What I Wore: Disco In The Daytime

I know disco pants are a little dated, but I love mine so I’m going to wear them anyway. These trousers were my go-to trousers to wear to Willow (a grimy, cheesy club in York) but since I rarely go out now, I’ve incorporated them into my day-time wardrobe! This is what I wore Christmas shopping with James last week. I ended up only buying beer and a jumper for myself, whoops.

disco pants 1disco pants 2disco pants 3

Whenever James comes to stay we watch Buffy together. This time we watched the first season of Angel. My makeup is inspired by Cordelia this time – she wears some amazing dark lipsticks! I have layered up because it is freezing and windy. I don’t know how other bloggers can wear cut out boots / crop tops at this time of year unless they’re carrying a radiator around with them.

disco pants 4disco pants 5
Outfit details: Disco Pants, American Apparel / Shirt, Vintage (inherited) / Jacket, Vintage (inherited) / Coat, Vintage (inherited) / Scarf, Vintage (inherited) / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Necklace, Vintage (inherited) / Earrings, H&M / Lipstick, Lush Confidence

I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! I’m working a lot in the run up to christmas, but I’m enjoying being busy. I think if I had a lot of time on my hands I would be missing James and my friends too much. How are your preperations going?


DIY Bat Costume

I have been very organised this year, and finished my Halloween costume! I’ve known for a while that I wanted to go as a bat and I was inspired by this bat wing costume tutorial for kids. I’ve put my own twist on the tutorial by giving the bat wings a long tail and extending the end of the wings using chopsticks. In these pictures, I’m wearing the wings over a black top, my disco pants and some super high heels I bought in sale in Topshop in my first year at York. And here’s how I made them đŸ™‚

Bat Costume 1Bat Cosdtume 2You will need:2 metres of thick black fabric
Glue gun and glue
Sewing machine
2 chopsticks
Measuring tape
Needle and thread

Step 1: Take your measurements and sketch out the wing shape. Okay, so this is the part that looks most complicated but it’s actually nto that difficult. First, fold your fabric widthwise. Then take your measurements and use them to draw a bat shape that fits you, using the photo above. Length 1 is half of the distance from underarm to underarm. Length 2 is half of the circumference of your shoulder. Length 3 is the distance from the top of your shoulder to your wrist. Length 4 is half the circumference of your wrist. Length 5 is the length of your chopstick and length 6 is an inch.

Once you have used those measurements to draw on the top of your costume, draw on the loops of the bat wing, until your each the bottom of the fold of your fabric. Then cut out your wings! Phew, that’s the tricky bit over.

bat costume 4bat costume 5

Step 2: Hem the whole top edge of your bat costume (lengths 1. 3, 4 and 5.)

bat costume 14

Step 3: To make the sleeve, fold the top of your costume and sew length 3 onto the fabric. Length A (above) should be half the circumference of your shoulder. Do this for both sleeves.

bat costume 7bat costume 8Step 4: Glue the chopsticks into the fold at the end of your wings (I used my glue gun for this.)

bat costume 9bat costume 10

Step 5: Cut two small strips of fabric from your strips and wrap them around your finger. Pin them in place, remove them from your finger and then glue them in place. Try on your wings and mark where the bottom of your index finger touches the fabric. Glue each fabric ring to your wings at this point, as above.

Ta da, finished!

bat costume 11bat costume 12bat costume 13

I had a lot of fun test running my Halloween costume and make up! I decided that smiley photos wouldn’t be very scary but I’m not sure about my moody face in these pictures! Have you decided what you’re going as for Halloween yet?


Everybody wants to be a cat.

Who loves dressing up? I love dressing up! I seem to be going to a lot of costume parties recently which is great because planning and making the outfits is so much fun. I love putting a lot of planning into what I wear. People who go to themed parties in their normal clothes are BORING. Recently, my friend had a cat party, and I dressed up as a lion.


I made a tail – which I attached onto my gold disco pants with a safety pin – some ears, and a fur collar. The great thing about the collar is that it isn’t obviously part of a costume, so you can wear it during the day too!

How To Make A Tail

You will need:

A small strip of furry fabric
A scrap piece of white fabric
Needle and thread
PVA glue.

Step One: Cut a strip from your furry fabric, 4cm wide, and 40cm long.


Step two: Fold the fabric over, like is shown in the picture below, and sew it together.


Step three: Cut a piece of white fabric, 5cm by 10cm. Put PVA all along the bottom of the fabric, and roll it into a tube. When the PVA is dry, cut into the white fabric at the top so that it has tassles. Then, push the white tube into the bottom of the furry tube. When you pin it onto your trousers, it should look like this!


How To Make Cat Ears

You will need:

A small piece of furry fabric
A headband
A small piece of white fabric

Step 1: Cut out some ear shapes out of the cardboard.


Step 2: Cut out two ear shapes out of the furry fabric, making sure that the shape is at least 2cm wider than the carboard, the whole way around. Then, glue the furry fabric onto the cardboard, sticking the excess fabric onto the front of the carboard ears.


Step 3: Cut some smaller white fabric ears out, and glue them on, so that they cover the carboard that is showing through.

Step 4: Glue the ears onto the headband! This part can be tricky, so I tied the ears to the headband with elastic bands whilst they were drying.

How To Make A Fur Collar

You will need:

1/2 a meter of furry fabric
1/2 a meter of white fabric

Step One: Cut out the collar shape from the white fabric twice. You can see the pictures below for guidance on what the shape should look like! Then cut out the collar shape from the furry fabric, making sure that it is at least 3cm wider all the way around  than the white collar shape.

Step Two: Put one of the white collar pieces onto the furry fabric and fold the furry fabric over, gluing all around the edges, like shown below.


Step Three: When this has dried, glue the second white collar shape down onto the side where the white fabric is showing through.

Whoo, and you are finished! Have fun partying with all of your catty friends. Have you made any costumes recently?