What I Wore: Blue Fur Forever

I’ve been dressing very lazily recently. It’s too cold to spend a long time getting ready in the morning, so I’ve just been wearing whatever top and trouser combination comes to hand. I’ve also been finding tights very irritating, which means that I haven’t worn a dress for ages. This is the perfect lazy morning outfit because it’s easy and warm but the fur coat makes me feel like I put some effort in.

blue fur coatblue fur coatblue fur coat 3blue fur coat 4

I picked up my coat from the Guildford Car Boot sale. Car Boots tend to stop for the winter, but I’m excited for when they start-up again so I can go treasure hunting! I also think these earrings do a great job of jazzing up  my outfit – my friends bought them for me for my birthday last year and they’re glittery! I love glitter, especially at this time of year. I’ve blogged about these ASOS jeans before, and I’m still wearing them all the time. I wear them to my volunteering job every week!

blue fur coat 54blue fur coat 6blue fur coat 7blue fur coat 8
Outfit Details: Coat, Car Boot / Mom Jeans, ASOS (Similar here)  / T Shirt, Dorothy Perkins / Boots, Ebay / Necklace, Camden Market / Earrings, Gift

You guys, it’s almost December! I love the run up to Christmas and I’ve already been drinking a lot of hot chocolate in preparation. I’m driving to Oxford tomorrow for my brother’s birthday, and I’m hoping to start my christmas shopping, even if some of it is for me… do you have any plans for the weekend? Has the cold been influencing your outfit choices? Happy Thursday 🙂


What I Wore: Autumn Layers

I guess my outfit posts will be featuring lots of jumpers now since it is preeeeeeety cold! It’s okay though, because I find autumn / winter dressing easier than summer dressing (maybe because that’s how I have to dress 90% of the time) and layering is so much fun. I didn’t used to be a fan of wearing short layers over long layers, but it’s grown on me, and this way I can wear my favourite kimonos and house coats but still be cosy. This cardigan is super soft, I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this year.

Autumn Layers 1 autumn layers 2autumn layers 3autumn layers 4autumn layers 5

I’ve been wearing these trousers constantly since I got back from Paris, but I’ve only just got round to posting about them. They are seriously the most comfortable and versatile item of clothing I own. I love that they’re so high-waisted because I can wear them with a crop top or a t-shirt tucked in, and I think very high waists are most flattering on me. They’re also colourful and patterned, which all the best clothes are, and they’re baggy around my legs so it feels like I’m wearing pyjamas all day. I bought them from a vintage shop in Paris called Hippy Market which stocks lots of high-waisted patterned trousers. If you find yourself in Paris, I highly recommend you snap up a pair!

autumn layers 6autumn layers 7 autumn layers 9autumn layers 8

Outfit Details: Cardigan, Vintage / House Coat, Vintage (Dollymix, Leicester) / Crop Top, ARK / Trousers, Vintage (Hippy Market, Paris) / Shoes, Ebay

The downside of the cold weather is that all I want to eat are freshly baked cookies and pies. If that doesn’t change, I won’t be wearing crop tops for much longer! I hope your week is off to an excellent start 🙂


What I Wore: Mom Jeans

Those of you that know me in real life know that I have issues with trousers. There’s a fair difference between the size of my butt and the size of my waist (In Levi’s, I’m a “bold curve” haha) and I have difficulty finding trousers that fit. That’s partly why these ASOS “Mom” jeans are so great (it’s also partly because they remind me of early seasons of Friends). They took a day or so of wearing in but they are SO comfy, I have been wearing them all the time! (And they are annoyingly now on sale…)

Mom Jeans 1 mom jeans 2mom jeans 7 mom jeans 4I’ve been pinning a lot of 60s and 70s big hair recently (I’m always looking for new things to do with my hair) and I’m experimenting with this mini-beehive / bun up-do. The bun makes for a less polished beehive, so it’s a nice way to work with my hair’s natural scruffiness. What do you think?

Mom Jeans 5mom jeans 3mom jeans 6

Outfit details: Jeans, ASOS / Boots, Ebay / Jumper, Vintage

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today was my first shift at the World Peace Cafe, and it was so much fun! It has such a lovely atmosphere. What have you been up to?


What I Wore: By the River

I must be mentally preparing for autumn without even realising it – this outfit is so witchy! My dark lipstick also reminds me of autumn / winter in the 90s. Even the leaves on the ground are looking a little orangey, so maybe summer is coming to an end. I took these photos with my brother on a walk along the river in our village. Living at home is not always ideal (I miss living in the same house as all of my friends!) but having all this countryside on my doorstep is definitely one of the perks.

by the river 1

by the river 2

by the river 3

by the river 4

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have worn socks with my cut-out boots, but socks are just so comfy! There’s something that seems wrong to me about wearing boots with no socks, although I’m warming to the idea. I’ve also been pinning my hair up in this new way where I tie it up into a ponytail and then pin the hair coming out of my ponytail down in sections. It’s probably my favourite way of keeping my hair out of my face!

by the river 5

by the river 6

Iby the river 7

by the river 8

by the river 9

Outfit details: Dress, Topshop / Slip, Vintage / Jacket, VIntage / Shoes, Ebay / Sunglasses, H&M

This last picture is of me making friends with the tree. I love trees! I had my first ever phone interview today, which was nerve-wracking, but at least now I’ve had the experience! I realise there might be many more of these in the future before I find myself a job, but I really want this one so fingers crossed. I hope you’re having a fantastic week 🙂