Marbled Photo Frames

Jessthetics / Marbled Photo Frames
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesThe next project in my quest to add colour to everything in my room is this cute marbled picture frame DIY! I actually bought these frames thinking that I would decorate them with a tiled mosaic, but that proved to be too difficult. I’m glad I marbled them instead though because this project is easier, cheaper, quicker and filled with just as much colour!
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesYou will need: A container to dunk your frames into, a frame, nail polish in several colours, tape, and a wooden stick.

I decided that I just wanted the front of my frames to be marbled, so I began by removing the glass and backing from my frames and taping the sides to protect them!
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesFill your container with a couple of inches of water, and add your nail polish. Be aware that it dries quickly (especially fast drying nail polish!) so you’re going to need to work fairly fast. I found it easiest to pour nail polish out of the bottle with the bottle close to the water, and swirl the polish around slowly. If I poured too quickly, the polish dissolved into the water rather than sitting on top.
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesDunk your frame into the water! Since my frame was bigger than my container, I dipped in one section at a time. It didn’t matter if I dipped a part of the frame that had already been dipped, since the overlap had a pretty effect.
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesI did four or five different nail polish patterns before both frames were covered with the marble effect. The nail varnish left a skin on the top of the water (kind of like the skin on milk when you heat it in the mocrowave.) I removed this with a wooden stick in-between patterns so that it didn’t stick to my frames!
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo Frames
Jessthetics / Marbled Photo FramesTa da! All finished. Now you just need to hang your frames! I feel like I say this every time I post a project, but this really is a simple DIY. You could whip these up in under an hour, and the fun thing is that you can marble almost anything with this technique! I think my Van Gough print looks super cute in this marbled frame, and now I just need to buy a print to display in the second one!


Autumn Stitching Club #4

The third pattern that I’ve stitched for the Autumn Stitching Club is this cute little flower-pot. This is my favourite pattern so far – I love the texture of the stitched flowers! This pattern has made me excited to try some bigger and more intricate embroidery patterns. I think I prefer the way they look with more stitches, although it’s satisfying being able to complete one pattern in an hour or two 🙂


I hope you’re having the best Friday, and you’ve got a fun weekend planned. I’m looking forward to having one of my favourite people in the world come to stay with me!


Autumn Stitching Club #1

I’ve signed up to Wild Olive’s Autumm Stitching Club, and I’m so excited to learn how to embroider! I’ll be using her embroidery basics page to learn. Each week I get emailed a pattern, and the first week was this adorable scarecrow. He’s a little wonky, but not bad for a first attempt, what do you think?



At the end of autum I’ll have a collection of embroidered patterns that I can sew together to make a pillow. I love the idea of filling up my room with things that I’ve made, and doing a little each week means the project isn’t too daunting. Hopefully afterwards I can use my new embroidery skills to decorate homemade clothes. Are you making anything at the moment?