DIY Glitter Garland

There are many wonderful things about Christmas. One of my favourite is that it’s a good excuse to cover everything in glitter. I love glitter! This week I made a glittery gold garland to hang up in my room, and here’s how I did it 🙂glitter garland 1glitter garland 2

You will need: String or a bead chain to hang your decorations onto, PVA glue, gold glitter, paint brushes, gold spray paint and decorations to hang on your garland. I got all of mine from Wilkinsons. You can use pom poms, baubles, mistletoe, twigs from the garden, pine cones, bows, ribbon, whatever you like!

Glitter Garland 3

If any of your decorations aren’t already gold, you need to spray paint them. Do this outside so you don’t gas yourself / ruin the carpet, and then leave your decs to dry Once your decs are dry, paint shapes onto them using PVA glue and dunk them in the gold glitter Once the PVA is dry, shake off the excess glitter Tie your decorations onto the string! My baubles and bows came with ties, and I tied everything else on using gold ribbon

glitter garland 4This is a really fun craft to do with someone else. James doesn’t usually enjoy crafting, but he loved spray painting things and covering them in glitter!

glitter garland 5glitter garland 6glitter garland 7

Now you’ve finished, you can hang up your garland and admire it. Have you ever hand-made christmas decorations? I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday 🙂


Santa and his rabbit.

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to watch less telly, eat less chocolate, and write some essays. I’d much rather be eating nut roast and not writing essays!  I was lucky enough to get lots of lovely presents for Christmas, but my favourite has to be my new camera. I have been taking lots of pictures, and here’s a few Christmas pictures of decorations and my bunny.


FireChristmas tree

Santa 1

StarWreathReindeerPot PourriSanta 2Santa 3Santas

I can’t wait to keep practising taking pictures, and hopefully I’ll improve! I hope you all are in a relaxing post-christmas haze.


Hang a stocking on the wall

This week, I’ve been volunteering to help decorate for a charity christmas event “Winter Wonderland.” It’s been hard work, but really fun! My main task has been to make some christmassy stockings to hang on the wall. I’ve definitely been getting into the christmas spirit 🙂


Christmas stockings are super simple to make, and here’s how to do it! Cheesy background christmas music is necessary.

You will need: Fabric for the main bit of the stocking (the ones I made are quite large, I used 1/4 of a metre per stocking), fabric for the trim of the stocking (you only need a teeny bit), scissors, needle and thread, and a sewing machine (optional.)

Step 1: Cut out your stocking shape twice. The shape I used is below. Sew them together, remembering to leave the top open!


Step 2: Turn your stocking inside out (so the seams are on the inside.) Cut a strip of trim 3 inches wide, and sew it onto the top of the stocking. I only sewed it along the top line, and not the bottom, since it hangs better this way.

Yay, your stocking is finished. Now, go out and make everything look like Christmas!



Halloween Mourning

Today is the sad day where we have to take our halloween decorations down 😦 No more bats and ghosts flying around the ceiling. No more creepy cobwebs hitting me in the face whilst I’m trying to walk through the door. To commemorate this loss, here’s some pictures of our decorations…

Again, i’m sorry the quality of the photos isn’t great, I can’t wait to get a proper camera. It’s very tempting to buy one now and go without food for a couple of weeks.

It’s not all bad though, since this weekend is bonfire weekend! I am going to be eating a lot of toffee apples, let’s hope i still have some teeth left on monday.

Have a good weekend 🙂