What I Wore: Teddy Gilet

Teddy Gilet / JesstheticsTeddy Gilet / JesstheticsTeddy Gilet / JesstheticsTeddy Gilet / Jessthetics

Since starting my new job I don’t wear anything interesting Monday to Friday. I’ve given up wearing make-up to work, I have to be able to cycle in what I’m wearing (I’m not one of those crazy people who can cycle in heels!) I want to look smart-ish and if I’m honest, I don’t want to stand out in the office too much! This means that the weekend is my chance to experiment with my clothes. I bought this gilet from ASOS in the January sales and it is so boho and warm – two of my favourite properties in an item of clothing! My mum thinks it looks like a carpet but I think I look like a rock star. It’s perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons when I want to feel good and be comfy, and this is an outfit I’ve been wearing on repeat for months. I picked up this dress in the Salvation Army in Durham (one of my favourite charity shops!) and my shoes are a trusty ebay vintage find that I’ve been wearing for years.

Teddy Gilet / JesstheticsTeddy Gilet / JesstheticsTeddy Gilet / Jessthetics

Outfit Details: Teddy Gilet, ASOS / Necklace, Ebay / Dress, Charity Shop (Salvation Army, Durham) / Shoes, Ebay (Old)

I love this crystal necklace, it’s such a pretty colour and it’s so dainty! I’m working on increasing my pendant collection, I might even start layering them soon! You can win a version of this necklace, along with lots of other goodies, in my giveaway!


What I Wore: Arizona Bells

One of my favourite things about being employed is pay-day shopping! This month I bought myself some Bell Bottoms from Ette. I’ve been looking for affordable, high-waisted and funky bells for while and these are perfect. Look at that paisley pattern… paisley is my favourite! They’re just long enough for me and the elasticized waist means that they fit me perfectly. The material they’re made out of feels like pyjamas, and there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in your jammies all day!

Arizona Bells / JesstheticsArizona Bells / JesstheticsArizona Bells / JesstheticsWaiste Necklace / Jessthetics

I wore my Bells this weekend with my Zara roll neck and my new favourite ASOS platforms for walks along the river, shopping in York and anย afternoon of crocheting as well as these windy outfit photos! I think this might be my most 70s outfit to date, and that’s saying something! I’m also still in love with this Waiste necklace. It goes with everything.

Arizona Bells / JesstheticsArizona Bells / JesstheticsArizona Bells / Jessthetics

Outfit Details: Bell Bottoms, Ette (similar) / Silver Platforms, ASOS / Roll neck, Zara / Cardigan, Vintage / Necklace, Waiste

I’m looking forward to introducing more Bell Bottoms into my wardrobe! I hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚


Blogger Favourites: Bell’s Fashion

This is the first post in my blogger favourites series featuring just one blogger. I thought it would be fun to get to know the best of the blogging world by conducting interviews! This month I’m chatting to Helena from Bell’s Fashion. I’ve featured her on my blog before, and I still can’t get enough of her style! It’s colourful, retro and she has the most incredible faux fur collection.

J: I really love your style. You put clothes together in such a fun, playful and original way. Who are your biggest style inspirations? Who or what has had the biggest influence on your aesthetic?

H: Aww thank you so much! My biggest style inspirations in terms of bloggers are Jess & Stef from How Two Live and Sara from Waiste. Otherwise, I take a lot of inspiration from crazy stylists such as Soki Mak, Lola Chatterton and Julia Sarr-Jamois. I gain aesthetic inspiration from a variety of things such as people on the street, art, tumblr, blogs, and film.

Helena Bells Fashion 1

J: You’re one of my favourite bloggers because the way you dress is never boring. I know from personal experience that the general public is not always accepting of people who dress a little differently. If you ever experience negativity, how do you deal with it?

