer, and these shoes are my ever-reliable boots from everything5pounds.com.

crop top and blue 1

crop top and blue 2

crop top and blue 3Sorry for the strange pose, I’m trying to show you how wide and floaty my trousers are!

crop top and blue 4

crop top and blue 5

Archie is just trying to get into my photos, as usual! Silly rabbit. On a side note, I have quite bleach damaged, curly hair and i’ve been failing to find a natural leave in conditioner recipe that works. (I can’t afford to buy deep treatment conditioner from lush anymore!) Has anyone treated their hair naturally? Do you have any suggestions?


What I Wore: Stripes and Lace

I’ve decided that I’m going to be more adventurous in the way I dress. I already love wearing bold colours and patterns, but sometimes it is just too easy in the morning to get up and put on the first thing I see. Especially when I’m super busy! Dressing up is so much fun, and if I feel good in what I’m wearing, I feel good all day. To help me in this challenge, I’m going to start documenting what I wear on my blog. I hope you enjoy!

I have inhereted a lot of clothes from my Grandma. She had such great style! This shirt belonged to my Grandma, and I found this skirt at a vintage fair in York.

Stripes and Lace 1Sripes and Lace 2IMG_0651I’m looking forward to this challenge of dressing up more. How do you get ready in the morning, do you plan your outfits the night before? Or do you work it out in the morning? I hope you’re having a good weekend!