October Has Ended

I like the title of my monthly round-up posts to have some alliteration but there are no “goodbye” phrases which start with O. I tried to think of a good title, I really did! Anyway, October has ended! (A while ago now I know, but I’ve been busy catching up on sleep.) It was a good month including my favourite holiday, Halloween! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month.

I shared a lot of my outfits this month. This vintage dress that I wore on a bike ride and these checked trousers were probably my favourite outfits, but I also shared a vintage mirrored velvet waistcoat (here), a 90s style dress (here) and my yellow polka dot rain coat (here).

bike ride 1autumn layers 4

I’ve also been embroidering lots of autumn-themed patterns for the autumn stitching club. I think this loaf of bread is so cute, but I’ve also stitched a pumpkin spiced latte (here), a toffee apple (here), and some apple cider doughnuts (here) this month.

asc 14I’ve written a lot of Halloween themed posts! I shared four of my favourite Halloween themed films. I had a lot of fun sticking these cardboard bats to my walls, and I enjoyed making some ghosts to haunt my doorway. I shared a tutorial for my DIY bat costume, and a couple of photos from my Halloween weekend.

halloween decs 1ghost scarecrows 8bat costume 12

Lastly, I wrote about four bloggers who inspire me to take better photographs! I hope you’ve had a brilliant month 🙂


DIY Ghost Family

My most recent Halloween decorations are these ghostly visitors! Ghosts, bats and pumpkins are probably my favourite Halloween characters. I like that these ghosts are so mobile and you can prop them up anywhere. If you have a garden by your front door, you could stick them into the lawn like scarecrows! I think one by itself would also be cute, but I thought if I was making one, I might as well make four. Don’t forget to make them different sizes, if you want a ghost family like me 🙂

ghost scarecrows 1ghost scarecrows 2

You will need:
4 Balloons
Kitchen towel
Paint brush
4 Jam jars
White bin bags
White mesh / gauze / net (as long as it’s cheap and a little transparent!) I used 4 metres
4 sticks
Gardening wire
Wire cutters
Masking tape
Black Card

ghost scarecrows 3

Step 1: Blow up your balloons and cover them in paper mache! If you haven’t done this before, just fill a jar with half water and half pva, dip strips of kitchen towel into the jar and smooth them, overlapping, onto the balloon. Do two or three layers, and put the balloons in jars so that they stay upright. Leave to dry overnight.

ghost scarecrows 4ghost scarecrows 5

Step 2: Wrap wire around the top half of the stick to form ghost arms. If your wire is sliding down the stick, tape into place.

Step 3: Once your paper mache is fully dry, tape it onto the top of the stick to form the head!

Ghost Scarecrows 6

Step 4:  Cut the handles off the bin bags and pull them over the top of the ghost. Secure the bin bags around the neck by tying with a bin bag handle. For larger ghosts, you might want to chop up the bin bags and tape them together to get a bigger ghost body!

Step 5: Drape your transparent fabric over the top of the ghost body and tie with a strip of fabric

ghost scarecrows 7

Step 6: Cut out eyes and a mouth from the black card, and glue onto the ghost face.

ghost scarecrows 8There you have it, a nice family of ghosts to welcome you home until Halloween. Mine are currently inside lurking in dark corners, as it’s been rather rainy… I will put them outside for Halloween and hopefully we’ll get lots of trick or treaters!


Spooky Decorations Pt. 1

I’m so happy that I have my first Halloween decorations up! These flying bats for my room are the first things I made. I think they’re fun – they’re simple and not too tacky and super easy to make. This DIY is as simple as cutting and sticking. By Halloween my house will be looking pretty spooooooky!

halloween decs 1You will need:
10 sheets of black card
Blue tack

Step 1: Draw on your bat shapes. I did four sizes of bats – the biggest were the length of a sheet of A4, and the little one’s I cut from the space under the big bat’s wings. Fold the card in half and draw on half the bat  – that way your bat will be symmetrical, and he will look like he’s flapping his wings when you blue tack him to the wall! Then cut out your bats.

halloween decs 2halloween decs 3

Step 2: Blue tack your bats to the wall!

I told you this was a quick decoration 🙂

halloween decs 4halloween decs 5

I also carved my first pumpkin! This guy is a “monster” pumpkin. I carved the witch and James carved the ghost. I’m not sure if it’ll make it all the way to Halloween, but if not at least I used the insides to attempt my first pumpkin pie (I think I need a little practice…)

Halloween Decs 6

Have you put any Halloween decorations up yet? I have big plans for the rest of the house but I’m pretty pleased with my decorations so far. I’m hoping to host a Halloween get-together at my house which will give me lots of opportunity to create some spooky concoctions!