H: I have experienced negativity a few times from the way I have dressed but it has only ever been on the internet and when a brand has posted me on one of their social media sites (usually facebook) – never on my own blog. When it first happened I was slightly offended but to be honest I completely understand that not everyone will ‘get’ my style and that’s fine if they don’t like it but I don’t see the need for people to get so worked up over someone else’s outfit over the internet! People take fashion wayyyy too seriously.

Helena Bells Fashion 2

J: I’m always intrigued by the non-bloggy parts of bloggers lives. What does a typical day in the life of Helena look like?

H: At the moment, my life isn’t particularly exciting I’m afraid. I’m in my last year of uni so I will usually just get up earlyish, get dressed then spend the whole day in my room doing uni work, with my cats by my side. Then have dinner with my mum, and see my boyfriend. Wow, I really know how to have fun don’t I haha!

J: I know from your blog that you’re currently studying a fashion degree and that you’ve got some exciting business plans coming up as part of your final project! What plans do you have for when you graduate?

H: Oooh I’m so excited to graduate! I’m starting an online clothing website for my final major project and that is what I am going to be carrying on with for the rest of my future hopefully ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s going to be AMAZING! I wish I could tell you more but I’m keeping the name and everything a secret for now.. but all will be revealed in the not too distant future โค

Helena Bells Fashion 3

J: What are your favourite parts of blogging, and are there any aspect of it that you find challenging?

H: My favourite part of blogging is meeting new people who I have a lot in common with. Where I live, there isn’t really anyone who has the same interests and mindset as me so it’s nice to meet similar people, even if it is virtual! Saying that, I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging who I love very much. The thing I find the most challenging is the whole taking photos part. It’s always difficult to find someone who has the time to take the photo of me and I also nearly always hate the photos as I feel I am so unphotogenic and awkward in front of a camera ha!

Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed Helena! Don’t forget to check out her blog.

(All photo credit belongs to Helena)


What I Wore: Stripey Trousers

Even though I’ve had these trousers for while, it’s taken me a while to photograph them because they go from “comfy trousers” to “why have you gone shopping in your pyjamas?” very quickly. I think this coat and trouser combination makes the outfit sufficiently smart though. Problem solved! The trousers are from my favourite Parisian vintage shop, Hippy Market. Next time I’m in Paris I’m going to buy all their high waisted trousers because I wear them all the time. I was beyond devastated when my other pair of Hippy Market trousers shrunk in the wash ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

stripey trousers 1stripey trousers 2stripey trousers 3stripey trousers 4

I wore this outfit for a lovely lazy day last Sunday. I bought these shoes in the New Look sale. I like that New Look do a lot of non-leather shoes and they were cheaper than the knock-off Chelsea boots I’ve been watching on ebay for a while. I wore them for an afternoon walk around York and they were super comfy! You might have noticed that it’s a cold day and I’m not wearing five jumpers. I have discovered the secret to going outside in winter without wearing a duvet; I wear a thermal top under all my clothes every day. You’re welcome.

stripey trousers 5stripey trousers 6stripey trousers 7

Outfit details: Trousers, Vintage (Hippy Market, Paris) / Shirt, Vintage / Mac, Vintage / Shoes, New Look / Necklace, H&M

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


What I Wore: Zara Jumper

Okay, so this is not the most inventive outfit in the world, but it is comfy and cosy which is what I’ve been going for lately. Before New Years I spent a weekend with my Grandparents in Surrey and this is what I wore for Sunday dinner and sales shopping. I got lots of lovely things for christmas, but one of my favourites was this Zara jumper that my mum bought me. I wear a lot of high-waisted things, and I think they look good with a cropped jumper like this! It also has a roll neck and it’s super soft.

zara jumper 1zara jumper 2zara jumper 3zara jumper 4

My necklace was also a Christmas present. It’s from Waiste. I just love their jewellery and they sell the nicest vintage clothes – not surprising since the business is run by vintage boho blogger babe Sarah. I’m wearing Christmas nail polish too! The red is from Zoya and the glitter on top is Models Own. I’ve decided to only buy cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals (a blog post on that coming soon!) and nail polish is one of the easier things to find – I love Zoya and Models Own and they’re both bunny friendly!

zara jumper 5zara jumper 6zara jumper 7zara jumper 8
Outfit Details: Jumper, Zara / Trousers, ASOS (similar here) / Coat, Vintage (Priestleys VIntage, York) / Shoes, Vintage (Ebay, Old) / Necklace, Waiste

What did you get for Christmas?


