It’s Raining Pink

I feel like I’ve been talking about the weather a lot recently, but the constant rain this week has really been affecting my mood. I had planned to make things outside, and take a lot of photos but I just haven’t been able to because it’s been so wet! I’ve been regressing back to winter hibernation mood – eating a lot of cake and wanting to hide in bed. But no one can be grumpy when they’re wearing a bright pink raincoat, right? This pink-overload of an outfit did manage to brighten my day. It might not be sun hat weather, but this pink hat was just begging to be worn with my raincoat.

Outit Details: Raincoat, H&M (Old) / Hat, H&M (Old) / Shirt, Natura (Old) / Skirt, Shop Jessthetics / Boots, New Look

This is my favourite skirt from my Etsy shop, I think the vintage pattern is gorgeous. The benefit of selling handmade clothes = you get to road test them! I’m also wearing a shirt that I picked up in Barcelona a couple of years ago. It’s my go-to summer shirt, it’s so light and breezy! I’m looking forward to travelling to Edinburgh  tomorrow for a weekend of flat hunting. I’ve been offered a place at Edinburgh to do my MSc in Environmental Sustainability next year, so I just need to find somewhere to live! I’ve heard the weather in Scotland’s not great, so I might need my coat…


What I Wore: Pink In The Garden

Hello there, today my outfit centers around my pink boater hat. Isn’t it cute? I’ve been wearing it, as well as my pink rounded sunglasses, to lounge around the garden and absorb some vitamin D. I’ve also temporarily given up shoes. If you’re not leaving the house, why do you need them? I love the feeling of grass between my toes, it feels like summertime! I haven’t adventured as far as the pavement in my bare feet yet, although I admire those who walk around town without shoes, it must be so liberating (albeit a little painful sometimes.)

pink in the garden 1

pink in the garden 2

pink in the garden 3

The flowers in my garden are looking beautiful this year. My mum has been giving them lots of love and attention and it shows! I love the beautiful pinky colours that are scattered around the garden at the moment. When I (fingers crossed) get a job after summer and move into an apartment of my own, I want to fill it with plants and flowers.

pink in the garden 4

pink in the garden 5

pink in the garden 6

pink in the garden 7Outift details: Boater hat, H&M / Sunglasses, H&M / Skirt, Vintage / Top, Topshop

I fly out to Cyprus with my family today, I’m so excited! They love to spend their holiday searching for hidden temples, but hopefully I’ll squeeze in some beach time too. Happy wednesday!


Macarons Take One

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make. This was my very first attempt, and although they came out squidgy, wonky and a little brown, they were still delicious! My student kitchen is not baking-friendly. We have no scales, so i judge amounts by eye, and we have no whisk, spatula, rolling pin, cake tin, you name it! Usually improvisation works, but these macarons were too tricky for my student version of baking. I think I will try again at my parents house when I have access to scales and an electric whisk. Here’s what I did, and if you have a go, hopefully you can learn by my mistakes! I adapted my macarons recipe from this one.

Macaroons 1

You will need:

4 large egg whites
70g caster sugar
230g icing sugar
120g ground almonds
gel food colouring
200g dark chocolate
200ml double cream

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 150c and whisk the egg whites and the caster sugar together until they are stiff. They should form peaks, and not fall out of the bowl when tipped upside down – below is a demonstration of egg whites not falling out of the bowl. If you are whisking with just a fork, get some obliging friends / housemates to help you so that your arm doesn’t fall off 🙂Macaroons 2

Step 2: If you are using two seperate colours, seperate the mixture into two bowls and whisk one colour into each. Then fold in the ground almonds until the mixture is smooth but not runny.

Macaroons 3Step 3: Put your mixture into a thick plastic food bag, and cut off the corner. Then pipe your macarons onto grease proof paper and pop them into the oven for twenty minutes.

Macaroons 4

Step 4: To make the filling, just melt together the cream and cholcolate slowly over a low heat. Allow both the macarons and the chocolate filling to cool a little, and then spread the filling onto your macarons before sandqiching together.

Macaroons 5

Macaroons 6

For my next attempt, I will definitely be doing more research. There are some great resources on macaron making here and here. In other news, I HAVE FINISHED MY DEGREE! It feels SO sureal, I’m not really sure how to process the information. Here’s to adult life.


What I Wore: High Waisted

Hello everyone! This pink blouse is another one of my bargain finds from Ark Vintage. (I’ve written about another find here.) I love it, it goes with everything! There are no labels in it, and I have a feeling it is homemade. I love the idea that I’m wearing something which has been lovingly sewn from scratch. This outfit is quite simple, but sometimes simple is the best! My shoes are from Everything5pounds and my high waisted jeans are from Next.

High Waisted 1

High Waisted 2

Here’s a closer look at my rings. The green one belonged to my Grandma, the pink one is from H&M and the plain silver ones are from Topshop. I love wearing lots of rings. When it comes to ring wearing, Phoebe from friends is my hero. I’m not quite there yet, but hopefully I will have a ring collection to rival hers someday. Here she is in all her 90s glory,


Phoebe’s style is the best!

High Waisted 3

High Waisted 4

Look at that bunny blur trying to sneak his way into my outfit photos! Archie doesn’t like it when I’m not paying him my full attention, so he spends him time running around my feet and trying to knock my tripod over. He’s not very helpful but he’s so cute. I miss him so much when I’m at uni.

I hope you’re having a lovely week.