Tie Dye in Edinburgh

I’m starting my masters in Edinburgh this September, and so I spent this weekend hunting for somewhere to live! I’m so excited to live in a city that I love, and looking at flats (and decorating them in my mind) is one of my favourite activities. Luckily the weather was pretty warm whilst we were there, so I got to break out my bare legs and a very summery crop top! This top actually belonged to me when I was around eleven. A lot of my clothes from year 6 and 7 still fit me, not because I’m small now but because I did all my growing at a very young age. I was a tall eleven year old! I cut the bottom half off this top, and ta-da, it became a new crop top! Who says hoarding clothes doesn’t have it’s benefits? I bought this kimono from Rokit in Brick Lane a while back. I think it used to be a bed coat, but it’s more fun as an outside coat. When wearing this at uni, one of my friends asked me with genuine puzzlement “why are you dressed up as a witch today?” because wearing a cape that billows in the wind is fun, that’s why!

Outfit Details: Kimono, Vintage (Rokit) / Crop Top, Upcycled / Skirt, DIY / Chelsea Boots, New Look / Sunglasses, Rock N Rose via Lavish Alice

I’m wearing one of the skirts that I made a couple of months ago. Although one of the easiest to make, it’s among my favourite things that I’ve made because it’s so easy to wear, but the pu leather is unusual at the same time. I can’t wait to go back up to Scotland, I’m hoping to be there for the Fringe festival. I went briefly in 2010 and it was a lot of fun!


Experimenting with natural dye

I’ve been trying to use natural dyes for a while now, but it’s never quite worked out right. I’d been trying to dye sheer fabric, but I think this was a mistake – cotton took the dye SO much better! Natural dye is so much fun because you can just use left over veggies and spices or leaves from your garden. It’s cheaper than chemical dye AND it’s better for the environment. Yay! I used turmeric which gives a lovely yellow colour, but I would love to try blueberries, beetroot and onions. There’s some great resources about what you can use as dyes on these websites.

natural dye 2To make your own tumeric tie dye socks, you will need:
Cotton Socks

natural dye 1

Step 1: Pich sections of the socks and wrap elastic bands tightly around them.

Step 2: To fix your fabric (so that you can wash it without the colour coming out) boil your socks in a pan with 2 table spoons of vinegar for an hour.

Step 3: When your socks have cooled down a little, rinse them through. Then boil them in a pan full of water with one tablespoon of tumeric for an hour.

Step 4: Put your socks in the washing machine on a “rinse” setting for ten minutes, then undo the rubber bands and let them dry out.

Ta da, your socks are ready!

natural dye 3

Look at Archie hiding behind my socks! I’ve done tie dye becase I love it so much, but I think these would be cute with all over yellow too.

natural dye 4

I’m spending this weekend relaxing at my parents house and helping them out with their various projects. It’s been so much fun having adventures at uni post-deadlines, but sometimes you need a couple of evenings to come back home, watch trashy telly and going to bed early! I hope you have a fantastic weekend 🙂

EDIT: These have been tried and tested, and the colour did stay in the wash!


What I wore: Tie dye and a flower

There are two things that I cannot get enough of when it comes to clothes, and those are tie dye and fringing. Maybe it’s because I’m such a  hippy at heart, but I just love tie dye. This dress is from ASOS Marketplace, my oversized shirt is from Purple Haze in York, my boots are New Look and my lipstick is MAC Russian Red which I’ve been wearing all the time. When ever I go to charity shops or vintage shops I have to stop myself from buying all the fleece mens shirts, they’re so comfy!

tie dye and flower 1

tie dye and flower 2

tie dye and flower 3

tie dye and flower 4

Here’s a close up of the flower in my hair! This is just a fake flower that I snipped the stem off, and tucked behind my ear. My hair’s so thick I didn’t even need a grip. When the sun is properly out (please let that be soon!) I plan to wear flowers in my hair everyday to celebrate. Maybe I’ll even make daisy chains.

tie dye and flower 5

Here’s Archie sneaking into my photo’s again! I figured it wouldn’t be an outift post without him. I hope you’ve had a great day 🙂 I’ve just come back from watching The Great Gatsby and I LOVED it! There were so many sparkly dresses to admire and the soundtrack was incredible (and you know, the acting was alright too.)


Snow is falling

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I had deadlines, and then I was partying to celebrate the end of deadlines, and then I was sleeping to recover from all the partying. But now I am back to my everyday routine. Well, everyday apart from the fact that it’s been so snowy! Here’s a picture of me in the snow wearing some trousers I made.


And, in case you were wondering, here’s how to make them.

You will need: Some jeans, a bottle of household bleach, two packs of clothes dye, a bucket, some salt, rubber gloves, rubber bands and bin bags.

This is great to do with old jeans that you’re bored of, or if you don’t really like the shade of the jeans. The jeans that I dyed started off really baggy, but I made them skinnier. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial about that sometime.

Step 1: Tie elastic bands around the jeans in a tie-dye pattern. To get tips on how to do this, see this previous post. Put your jeans on some bin bags, and wear the rubber gloves. Be careful not to get bleach on anything, otherwise bad things happen! Squeeze a light layer of bleach over the jeans. This is what my jeans looked like all tied up:


Step 2: Leave the jeans in the bleach for a couple of hours. You can see when they’re ready because they’re lighter. When they’re finished, carefully take the rubber bands off, put your jeans through the wash and dry them. They should end up looking something like this:


Step 3: Wrap elastic bands around the top half of your jeans, and get your dye ready in a bucket. put the top half of the jeans into the dye. For more tips on dying clothes, look here. When they’re finished, wash and dry them.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the bottom half of your jeans and the second colour of dye.

Enjoy your new jeans! And if it’s snowing where you are, make sure you wrap up warm 🙂

Tie dye trousers


Tie-dye T-shirts

Over the summer, I had lots of fun dying and bleaching clothes. The first thing I did is tie-dye some t-shirts, which is pretty simple but really fun!

(You can tell these pictures aren’t recent, it’s nowhere near as summery as that now, sad times.)

Here’s how to do it:

You will need: A white (or light coloured) t shirt, salt, rubber bands, fabric dye (I use powder dylon dye), rubber gloves, a bucket, and something to stir with .

Step 1: Wrap the rubber bands around your t-shirt. Make sure they’re wrapped around tight, or the water will reach the fabric and dye it where you don’t want it to be dyed! You can control the pattern on the t-shirt by wrapping the elastic bands in different ways. My t-shirt has a circle pattern on it, and I achieved that by wrapping the elastic bands like this:

James wanted his t-shirt to look more chaotic, so he wrapped his elastic bands like this:

Step 2: Prepare your dye! You should follow the instructions on the back of your dye packet. Make sure you put newspaper down to protect your work surface, and wear rubber gloves so that you don’t get dye on your hands. If you’re using the dylon powder dye like I did, you should fill your bucket with warm water (enough to cover your t-shirt), add a couple of tablespoons of salt, and the dye (I used half of the packet for two t-shirts.) Put your shirt in the bucket, and give it a good stir.

Step 3: Stir your dye on regular intervals – with the powder dylon dye I stirred it every ten minutes for an hour.

Step 4: Wash and dry your t-shirt! I put my t-shirt on a 20-minute rinse wash and then tumble-dried it because I was feeling impatient.

And that’s it! Tie-dye is a really easy way to liven up plain clothes. And if you tie-dye everything you can become a hippy, which has been my life-long dream for forever.

Are you addicted to tie-dye yet?