What I Wore: Disco In The Daytime

I know disco pants are a little dated, but I love mine so I’m going to wear them anyway. These trousers were my go-to trousers to wear to Willow (a grimy, cheesy club in York) but since I rarely go out now, I’ve incorporated them into my day-time wardrobe! This is what I wore Christmas shopping with James last week. I ended up only buying beer and a jumper for myself, whoops.

disco pants 1disco pants 2disco pants 3

Whenever James comes to stay we watch Buffy together. This time we watched the first season of Angel. My makeup is inspired by Cordelia this time – she wears some amazing dark lipsticks! I have layered up because it is freezing and windy. I don’t know how other bloggers can wear cut out boots / crop tops at this time of year unless they’re carrying a radiator around with them.

disco pants 4disco pants 5
Outfit details: Disco Pants, American Apparel / Shirt, Vintage (inherited) / Jacket, Vintage (inherited) / Coat, Vintage (inherited) / Scarf, Vintage (inherited) / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Necklace, Vintage (inherited) / Earrings, H&M / Lipstick, Lush Confidence

I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! I’m working a lot in the run up to christmas, but I’m enjoying being busy. I think if I had a lot of time on my hands I would be missing James and my friends too much. How are your preperations going?


What I Wore: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has a special place in my heart. Before I moved to York, my mum and I went to see it every year before christmas. The music is lovely, and the dancing is incredible, but my favourite part of the ballet has always been the costumes and the scenery. The moment when the toys from under the christmas tree come to life and the tree grows is my favourite thing I’ve seen in a theatre ever. The moment when Clara arrives on stage in a flying swan is pretty special too. This year I saw The Nutcracker in Birmingham with my mum, my brother and my boyfriend, and I thought I might as well dress up!

nutcracker 1nutcracker 2nutcracker 3

This coat was a birthday gift from a vintage shop in York a couple of years ago. It’s beautiful and I think it will last me a lifetime – I only wear it on special occasions and I fall in love with it a little more every time I wear it. My dress is an old Topshop buy, and I’m wearing a tutu underneath (a memento from my life as a teen goth) to make the skirt a little fuller. It’s quite a simple LBD but I like the sequins on the top and the open back detail. In keeping with the goth theme I braved wearing my new blue lipstick from Lush – I find it hard to apply but very well lasting for such an extreme colour!

nutcracker 4nutcracker 5nutcracker 6nutcracker 7

Outfit details: Dress, Topshop (Old) / Coat, Vintage (Priestleys. York) / Scarf, Borrowed from my mum / Shoes, New Look (Old) / Lipstick, Lush, Control

I hate it when bloggers apologise for their blog posts, but I’m going to do it – I’m sorry these photos are blurry! I’ve yet to work out how to take a photo without natural light. If anyone has any tips, I’m all ears!


What I Wore: A Weekend in Oxford

Last weekend I drove down to Oxford to visit my brother and celebrate his birthday with him. It was really fun, and I loved seeing his flat and his favourite foody places. We ate lunch at Atomic Pizza – aย  retro diner style cafe overflowing with comic books and pop culture memorabilia – I recommend a visit if you’re in Oxford! It’s such a beautiful city (although not as beautiful as York which I miss terribly, especially at this time of year.) On Saturday morning we wandered down to the river to watch some rowing, and Oscar took these photos of me outside Christchurch College. This coat is one of my favourite things that I’ve ever found in a vintage shop. The gold embroidery just kills me. It’s not super warm though, so I’m wearing two jumpers underneath. I decided to wear it with dungarees to make my outfit more casual!

