The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter from me and the Easter Bunny! I hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend filled with family, hot cross buns, chocolate and easter egg hunts. I loved taking these photos of Archie, although he is not the most cooperative model. In most of my photos he’s licking the camera lens! I’m very excited because Archie has a date with a lady bunny from the RSPCA this week. Fingers crossed they like each other, and we can bring her home! I haven’t posted on here for 5 days and although it doesn’t sound very long, it feels like I’ve been away for a long time. I have lots planned for the blog next week though, so stay tuned 🙂


A Day In The Life Of Archie

Hi everyone, it’s Archie the bunny here. Since I am clearly the best thing about this blog, I thought it was about time there was a post dedicated to me! If you don’t enjoy pictures of bunny rabbits, look away now! For all you nosy readers, here’s a peek into my world 🙂

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

I spend the night-time snoozing away in this comfy hutch, which is in my shed in the garden. When my lazy humans finally wake up they open the shed door and I bound out, excited to explore the garden again!

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

I like to spend a little time every day hiding under bushes and spying on the birds. It’s my garden and I like to make sure they’re not messing it up when my back’s turned.

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

I then go for a spot of lunch. Yum, I love grass!

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

Sometimes these big noisy metal things drive down the road. This scares me, so I listen out for danger and thump my foot to warn the humans!

Jessthetics / A day in the life of ArchieJessthetics / A day in the life of ArchieJessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

I love being in the house but those silly humans say things like “stay outside and eat some grass, it’ll be good for you.” Phh, what do they know. I spend a lot of my time running up to the door hopefully.

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

It’s okay though, because if I look sad someone will take pity on me and stroke me between the ears. I like to stick my bum in the air when I’m being stroked, it’s like bunny yoga.

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

At last, an open door! I’d better make a run for it before someone sees me sneaking in!

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

In the evening someone will feed me parsley. I have a parsley obsession right now – there’s no such thing as too much parsley!

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

All that eating was tiring, it’s time for a nap I think.

Jessthetics / A day in the life of Archie

Now I’m rested I can go exploring! Eating cables and bouncing on beds are my favourite things to do.

Jessthetics / A day in the life of ArchieJust as I’m waking up, someone tells me it’s time for bed! After a couple of cuddles I’m feeling rather snoozy again. Night night everyone!

And thank you Ralphie for the inspiration. You are a handsome bunny,   I think we would be friends.


Lavender Bunnies

lavender bunnies 1lavender bunnies 2

Last Christmas (all the way back in 2012!) James bought me this book on vintage inspired handmade gifts. It’s so beautiful, it sits on my windowsill next to my Rookie yearbook, and my Tea Party book. Books with big pictures are my favourite. Anyway, I spent last christmas writing essays and I promised my mum that when I graduated we would make the lavender bunnies in my book as gifts. And we did! I know some of my friends and family read my blog, so I didn’t want to write about these before Christmas – I wanted the bunnies to be a surprise. I’m so pleased with how they turned out. They’re not symmetrical but I think they’re cute. The fabric I chose frayed like crazy but once we figured out how to work with it they were super fun to make 🙂

lavender bunnies 3

You will need: Fabric (I used 3/4s of a meter of vintage plaid fabric from ebay), greaseproof paper, pencil, fabric scissors, lavender (you can buy dried lavender online), polyester stuffing, needle and thread, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, ribbon, small pom poms, sewing machine (optional)

lavender bunnies 4

We traced the bunny shape onto greaseproof paper (remembering to leave an inch for the seam) cut it out, pinned it onto the fabric, and cut out 24 bunny shapes I pinned two sides of the bunny together and sewed around the edges, leaving one side of the head unstitched We snipped into the corners of the bunny and pushed the fabric through the hole so that the bunny was the right way around I stuffed the bunnies, alternating between polyester stuffing and lavender

Lavender Bunnies 5

I hand sewed the stuffing hole closed We hand sewed on the pom poms as tails, tied the ribbon around their necks and embroidered eyes noses and mouths using the embroidery floss.

I rarely craft with others, so it was really fun to make bunnies with my mum – especially since they were completed twice as fast! They’re one of my favourite things I’ve ever made, I hope they enjoy their new homes.

lavender bunnies 6lavender bunnies 11


Autumn Stitching Club #11

Pattern eleven of Wild Olive‘s Autumn Stitching Club is this cute smiley leaf! Colourful leaves are probably one of my favourite things about autumn, although they are looking a little more soggy and a little less crisp at the moment. I don’t think it’s autumn anymore!

asc 21asc 22

I only have two more of these patterns to stitch until they become a cushion cover. At the moment, I stitch these in front of Homeland on a Sunday night. I’ll have to find something else to occupy me when both of those things are finished! I hope your week is off to an excellent start 🙂


Autumn Stitching Club #10

My latest embroidered pattern for the autumn stitching club is this gourd! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know what a gourd is. Is it like a funny shaped courgette? Me and James once bought a bitter gourd from the exotic vegetable section in Morrisons and used it in a curry – it was pretty gross but we could have been cooking it wrong!

asc 19asc 20

I can’t believe I only have two more patterns to go until I can sew all these smiley autumn objects into a cushion. I’m psyched to have the finished project on my sofa!


The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! Look what the Easter bunny brought me this morning.

Easter Bunny 1

I hope you’re having a lovely long weekend filled with food, family / friends and lots of chocolate. Here’s a picture of the easter bunny after he delivered his eggs to me. This bunny is very hard to take pictures of, because he never stays still. I guess he has no time to stay still, since he has so many eggs to deliver!

Easter Bunny 2

Have a lovely day 🙂