What I Wore: Velvet Playsuit

I have been in a lot of vintage shops in my time. A lot. If I’m ever in a new town or on a city break I find the vintage shops and have a good browse. My favourite ever vintage shop, coincidentally is the three storey vintage haven in Leicester made up of DollyMix Vintage and Pink Pidgeon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in there and not seen several things that I want, and the prices are very reasonable. I get bored with going into vintage shops that have rows and rows of denim jackets and floral dresses – if I wanted to dress the same as everyone else I wouldn’t be in a vintage shop! DollyMix and Pink Pidgeon are full of a variety of unique, interesting wearable pieces, and luckily for me they’re in my city! The most recent time I was there I picked up this velvet jumpsuit. It fits me really well. I love the cinched waist and it’s so warm – perfect for winter!

velvet jumpsuit 1vintage jumpsuit 2velvet jumpsuit 3 velvet jumpsuit 4

The only problem with this jumpsuit is that it’s tricky to wear things over the top! Hence why I’m wearing gloves to keep me warm instead. I know I wear these boots in almost all my outfit posts, but that’s because I wear them every day. I’m wearing them out and I need some new ones – does anyone have recommendations for somewhere I can buy good vegan winter boots?

velvet jumpsuit 5velvet jumpsuit 6velvet jumpsuit 7velvet jumpsuit 8

Outfit details: Jumpsuit, Vintage (Pink Pidgeon, Leicester) / Boots, Ebay

Taking these photos in the golden afternoon sun was really fun, I’m trying to cherish the last of the autumn leaves. I hope you’ve had an excellent weekend!


What I Wore: Velvet and Mirrors

I find car boot sales so exciting. You never know what you might find, and everything is so cheap! When I stay at my Grandparent’s house I always try to make it to the Guildford car boot sale with my dad. The last time we went, I picked up this velvet mirrored waistcoat for £2. I think it’s amazing – I love the embroidery detail – and it looks great over shift dresses 🙂 This white dress is one of my favourites, the daisies on the sleeves and the hem are so pretty, and I love the square neck. I feel like I’ve walked straight out of the 60s in this outfit, but that’s fine with me!

velvet and mirrors 1velvet and mirrors 2velvet and mirrors 3

These photos were taken by my official photographer (a.k.a. my brother) before he went back to uni (I miss you little bro!) They were also taken before the days got darker and shorter, but oh well, I will be replacing thesevwalks along the riverside with pumpkin carving and costume making.

velvet and mirrors 4velvet and mirrors 5velvet and mirros 6

Outfit details: Waistcoat, Car boot / Dress, Topshop / Shoes, Ebay

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! I’m enjoying being in Durham with James, and we’re spending today watching Buffy and making pumpkin pie 🙂 Sundays are the best!


She wore green velvet.

I had a lovely weekend spending time with friends, baking, vintage shopping and crafting. One of the things that I made is this pair of green velvet shoes! I’ve been wanting a pair for ages, but hadn’t managed to find any I really liked within my price range so I decided to go for it and make some instead. This project took two evenings to complete, but I think it was worth it.

Velvet Shoes 4

Velvet Shoes 1

My friend Amy was kind enough to take all my outfit photos for me, and I love them! It’s definitely something that we should do together more often, it was so much fun. Thanks Amy! If you want to see more of what she’s up to, you can find her here and here.

Me and Amy

You will need:

A pair of shoes. As long as they’re a shape that you like, the rest doesn’t matter since you’ll be gluing velvet to them. I got mine from this website, which is now my favourite place to buy shoes!
Some fabric. You don’t have to use green, you don’t even have to use velvet, it’s up to you what you’d like to cover your shoes with! 1/2 a metre will be plenty.
Some superglue that won’t wash off in the rain.
PVA glue.
Tissue paper.
Ribbon for the laces.
Acrylic paint for the soles. I used black, but use whatever colour you like!


Step 1: Trace the pattern of your shoes. This is the trickiest part. Look at how your shoe is already split up into sections. My shoe had a section on either side and one on the front. Then lay the tissue paper over and trace around each section.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes you drew onto your tissue paper, and pin them onto your fabric. Then cut around the shape, about a cm away from the tissue paper all the way around. This is to allow enough space for you to hem each patter piece.

Step 3: Fold the extra cm of fabric onto the back of your piece of fabric, all the way around and glue down. This will make your edges neat and tidy. At this stage you should have something that looks a ittle bit like this:


Step 4: Glue your pattern pieces onto your shoe! Don’t be shy with the glue, you want to your fabric to be secure, but make sure not to get any on the outside of the fabric!

Step 5: After that’s dried, use the acrylic paint to paint the sole of your shoe. Once it’s dry you can seal it with a coat of PVA.

Step 6: Use the scissors to poke a hole in the fabric where the laces should go. Thread the ribbons through as laces.

Velvet shoes 2

Ta da! Now you have a totally transformed pair of shoes 🙂 Once you learn how to do this, it’s hard not to start gluing velvet onto EVERYTHING. Have you ever tried re-styling a pair of shoes?

Velvet Shoes 3