Jessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughOn our last full day in York, James and I decided to take a road trip to Scarborough! I’ve never been before and I wasn’t expecting much – a friend described it as a “grim place” – but I had a really great time. It’s quite large for a seaside town and whilst the town center is a little crumbly, there’s lots to do and see along the shore! We had pizza for lunch and walked all around the town, the pier and the castle. We browsed the charity shops and the strange little stalls in the market vaults and ate lots of candyfloss! Similarly to Filey, Scarborough has a trapped-in-another-decade feel that I find beautiful, charming and sometimes a little eerie, in the best possible way!

Jessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / ScarboroughOutfit details: Crop top, ASOS / Boots, Topshop (Old) / Skirt, Vintage / Necklaces, Waiste and Ebay

To wander around Scarborough I wore an ASOS crop top with a floral skirt that I found in the attic – I think it used to belong to my mum! I’ve found this crop top quite hard to wear. It’s quite high, and I have to wear it with a bra so that it keeps its shape, which is not something I wear very often! I was pleased then to find that these two items go together quite nicely 🙂

Jessthetics / Scarborough Jessthetics / ScarboroughJessthetics / Scarborough

We had a gorgeous day, and I would definitely return again to visit more of the North Bay and this veggie cafe that was closed when we were there! Sorry for all the photos today, I had a lot to share. Today I embark on the beginning of my holiday in Scotland! I hope you’re having a good Monday 🙂


What I Wore: Filey

The third stop on my tour-of-nice-places-to-go-in-Yorkshire is Filey! (Here is stop one and stop two.) Filey is a typical British seaside town. Although it’s smaller than places like Whitby, it still has plenty of arcades, candyfloss stands, fish and chip shops and colourful changing booths. The weather was crazy when we were there, alternating between rain and dark skies and beautiful sunshine like only the British weather can. Although this meant we didn’t get to do any sunbathing, I think seaside towns like Filey look best in the rain. There’s something very atmospheric about the stormy seas and the empty old timey seaside attractions covered in rain.

Filey 1

Filey 2

We walked onto this large rock structure that sticks out into the sea called “Filey Brigg.” Stupidly, we didn’t check what time the tide came in, so we had to hurry back to the town through the approaching waves so as to not get stranded out at sea. Thank god we made it!

Filey 3

Filey 4

Filey 5

I decided to go for a simple outfit, with denim shorts, boots and this colourful fluffy jumper. I found this jumper in the Ark sale, and I am in love! It is so soft, and it’s holey so it’s a good summer layer. I bought my necklace from H&M in a panic because  couldn’t find anything to go with my summer ball dress, but I actually wear it all the time! It’s become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. My boots are All Saints, and my shorts are so old I don’t actually know where they’re from.

Filey 6

Filey 7

Filey 8

Filey 9

What do you think about seaside towns, do you find them inspiring or too old fashioned? Have a great day!


What I Wore: Robin Hood’s Bay

Having the time to explore Yorkshire recently has been great, there are so many beautiful places to visit! I have been to Robin Hood’s Bay before but it is always lovely. There is a really steep hill that winds through the village to the beach, and the village is filled with quaint little shops. The beach is long and sandy, full of rock pools and surrounded by dramatic cliffs. We even swam in the sea – it was cold! Putting together beach outfits is lots of fun, and this is what I wore!

robin hood 1

I am wearing a vintage bed jacket, vintage playsuit (it must be homemade because the pockets have been sewn on backwards!) H&M sunglasses, People Tree necklace, and this sunhat was a gift. The only reason it is not blowing down the beach is that there are hat pins holding it to my head. I’m so glad I discovered hat pins, I no longer have to walk around with my hand on my head holding my hat down.

robin hood 2

robin hood 3

robin hood 4

robin hood 5

robin hood 6

robin hood 7

Thank you Denise for taking photos of me!

As you read this I will be reading a book by the pool in Menorca! I am sure that future me is having a wonderful time there 🙂 It might even be a little sunnier than the Yorkshire coast. I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!


The happiest place on earth

No, it isn’t Disneyland. It is a sunny old-fashioned lido nestled amongst the rolling hills of West Yorkshire. When I was little, my brother and I would take every opportunity to get the paddling pool out and spend hours splashing around. As an adult, not much has changed – I still love outdoor swimming! I really love wild swimming, but this lido is just as good. The water is so clear and beautiful!

The Ilkely Lido has been around for a while, imagine how exciting it must have been when it was built.

Old Lido

(Image c/o The Ilkely Pool Group)

The water is very cold, but refreshing. I’m pretty sure it’s good for your circulation to jump into cold water, so my circulation must be very heathy!

lido 3I’ve spent two days at the lido with friends, a picnic, and a beachball. I can’t imagine a more relaxing day. If you live near yorkshire, or even near an outdoor pool, I recommend you get down there as soon as possible for fun in the sun! There’s nothing like a good swim to soothe the soul.

lido 4

lido 5

I’ve been picnicing on homemade guacamole, crisps, fresh bread and ginger ale from this vintage picnic basket that I was given. Isn’t it adorable?

lido 6

lido 7

Well, the day would have been more relaxing if people weren’t throwing beachballs at us! my bikini is from ASOS and I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me this weekend. Moving out of my house in York is really stressful, so I’m glad I have a holiday to look forward to to keep me going.

Do you live near any good swimming spots?


What I Wore: Patterned Tights

I really love patterned tights. The only problem is that I ladder my tights so quickly, and it’s so sad to ruin a pair of tights with a pretty pattern on them! This pair has held up so far, and i built the rest of my outfit around them. The other thing I love is wearing shirts over dresses. I really like the mix of textures, and I get some extra protection form the harsh Yorkshire winds 🙂 This dress is an impulse buy but I’ve been getting so much wear out of it! It’s very slightly longer at the back which is actually quite practical. Being taller than average, my dresses sometimes rise up to panty level when I walk, and this one doesn’t – no awkward hem tugging necessary!

My dress and socks are from H&M, my shirt is from a charity shop, my hat is form Ark Vintage, my shoes are from Ebay, my tights are from Primark and my necklace is from Camden Market.

patterned tights 1

patterned tights 2

patterned tights 3

My hat! This one only stays on my head because there is a band of elastic attached which I tuck under my hair (not under my chin!) I have lots of lovely straw hats which are hard to wear because they blow off my head, so I am going to sew elastic to all my hats, it’s such a good trick.

patterned tights 4

My elephant necklace is looking a bit battered, but just because he’s so well loved. Elephants are my favourite animals, they’re so beautiful and strong and intelligent and loving.

patterned tights 5

This is me with all of my layers on. Where’s summer dissappeared to?

patterned tights 6

patterned tights 7
I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂 It looks like it will be a rainy one up here, so I’m looking forward to getting my craft on.