oxford outfit 1oxford outfit 2oxford outfit 6oxford outfit 4My nail varnish is a silver polish from Nails Inc (It came free with Glamour!) with a sparkly Barry M shade over the top. They chipped really quickly but I think I might use this combination again anyway, because they’re so festive and sparkly! I’ve also bought a new pair of ear muffs. When I lived in York I cycled everywhere, and ear muffs were very necessary to stop my ears from freezing. They make me so much warmer, and they don’t make my head itchy like wooly hats do!

oxford outfit 5oxford outfit 7oxford outfit 89

Outfit details: Dungarees, Dolly Mix Vintage (Leicester) / Embroidered Coat, Dolly Mix Vintage (Leicester) / Roll neck jumper, Zara / Green Cardigan, Vintage / Ear Muffs, Next / Rings, H&M / Lipstick, Lush Confidence

This week I’ve started to think about christmas shopping. This is actually quite early for me – I’m usually a buy-things-the-day-before kind of girl but I’m going to be organised this year! Have you started yet?


What I Wore: Blue Fur Forever

I’ve been dressing very lazily recently. It’s too cold to spend a long time getting ready in the morning, so I’ve just been wearing whatever top and trouser combination comes to hand. I’ve also been finding tights very irritating, which means that I haven’t worn a dress for ages. This is the perfect lazy morning outfit because it’s easy and warm but the fur coat makes me feel like I put some effort in.

blue fur coatblue fur coatblue fur coat 3blue fur coat 4

I picked up my coat from the Guildford Car Boot sale. Car Boots tend to stop for the winter, but I’m excited for when they start-up again so I can go treasure hunting! I also think these earrings do a great job of jazzing upย  my outfit – my friends bought them for me for my birthday last year and they’re glittery! I love glitter, especially at this time of year. I’ve blogged about these ASOS jeans before, and I’m still wearing them all the time. I wear them to my volunteering job every week!

blue fur coat 54blue fur coat 6blue fur coat 7blue fur coat 8
Outfit Details: Coat, Car Boot / Mom Jeans, ASOS (Similar here)ย  / T Shirt, Dorothy Perkins / Boots, Ebay / Necklace, Camden Market / Earrings, Gift

You guys, it’s almost December! I love the run up to Christmas and I’ve already been drinking a lot of hot chocolate in preparation. I’m driving to Oxford tomorrow for my brother’s birthday, and I’m hoping to start my christmas shopping, even if some of it is for me… do you have any plans for the weekend? Has the cold been influencing your outfit choices? Happy Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚


What I Wore: Oversized Wool Coat

I love the oversized wool coat trend, and I’ve been seriously jealous of the pink coats that have been everywhere on fashion blogs this autumn. I didn’t need to buy one of my own, since I inherited this beautiful grey wool coat! It’s super warm and chunky. I think it makes a statement by itself, so I kept the rest of my outfit simple and monochrome. I always wear colours so this is a bit different for me!

wool coat 1wool coat 2wool coat 3wool coat 4

My necklace is from H&M and I bought it for my christmas ball at uni last year – I’m missing the christmas ball now I’m a graduate. Getting dressed up and having a posh meal was so much fun! My skirt is an old one from Primark. I don’t shop at Primark anymore, as I’m not sure it’s ethical but I still love this skirt. It goes with everything. I’m running low on winter shoes, and these are the boots that I wore throughout sixth form. I still love them, and it’s nice to know my taste hasn’t changed all that much in the last four years! The one new item in this post is my shirt. I think I’ve worn this shirt everyday this week (is that wrong? I hope not!) it is so comfy and it’s such a wardrobe staple!

wool coat 5wool coat 6wool coat 7wool coat 8

Outfit Details: Coat, Vintage / Skirt, Primark (Old) / Top, Ebay / Shoes, Topshop (Old) / Necklace and Socks, H&M / Lipstick, Rimmel 007

Have you got a new coat this winter? Do you like oversized coats? I hope your week has been fabulous so far ๐Ÿ™‚