What I Wore: Filey

The third stop on my tour-of-nice-places-to-go-in-Yorkshire is Filey! (Here is stop one and stop two.) Filey is a typical British seaside town. Although it’s smaller than places like Whitby, it still has plenty of arcades, candyfloss stands, fish and chip shops and colourful changing booths. The weather was crazy when we were there, alternating between rain and dark skies and beautiful sunshine like only the British weather can. Although this meant we didn’t get to do any sunbathing, I think seaside towns like Filey look best in the rain. There’s something very atmospheric about the stormy seas and the empty old timey seaside attractions covered in rain.

Filey 1

Filey 2

We walked onto this large rock structure that sticks out into the sea called “Filey Brigg.” Stupidly, we didn’t check what time the tide came in, so we had to hurry back to the town through the approaching waves so as to not get stranded out at sea. Thank god we made it!

Filey 3

Filey 4

Filey 5

I decided to go for a simple outfit, with denim shorts, boots and this colourful fluffy jumper. I found this jumper in the Ark sale, and I am in love! It is so soft, and it’s holey so it’s a good summer layer. I bought my necklace from H&M in a panic becauseĀ  couldn’t find anything to go with my summer ball dress, but I actually wear it all the time! It’s become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. My boots are All Saints, and my shorts are so old I don’t actually know where they’re from.

Filey 6

Filey 7

Filey 8

Filey 9

What do you think about seaside towns, do you find them inspiring or too old fashioned? Have a great day!


Dip-Dye Jumper

Remember I said that over the summer I dyed LOADS of clothes? Well, this jumper is one of them! I kept seeing bleached jumpers in shops like Urban Outfitters, but they were so expensive, so I decided to make my own. This project is one of the easiest I’ve ever done.

And here’s how to make it šŸ™‚

You will need: A plain jumper, some spray bleach (I used some poundland bathroom cleaner), and something to protect your floor (I used bin bags.)

Step 1: Spread out the bin bags on the floor, and put the jumper on top

Step 2: Spray your jumper with bleach! To get a gradual fade effect, spray bleach up to the middle of the jumper, but so that the further up you go, the less times you spray it. I did mine so that the bottom of the jumper was soaked. Then do the same for the back.

Step 3: Wait for the bleach to develop (this usually takes a couple of hours) and then make sure you wash the jumper well before wearing it!

And that’s it! I told you it’s super simple to do.

Have you ever tried bleaching clothes?