February is Finished!

February Review / JesstheticsGolden hour in my living room

February Revview / JesstheticsMy beautiful old bike, which has been taking me to work every day this monthFebruary Review / JesstheticsPlanning my blog posts with my homemade calendar

When I set my February goals I said I would aim to take more lifestyle-type photos and I have! What do you think? I’m really pleased I have these images to remind me of a month that’s been full of fun, food and friends. Nothing big has happened this month, but I’m just in a really good place (both literally and metaphorically!) I’ve loved working, living in this house with James and spending my weekend catching up with my favourite people, wandering around York, grabbing some really delicious food and catching a movie. Not every day’s been perfect, but I’ve definitely made the most of this month in the way I intended to. And I watched two seasons of Buffy, so it’s been an all round success.

February Review / JesstheticsThe view from my kitchen windowFebruary Review / JesstheticsA lovely lunch at El Piano

February Review / JesstheticsChai tea and people watchingFebruary Review / JesstheticsEarly, frosty mornings

This month I’ve blogged about vegan food (here and here) and two paisley outfits (here and here.) I shared a pair of crochet socks I made for James (here) and my finished cushion for the autumn stitching club (here.) Most recently I interviewed one of my favourite bloggers, Ally from Now That’s Pretty (here.) It’s been a good month! How’s your February been?

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February Goals

february goals

This month has come too quickly. I don’t feel ready for January to be over! This month will be the last of my short internship in York, which is sad. It has been so nice living in York again, and living with James especially. Most likely, I will move back in with my parents in March. I love my childhood home and being close to my family (and my beautiful bunny) but James and the rest of my friends are so far away from Leicestershire! That leads me to my first February goal…

1. I want to make the most of this month! It’s a gloomy time of year but I’m determined to go on a day trip, do a lot of vegan baking, take a lot of baths and sew myself a couple of skirts as well as hang out with the lovely people around me whilst I’m in York.

2. My second goal is to have a go at lifestyle photography. I enjoy taking photos for the blog and taking photos on holiday but I don’t have any photographs of everyday life. It’s just not something I ever think to photograph, and it’s harder than taking photos of the things I make! It would be lovely to end this month with a handful of personal images to go into that album I’ve been meaning to make…

I’ve been a little unsure about my “monthly goals” blog posts of late. I love reading other people’s and recapping on what I’ve done each month makes me more productive. As Socrates would say, the unexamined life isn’t worth living! However, not all of my goals fit within a monthly time-scale or are completely under my control (“get a good job” and “get into a masters course” have been monthly goals for a while now…) and I don’t want to set myself up for failure or start creating goals just for the sake of it. That said, I think my current goals are positive and achievable and I’m excited to get stuck into February! I have been busy organising my first blog giveaway, and I think you’re going to love it!

Have you got any February goals?


January in Review

This month has been good to me. I started a new job at my old Students Union, moved into a beautiful new house (after lots of stressful phone calls) with James and became vegan! I’m planning to write about becoming vegan in a bit more depth, but for now I can say that I’ve really enjoyed it and have been pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of food I’ve been eating. Being in York, I’ve spent my weekends with my gorgeous friends, and enjoyed having visitors to stay. I even managed to write a couple of blog posts too!

I began the month (and the year!) with some resolutions. I haven’t achieved any of my goals yet but I’m getting there.

I wrote three outfit posts this month. January has not been a month of adventurous outfits – I have been reaching for simple and comfy recently, I think it’s something to do with winter. My favourite outfit is my blue velvet dress but I also wrote about my stripey trousers and my Zara jumper.

blue velvet 5I shared a couple of craft projects this month too! Hands down, my favourite was the Mario Mushroom Crochet Blanket that I finished and gave to my brother. I worked on it for so long, and it couldn’t have turned out better! I was also pretty chuffed with the lavender bunnies I made with my mum as Christmas presents, and I’m pleased to have embroidered my last two patterns (here and here) for the autumn stitching club.

mario mushroom 1My favourite post this month was my discussion of cruelty free beauty. I got some lovely responses, you guys are the best!

cruelty free beauty 7I finished off the month by interviewing one of my favourite ever bloggers, Helena! I loved finding out more about her, and I’m planning to share an interview with another of my blogger fave’s next month 🙂

Have you had a good January?


What I wore: Mint and denim

I have some serious love for bed jackets. Or are they called house coats? Whichever, they’re so long and floaty, they make me feel like a fairy and they are a perfect summer layer. They can be hard to wear though. I paired my bed jacket with this Topshop denim top and this charity shop pencil skirt. What do you think?

Mint must be one of my favourite colours for clothes. A couple of summers ago I was obsessed with everything “ice cream” coloured – mint, lavender and lemon yellow – and I’m still not bored of wearing mint.

My boots are from All Saints. I’ve had them for ages, and I’m trying to keep them going for as long as possible. All of my shoes are falling apart at the moment!

mint and denim 1

mint and denim 2

mint and denim 3

The photos above were taken in the Treasurers House in York. The building is covered in these beautiful flowers, and we had a good time walking around – it’s fun being a tourist in your own city sometimes! The below photos were taken in the Minster gardens. I really will miss the Minster when I’ve left York, it’s such a lovely building to be greeted by every time you walk into town.

mint and denim 4

mint and denim 5

mint and denim 6

My task for this week is to work out how I’m going to get all my things back to my parent’s house. I can be a bit of a horder, and I have managed to amass a lot of stuff in the past three years. Wish me luck!


