DIY Glitter Garland

There are many wonderful things about Christmas. One of my favourite is that it’s a good excuse to cover everything in glitter. I love glitter! This week I made a glittery gold garland to hang up in my room, and here’s how I did it 🙂glitter garland 1glitter garland 2

You will need: String or a bead chain to hang your decorations onto, PVA glue, gold glitter, paint brushes, gold spray paint and decorations to hang on your garland. I got all of mine from Wilkinsons. You can use pom poms, baubles, mistletoe, twigs from the garden, pine cones, bows, ribbon, whatever you like!

Glitter Garland 3

If any of your decorations aren’t already gold, you need to spray paint them. Do this outside so you don’t gas yourself / ruin the carpet, and then leave your decs to dry Once your decs are dry, paint shapes onto them using PVA glue and dunk them in the gold glitter Once the PVA is dry, shake off the excess glitter Tie your decorations onto the string! My baubles and bows came with ties, and I tied everything else on using gold ribbon

glitter garland 4This is a really fun craft to do with someone else. James doesn’t usually enjoy crafting, but he loved spray painting things and covering them in glitter!

glitter garland 5glitter garland 6glitter garland 7

Now you’ve finished, you can hang up your garland and admire it. Have you ever hand-made christmas decorations? I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday 🙂


Glitter Forever

It’s Saturday evening, hooray! And what better way to bring some sparkle into your weekend than with a bucketful of glitter? I realise I’m a bit late on the glitter-shoe trend, but good shoes never go out of style. This is how happy my glitter shoes make me

Glitter Shoes JumpGlitter Shoes

If you would like a pair of glitter shoes of your own, you have come to the right place! I am here to show you how to make them. This is a great way to revamp an old pair of Chelsea boots, although you can do it to any pair of shoes.

You will need:

A bottle of glitter
A bottle of PVA glue
An old paintbrush
A container for the glue. You can just use an old yoghurt pot or something.
Acrylic paint for the soles
Some shoes to glitter!

Glitter Shoes 4

Step 1: Tape over any parts of the shoe you don’t want to be glittery, like the soles. I also taped over the elasticated side of my shoe, so that the original fabric would be showing.  Mix equal parts PVA and glitter in a pot. Paint your shoes with this! Leave your shoes to dry, and then paint the next layer. Repeat until you have complete glitter coverage.

Step 2: Paint the soles of your shoe with the acrylic paint. Be careful not to get any on the glitter!

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Glitter Shoes 2IMG_0198

My friend Amy very kindly took these photo’s for me! Find more of her here and here. Have a lovely weekend 🙂