What I Wore: Autumn Layers

I guess my outfit posts will be featuring lots of jumpers now since it is preeeeeeety cold! It’s okay though, because I find autumn / winter dressing easier than summer dressing (maybe because that’s how I have to dress 90% of the time) and layering is so much fun. I didn’t used to be a fan of wearing short layers over long layers, but it’s grown on me, and this way I can wear my favourite kimonos and house coats but still be cosy. This cardigan is super soft, I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this year.

Autumn Layers 1 autumn layers 2autumn layers 3autumn layers 4autumn layers 5

I’ve been wearing these trousers constantly since I got back from Paris, but I’ve only just got round to posting about them. They are seriously the most comfortable and versatile item of clothing I own. I love that they’re so high-waisted because I can wear them with a crop top or a t-shirt tucked in, and I think very high waists are most flattering on me. They’re also colourful and patterned, which all the best clothes are, and they’re baggy around my legs so it feels like I’m wearing pyjamas all day. I bought them from a vintage shop in Paris called Hippy Market which stocks lots of high-waisted patterned trousers. If you find yourself in Paris, I highly recommend you snap up a pair!

autumn layers 6autumn layers 7 autumn layers 9autumn layers 8

Outfit Details: Cardigan, Vintage / House Coat, Vintage (Dollymix, Leicester) / Crop Top, ARK / Trousers, Vintage (Hippy Market, Paris) / Shoes, Ebay

The downside of the cold weather is that all I want to eat are freshly baked cookies and pies. If that doesn’t change, I won’t be wearing crop tops for much longer! I hope your week is off to an excellent start 🙂


What I Wore: Patterned Tights

I really love patterned tights. The only problem is that I ladder my tights so quickly, and it’s so sad to ruin a pair of tights with a pretty pattern on them! This pair has held up so far, and i built the rest of my outfit around them. The other thing I love is wearing shirts over dresses. I really like the mix of textures, and I get some extra protection form the harsh Yorkshire winds 🙂 This dress is an impulse buy but I’ve been getting so much wear out of it! It’s very slightly longer at the back which is actually quite practical. Being taller than average, my dresses sometimes rise up to panty level when I walk, and this one doesn’t – no awkward hem tugging necessary!

My dress and socks are from H&M, my shirt is from a charity shop, my hat is form Ark Vintage, my shoes are from Ebay, my tights are from Primark and my necklace is from Camden Market.

patterned tights 1

patterned tights 2

patterned tights 3

My hat! This one only stays on my head because there is a band of elastic attached which I tuck under my hair (not under my chin!) I have lots of lovely straw hats which are hard to wear because they blow off my head, so I am going to sew elastic to all my hats, it’s such a good trick.

patterned tights 4

My elephant necklace is looking a bit battered, but just because he’s so well loved. Elephants are my favourite animals, they’re so beautiful and strong and intelligent and loving.

patterned tights 5

This is me with all of my layers on. Where’s summer dissappeared to?

patterned tights 6

patterned tights 7
I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂 It looks like it will be a rainy one up here, so I’m looking forward to getting my craft on.