What I Wore: Stripes and Wedges

Recently, I have been making the most of any sunshine that comes my way by putting on my summeriest clothes and installing myself on a blanket in the park. I bought this playsuit from People Tree with a voucher that I was given, and I really love it. It fits me so well, and everything about it makes me think of summer. I can’t wait to wear it by the beach when I go on holiday at the end of the month! Although some of the clothes from People Tree are a little safe for my taste, they do have some really nice pieces, and I love shopping there because of their commitment to producing clothes ethically. I often think of People Tree as somewhere I can’t afford, but this playsuit was only £10 in the sale!

My wedges, which are from Shoe Zone, were also on sale. I used to buy so many shoes from Shoe Zone as a pre-teen so it was fun to shop there again! I am also wearing a vintage headscarf, and my necklace and sunglasses are from H&M.

stripes and wedges 1

stripes and wedges 2

stripes and wedges 3

Here I am in my “just in case the sun goes behind a cloud” layers! My waistcoat was a present from Deep, and the cardigan is from ASOS.

stripes and wedges 5

stripes and wedges 6

I had a great day lazing around in the park, and sitting on this horse that is probably supposed to be for children! It wasn’t hard getting up there, but getting down was more of a challenge. Especially in those shoes!

stripes and wedges 7

These little guys kept sticking their bottoms in the air, it was so cute I had to take a picture! When In leave York it will be sad not to be surounded by wildfowl all the time. Both town and campus are full of ducks and geese, which is especially cute when they have babies!

stripes and wedges 8I hope you’re having a great day!


DIY Flower Glasses

I really love crazy glasses. The bigger, and the more extravagant, the better! Nothing reminds me more of summer than a huge pair of colourful sunglasses. Most of the time, I wear big round glasses that make me look like a man from the 70’s, but I also love cat eyes. I found these beauties looking bare and flowerless in H&M for just a pound, and they were dying for some embellishment. It’s super simple, but here’s how you can make your own.

flower glasses

You will need:
Fake flowers (and dye if you want to change their colour)
A glue gun
Some sunglasses

flower glasses 2

Step 1: Glue your flowers onto your sunglasses using your glue gun. That really is it. Make sure that you angle them away from the glasses when you’re gluing, otherwise you won’t be able to see. My flowers started off white, but I wanted them yellow, so I dyed them with a little bit of dylon dye (some tips here). I’ve put off buying a glue gun for ages, I figured what can’t be achieved with craft glue? It turns out you can’t glue flowers to sunglasses with craft glue, they just keep falling off. So I made the investment, and it turns out that you can buy glue guns on amazon for a fiver! If you don’t have one, I would highly reccomend getting one. You can glue anything to anything!

flower glasses 3

flower glasses 4

flower glasses 5
I took these photos in the museum gardens in York, and there’s this wonderful old ruin in the middle of the gardens. It’s such a lovely place to have a picnic! Here I’m wearing a Topshop dress, ASOS cardigan, my boots are from Deep, and my coat is from a charity shop (I’m so pleased with this coat, it’s covered in tiny mirrors and it’s made out of velvet. What more could you wish for?)

flower glasses 6

flower glasses 7

flower glasses 8

flower glasses 9

Thanks Amy for helping me out with my photos again! Are you guys feeling inspired to do some summery DIYing?


What I Wore: Denim and Daffodills

I can never decide whether I prefer York in the spring time or the winter time. York is the best town for christmas because the cobbled streets and medieval buildings are the perfect christmas setting. Come spring time, the banks leading up to the old city walls are covered with a blanket of daffodils. The flowery verges are just so pretty! I loved taking the photo’s for this outfit post in amongst the daffodils, even though posing in public always requires a little extra bravery! My lovely friend Amy of bluegreygold took these photos for me.

The cardigan that I am wearing is another one of my bargain buys from Ark Vintage (which I’ve written about here and here.) My dress is H&M, my denim jacket is Deep, and my shoes are from Everything5pounds.com. I love these shoes! I really want to be a heels-during-the-daytime person but I can never muster up the energy. I’m not scared of heels, I’ve had plenty of practice wearing them on nights out, but I’m too lazy to go about my day to day life with the extra strain of wearing heels. These small red heels are a nice compromise for me because they are so comfy! I’m starting to get the hang of wearing red lipstick during the day, so maybe heels during the day is the next step!

Daffodils 1

Daffodils 2

Daffodils 3

Daffodils 4

Daffodils 5

Daffodils 6

I hope you have a lovely day, and the weather is treating you nicely. I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to the lake distict (photo’s coming soon!) and getting back into my rountine is proving difficult. I just want to be swimming in the lake again!


What I Wore: Purple and Fur

At the end of last term, I found the best shop in the world. My friend Chelsea took me there – thanks Chels! It was vintage, and everything was 3 for £5. Needless to say, I bought a lot of stuff. If you live near York, the shop I’m talking about is Ark Vintage. One of the things I bought was this patterned purple dress. The length is slightly mumsy, but I love the pattern, and the colour, and it is oh so comfy. The faux fur coat that I’m wearing is from a Vintage shop in Camden, and my boots are from All Saints. Here are some pictures of me all dressed up in the snow.

Purple and fur 1

Purple and Fur 2

Purple and Fur 3

Purple and Fur 4

I can’t wait to share the rest of my purchases with you! In other news, I’m still writing essays. It feels like it never ends! I’m looking forward to  being free and lounging around in the sunshine. Watch this space for lots of summery outfit photos.